10 Best Detachable Laptops – 2017


Detachable laptops have been trending lately and in case you don’t already know what it is, let me tell you. A detachable laptop is something that can be used as a laptop as well as a tablet and its screen should be able to detach from its dock. These kinds of notebooks are also known as convertibles and 2-in-1 laptops. Of course, manufacturing such device that works as both, tablet as well as laptop can’t be cheap. That might be the reason why most of the best detachable laptops are overpriced. However, there are many benefits with such devices like portability, comfort, touch display and of course saving your money that you’d be spending on a tablet. Currently, there are some of the best detachable laptops available on the market and here we will be reviewing them. We have done plenty of research and have deeply analyzed each of the devices listed below.

What makes the Best Detachable Laptop?

Most of the detachable laptops come with pre-installed Windows 10 and there are number of things such as power, portability, price, battery life and design that we consider before listing the device as the best detachable laptop. These machines should offer an amazing user experience to both kinds of users and what makes it different from convertibles is that they can be completely detached from the dock. Other than power, portability is one of the most important features in any detachable laptop and that certainly makes a lot of sense. The size and weight of device matters a lot because while using it in a tablet mode, you won’t be keeping it anywhere and it’s you who will have to carry it around. Battery life is yet another feature that one should look carefully because a tablet without enough battery life wouldn’t be useful at all. You can also check our buying guide to finding the best laptops with longest battery life. Anyways, it’s time for you to scroll down and read the reviews of best detachable laptops of 2017.

Top Picks for Best Detachable Laptops in 2017

1. Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is one of its kinds of a laptop and is certainly one of the best detachable laptops of all time. You’ll be able to run many high-end applications on it without any lags or hanging thanks to its 16 GB of RAM and 6th generation Intel Core i7 processor. Its storage segment is handled by 256 GB of SSD and you can have it replaced with 1 TB of HDD before purchasing. Considering the features and specifications, it might seem a bit expensive but as already described, it is one of its kind of device and is surely the best laptop for artists. Its 12-inch of PixelSense touch display is more than a treat for your eyes and the device also comes with a surface pen. It’s an ultraportable device that offers a great battery life of up to 9 hours while watching movies. With less than 0.4-inch slim design, 1.7 pounds weight and pleasing performance, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is aimed at students, travelers, businessmen, artists and video editors. You will have to purchase its keyboard (Type Cover) separately and it’s available in five beautiful colors such as Bright Blue, Black, Teal, Red and Blue.

  • Intel Core i7 processor
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 256 GB SSD

2. Dell XPS 12 9250-4554

Dell XPS 12

The Dell XPS 12 might not be as good as Microsoft Surface Pro 4 but it’s also one of the best detachable laptops of 2017. When it comes to detachables, there are only few great options and this machine from Dell XPS series is among the most recommended laptops. Powered by Intel Core M 6Y54 processor and 8 GB of RAM, it will easily handle all of your regular tasks. It doesn’t have a lot of storage space but looking at its design and portability, 256 GB of SSD seems good enough. It runs on Windows 10 which has a battery saver that’ll automatically increase its battery life by around 20 percent making it around 5 hours. With 12.5-inch UHD touch display, it makes sure that you’re getting the most out of your screen. It might not be an ideal choice for gamers as it doesn’t pack a reliable GPU but casual gamers should be fine as it includes an Intel HD 515 graphics. So if you’re looking for a detachable device that’s extremely lightweight and comes with pretty solid specifications then this is something you should consider. Overall, it is way better than the classic Dell XPS 12 which wasn’t truly a detachable but convertible.

  • Intel Core M 6Y54 processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 256 GB SSD
  • Intel HD 515 graphics

3. HP Spectre X2 12-a010nr

HP Spectre X2

The HP Spectre X2 is a stylish detachable laptop that offers powerful hardware, slim design and long battery life. It’s known for being the best value for money device and comes with plenty of latest features. Just like all other HP notebooks, this one is also designed very well and it remains cool even while running intense apps and games. It includes Intel Core m7-6Y75 processor and 8 GB of LPDDR3 SDRAM, making it the best for tasks like video editing, animation and Photoshop. For the storage, it packs 128 GB of SSD which may not be enough for most of the users but it will get things done pretty smoothly. As claimed by HP, its battery life will last for over 10 hours but you should expect it to drop by 3 hours while watching movies or playing games. At such price, you can’t expect a good GPU but it does come with Intel HD 515 onboard graphics which is decent enough to run 4k videos as well as some casual games. The machine is equipped with 12-inch of IPS touch display that can be easily detached from the keyboard. All in all, it plays both roles very well and while using the tablet it weighs as low as 1.8 pounds beating many reputed tablets on the market.

  • Intel Core m7-6Y75 processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 128 GB SSD
  • Intel HD Graphics 515

4. Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 700

Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 700

The Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 700 might not be the most powerful detachable laptop on the market but it is certainly a great choice for travelers and college students. Lenovo is a brand that is known for its durable and powerful laptops that are compatible with all kinds of OS including Windows and Linux. It’s a budget detachable machine sporting an Intel Core M5-6Y54 processor and Intel HD 515 graphics with 12-inch of full HD LED display. It features 8 GB of RAM that will give an additional boost of performance while multi-tasking and running intense tasks. It also includes 256 GB of SSD that will help Windows 10 OS to boot within seconds and it’s more than enough for most of the casual users. With less than 4 pounds of weight and up to 9 hours of battery life, it’s a great option for a detachable notebook. Its premium design really makes it hard to believe that such notebook can be bought for an affordable price. So if you’re in need of a portable 2-in-1 machine with a long battery life then this is exactly what you need. Last words, it’s a great device with all the latest and unique features but its keyboard might be a little frustrating while writing. However, if that’s not a deal breaker for you then go for it.

  • Intel Core M5-6Y54 processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 256 GB SSD
  • Intel HD Graphics 515

5. ASUS T102HA-D4-GR


The ASUS T102HA-D4-GR is known for its elegant design, sleeker looks and magnesium aluminum alloy body that weighs less than 1.7 pounds. It’s a budget detachable laptop and we have reviewed it before in our guide of best laptops under $400. It’s full value for money and contains enough power for multi-tasking. It’s praised for its marvelous design and portability without lacking many features. If you want a perfect alternative to Microsoft Surface Pro 4 then this is exactly what you’ll love and that too for less than half of its price. Its internal hardware includes Intel Atom Quad-Core processor, 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of eMMC storage. It offers unbelievable battery life of up to 11 hours and that too while watching movies. These days, I know it is very easy to find touchscreen laptops but not detachable laptops and that too with a pen. The 10-inch HD display can be viewed from almost any angle and currently it’s available in two different colors that include grey and white plus orange. Its smart hinge design is really attractive and it also features a finger print sensor for one-touch logins. Overall, we recommend this device to casual users who need a laptop as well as tablet for such a budget price tag.

  • Intel Atom Quad-Core processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 128 GB eMMC

6. Acer Switch Alpha 12

Acer Switch Alpha 12

The Acer Switch Alpha 12 is yet another one of the powerful detachable laptops known for its slim design and portability. Unlike other cheap machines, this one is designed to perform and it can be upgraded pretty easily. It’s one of the best i5 laptops that come with Intel Core i5-6200U processor, 256 GB of SSD and 8 GB of LPDDR3 RAM. It sports Intel HD 520 graphics which is able to handle light tasks like video editing and graphics designing. It also features a long lasting battery life of up to 8 hours and 12-inch of QHD IPS display. So if you’re on the market for low budget Microsoft Surface Pro 4 then the Acer Switch Alpha 12 is what you’ll like. Other than being extremely portable and budget friendly, it’s one of the most innovative machines of 2017. It’s certainly the best choice for users who want a slim device and is only .6-inch thin. If we talk about the connectivity options, it may lack ports as it includes a single USB 3.1 port and some users want to use more than one at the same time. When it comes to the best detachable laptop, this one is certainly among the top recommended choices and it’s available for somewhere around $700.

  • Intel Core i5-6200U processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 256 GB SSD
  • Intel HD Graphics 520

7. Lenovo Miix 510

Lenovo Miix 510

The Lenovo Miix 510 is an everyday laptop that we mostly recommend to businessmen as it can be an amazing option for business meetings, presentations, etc. It is very similar to IdeaPad Miix 700 and only difference between them is of specifications and battery life. Its internal hardware includes Intel Core i3 processor, 128 GB of SSD and 4 GB DDR4 RAM along with integrated graphics. It’s a decent performer and can last up to 7 hours on single charge. Lenovo has been advertising its 5 MP of camera on the rear side and it also includes a 2 MP of webcam for regular video chatting. The 12-inch full HD touchscreen display offers crisp and sharp details for all kinds of tasks including photo editing and graphics designing. It is a wonderful device that offers portability and power without paying whole lot of money. With this device, Lenovo has proved it once again that they can offer a budget laptop with high-end specifications and latest ports. With less than .4-inch thin design, unique hinges and active pen, the Lenovo Miix 510 is highly aimed at artists, travelers and all other users looking for lightweight and affordable detachable laptop.

  • Intel Core i3 processor
  • 128 GB SSD
  • 4 GB DDR4 RAM

8. HP x2 Detachable 2 in 1

HP x2

The HP x2 Detachable 2 in 1 offers next level design and premium quality hardware for such a budget price. It’s surely among the best budget detachable laptops and this one also comes with a 5 MP of rear camera. It is a latest notebook that comes with Intel Atom X5-Z830 processor and 2 GB of DDR3 RAM. I understand these specs seem pretty low but that is average hardware you’ll see in most of the tablets. It’s known for providing the best value for money with 32 GB of eMMC storage and HP’s TrueVision HD webcam. It features two large front speakers on the tablet and both of them are powered by DTS Studio Sound. On a single charge, it will run for around 9.5 hours as it comes with a 2-cell lithium-ion battery. Being such an affordable device, it also comes with a free laptop sleeve by Woov that is worth $49. The 10-inch IPS display supports multi-touch which is extremely useful for casual gamers and it also comes with Intel HD graphics for smooth performance. So if you’re on the market for portable, affordable and lightweight device then you’ll absolutely fall in love with the HP x2.

  • Intel Atom X5-Z830 processor
  • 2 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 32 GB eMMC

9. ASUS Transformer Book Chi

ASUS Transformer Book Chi

The ASUS Transformer Book Chi offers latest hardware for such a low price and it comes with a 12-inch TruVivid IPS display by ASUS. There is very little difference between this one and old version of ASUS Transformer Book and both of them feature a very similar design. The build quality of the device is remarkable and you just can’t expect it from any other laptop under $500. It is powered by Intel Core M processor accompanied by 4 GB of RAM and Intel HD graphics. There is 128 GB of iSSD and you’re also getting a free one year of subscription to ASUS’s Unlimited WebStorage. It’s a good combination of power, portability and long battery life of up to 8 hours. It is also one of the thinnest notebooks of 2017 at just .3-inch slim and it weighs 3.2 pounds. It’s a perfect choice for art students and can handle all kind of applications that require powerful hardware. Its docking station might be little tough while attaching but once you get used to it then it won’t be a problem. Overall, it’s a lightweight and portable device that offers the best value for money and is an ideal option for users looking for the best detachable laptop.

  • Intel Core M
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 128 GB SSD

10. VAIO Z Canvas


The VAIO Z Canvas features powerful specifications and extremely attractive design. It can’t be addressed as a budget laptop by any means and it has been added in our list of best laptops under $2000. It might look like an over-priced device but it comes with speedy Intel Core i7-4770HQ processor, 16 GB of DDR3L SDRAM, 512 GB of SSD and Intel Iris Pro graphics. The reason we have listed it on the last spot is its release date and hardware that is pretty much outdated. If we look at its design, it might even beat Surface Pro 4 and it also comes with a VAIO digitizer stylus pen which feels very realistic. It’s fully covered with aluminum alloy body and can easily handle more than daily wear and tear. We recommend this detachable laptop to only those with plenty of budget since there are many better choices for even under $1000. The tablet is simply the best and totally flawless. When we first unboxed it, we couldn’t believe it was made by humans as its design is really EPIC! There might be a little heating issue while performing intense applications but that’s pretty normal considering its size and weight.

  • Intel Core i7-4770HQ processor
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 512 GB SSD
  • Intel Iris Pro Graphics

So these are our highly recommended choices for best detachable laptops and hopefully you found the one that’s most suitable. We have listed devices that range from $250 to whopping $2000. You should finalize your decision after considering its specifications and price. In case you’re not a big fan of detaching then you can also check our guide of best 2-in-1 laptops as these are extremely similar kinds of machines. Let us know if you need any more information about the detachable notebooks and we’re always here to help you.