10 Best Drawing Tablets for Artists – 2018


Computer tablets popularly named “Tablet” is a convenient and smart combination of mobile and PC, combining a mobile’s operating system along with an LCD display accommodating a long-lasting rechargeable battery all clubbed in a flat, slim and portable package. Quite similar to computers, tablets perform all that a computer does but lacks some input/output capabilities. However, these wonder gadgets have other modes of connectivity such as Bluetooth. Tablets are small yet power-packed and offer various features including rare as well as front-facing digital camera, flashlight, a microphone, magnetometer, GPS receiver, barometer, proximity sensor, gyroscope as well as accelerometer such that images can be viewed upright. Various top-notch tablets flaunt iris scanner, fingerprint sensor as well as face recognition facilities. Almost all the tablets available use Wi-Fi and various others also have the provision of using cellular networks. Tablets uniquely run numerous software called apps. Many basic apps including an app store, camera, web browser, photos, video/voice calls, text messages, emails, calendar, maps, notes, weather, virtual assistant as well as contacts are pre-installed in the system. Other apps can be downloaded online using the app store.

Artists are the most creative people on earth and a tablet suiting their needs can be a game changer leading to the creation of masterpieces. Some artists might want a tablet good enough to meet the basic artwork requirements to satisfy their professional needs or to meet their innovative imagination. While some artists might just require a tablet to serve their hobby of sketching and creating designs. Getting a tablet with desired specifications can make a huge difference in an artist’s creation easing his/her work to the core. Possessing a sensitive touchscreen display that helps one’s finger or tablet stylus work seamlessly is one of the most important features to look for while hunting for a tablet good enough for artists. While talking about the best drawing tablets for artists there are an ample number of requirements to be precisely checked such as accuracy, size, pressure sensitivity etc. before investing in a suitable one. Now the question arises that which digital tablet would be best recommended and the most preferred by various artists which would maintain their ancient love for brushes, pencils and sketch boards intact. Jotted below are the top picks of tablets which feature the best specifications to suit the needs of an artist.

Our Top Picks for Best Drawing Tablets for Artists in 2018

1. Wacom Cintiq Pro DTH1320K0

Wacom presents to you a unique digital tablet that lets you create all that your head imagines. Cintiq Pro conveniently features an innovative design accommodating an etched-glass display screen. It is crafted with an integrated stand such that artists can work keeping the tablet at any desired inclined angle. It imparts an authentic feel while working as you get a provision to work on brilliant 3D and 2D creative software where you get immense accuracy and control over your work. All your work gets created and displayed in HD resolution on a thirteen-inch LCD display screen. A wide incorporated color gamut makes sure that you get what you picture on the screen. Incorporation of multi-touch intuitive gestures speeds up the workflow of artists letting then easily navigate, zoom as well as pan conveniently using their fingers. Cintiq Pro offers you an opportunity to customize your device with Radial Menus that can be programmed as well as pen side switches. You can also add ExpressKey Remote for additional navigation controls as well as shortcut keys. You can connect your tablet your PC via the available USB-C cable. Additionally, Pro Pen gives an advanced and realistic performance to beautifully carve out your desired designs. Hence, one of the most trusted names in the field of artist tablets offering nothing less than absolute brilliance.

2. Ugee UG-2150

Ugee UG-2150

Ugee brings you one innovative device in the name of UG-2150 which enhances your sketching experience with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, an LCD display screen as well as a large viewing angle of 178 degrees. A wide display of 21.5 inches allows you to sketch and view designs with utmost clarity. An adjustable stand lets you keep your tablet at a desired angle such that working can be a comfortable affair. A pressure sensitive pen up to 2048 levels gives you a realistic sketching experience that pencil and paper impart. Two light rechargeable pens with inbuilt lithium batteries enable the user to draw lines of various thicknesses and darkness. While sketching on the screen you can expect smooth strokes just as a pencil, brush, marker pen or a watercolor pen leaves on paper. A single click can switch the pen to work as an eraser and vice-versa. As a cherry on the cake, these digital pens are environmental friendly as well. An ergonomically developed stand keeps the tablet steady while working which can also be adjusted at various desired angles. This Ugee tablet features all that an artist can ever ask for making it one of the proud members of the list of these best tablets for artists.

3. Huion KAMVAS GT-156HD

Huion GT-185 Graphic Drawing Tablet

While using Huion GT-156HD you can expect extreme accuracy in your artwork as the HD digital screen offers a brilliant resolution of 1920 x 1080. A 15.6-inch monitor table which enables the user to directly sketch or draw on. You can seamlessly use this wonder gadget for creating your professional artwork, developing animations, graphics or merely for fun. You can have greater efficiency and speed up your work with the touch bar as well as fourteen express keys. This device comes with a three-in-one connection cable including USB cables as well as HDMI which lets you connect your device to other gadgets with ease. Additionally, you can enjoy a less clumsy working space. An anti-glare, ultra slim screen weighing just 3.3 pounds makes this tablet an extensively handy one allowing you to carry it to places. The screen being anti-glare on the other hand keeps your eyes protected as the job of an artist demands long working hours in front of the screen. A uniquely designed pen also forms a part of the device that helps the user create various attractive and precise designs with utmost comfort. Therefore, a tablet worthy enough of your hard earned savings. 

4. Huion GT-220 V2

Huion GT-220 V2

Huion brings to you their newly improved tablet where the pressure level sensitivity has been enhanced up to four times reaching 8192 levels from 2048. This upgraded version offers better performance while sketching lines. One can have a better, smoother as well as precise sketching experience. Each and every stroke remains very much in control making designs come out accurately. The firmware update allows accurate positioning of the cursor which leads to drawing fine lines. The monitor features various modes including Mirror Mode, Dual-Monitor Mode as well as an Extended Mode that can be used by the user as per his/her desire. A conveniently big 21.5-inch HD monitor with a fine resolution of 1920 x 1080 offers you impeccable clarity while designing your imagination. A wide angle of 178 degrees lets you view your creation from all the possible angles. A newly designed rechargeable pen that gives a provision to be used for nonstop three hundred and fifty long hours post being fully charged for around one and a half hours. It also seamlessly works with various software namely Krita, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, GIMP, CLIP Studio, Illustrator CC, and many others. Concludingly, this Huion tablet is a good pick for artists.

5. XP-Pen Artist22

XP-Pen Artist 22

XP-Pen provides you a gadget to work more intuitively and naturally with most of the features such as paint, sketch etc. being placed directly on the screen. This brilliant tablet accommodates a Dual-Monitor of 21.5-inches with IPS HD Display which even imparts Mirror or Extended mode. Drawing and sketching using this XP-Pen device is no less than a treat as clarity is what you get with smooth and seamless strokes. 1920 x 1080 resolution imparts impeccable precision while bringing your imagination to reality. An extremely wide viewing angle enables the user to have a clear picture from various angles. Additionally, a 2048 level of pressure makes your artwork natural looking and smooth. Along with the tablet comes a unique design of an ergonomic stable stand that keeps the screen away from shaking or showing any unnecessary movements. Hence, you can adjust the angle of the stand as per your convenience. The LED screen comes well secured by a strengthened glass which is also shock as well as scratch proof. It also accommodates covers made up of rubber on the base as well as the brackets such that your tablet stays safe and secure from bumps and falls. Therefore, a wise investment in all.

6. Apple iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro

Apple is the name that has been creating top-notch digital products since many years. One can rely on this brand with no seconds thoughts. iPad Pro is another such creation that is a blessing for artists. The display here imparts the impeccable experience of sketching and drawing. Spectacular detailing is what you get to enjoy with Retina display. This 12.9-inch beauty offers the highest resolution amongst all the iOS gadgets. While investing in iPad Pro you get to enjoy enhanced graphics almost double of what iPad Air offers. Hence, you get extensively detailed visuals, realistic effects and you can create wonderful designs. Being one of the slimmest and light designs available this iPad let you carry is everywhere around giving you a liberty to work and everywhere. A resolution of 2732 x 2048 gives you clarity better than most of the competitors available in the market. You would absolutely love to create designs on iPad Pro. Almost ten stretched hours of battery life allows you to uninterruptedly work for long durations. To add on to the brilliance of the device this iPad conveniently supports the new smart keyboard as well as smart pencil by Apple. All in all, a tablet to look forward to. 

7. XP-Pen Artist10S

XP-Pen Artist10S

Another brilliant addition to the list coming in from the very reliable XP-Pen. Most of the artist needed features such as paint, designing, editing as well as sketching can be directly accessed from the display screen easing out the task of an artist. This gives you an experience of natural as well as intuitive working. An IPS display with a visual angle of one hundred and seventy-eight degrees gives a convenient platform to work on. An enhanced resolution along with greater contrast, lifelike bright colors offer much sharp, clear and vivid images. You get reduced glare effect by almost fifty-six percent by the anti-reflective custom-designed coating. An efficient sketching and painting experience is imparted by the single-click toggle that functions between a pen and an eraser within seconds. A sensitive pen pressure of 2048 allows the user to create lined of varying widths and is designed for both right as well as left-hand use. The unique battery-free stylus in the form of a pen provides groundbreaking control as well as fluidity and expands your creativity to the core. The best part being you need not even recharge it. Hence, a device worthy of your trust and money.

8. Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft brings to you the versatile combination of a tablet as well as a laptop clubbed in one single device. This tablet is an extremely light device to be easily carried to various places letting you work on the go as well. Moreover, just in a snap, you can go from a laptop to a ultraportable tablet. While investing in this Microsoft tablet you can expect an exceptional performance with sixth generation Intel-Core i7 as well as i5 processors. This not just makes it a power-packed device but also a much cooler, quieter as well as an efficient one. A multi-position stand forms another important attraction of this product that helps the tablet stay inclined as and when desired. You can opt to purchase the additional keyboard as well as pen along with the product that are separately sold. The pen helps one to design with accuracy and the keyboard would be of great use if you have writing needs time and again. This tablet cum laptop makes a perfect pick for people who require a gadget good enough to serve as a tablet as well as a laptop as per one’s requirement.

9. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

A brand well-known in the gadgets industry. Samsung has been one of the leading names imparting quality products at affordable rates. Galaxy series tab S3 is no different. The Stylus Pen that comes along with the tab lets the user create designs with fine and precise lines. It gives the realistic feel of using a pencil over a paper. In fact, the smoothness is way more as compared to pen and paper. Tab S3 provides you a handheld slim device with fine AMOLED display that delivers brilliant vividness, deep contrast as well as a detailed description. The innovative S Pen is extensively responsive which doesn’t require charging. Hence, giving you all kinds of liberty to navigate, create as well as translate with absolutely no limits. While using this Samsung creation you get an opportunity to quickly switch from a touch-sensitive tablet to a keyboard attached device that automatically pairs, gets attached on contact and requires no charging at all. Hence, a device free from all the hassles, good to use and even better to handle. A device to look forward to which would meet all your artistic needs. 

10. Lenovo Yoga Book

Lenovo Yoga Book

Lenovo is one of the most reliable brands in the digital industry crafting devices with great features and beautiful outlook. The Yoga Book is one such device that is one of the slimmest as well as the lightest ones available in the market. Weighing less than 2 pounds this tablet is convenient to carry around making your work easier than ever. This two-in-one tablet can be purchased with an additional keyboard that allows the user to use it as per his/her requirements. You can expect a great performance by this Lenovo tablet as it comes along with a RAM of 4 GB, stretched battery life of around thirteen long hours by just charging it once, a hard drive of 64 GB SSD and much more. The stylus pen lets you perform wonders while creating designs. You can use this gadget to bring your imagination down to reality and you would be more than satisfied with the assistance this tablet imparts. Working on the Windows software lets you work in accordance with various drawing, painting as well as editing software. An HD Display further adds on to the clarity of your designs. Therefore, this Lenovo tablet makes a great pick for artists hunting a versatile device.


Honestly, to locate the best drawing tablets for artists is a tough job to be done especially with so many competitors available in the market. To sincerely study and compare the features is one of the most important aspects to pay attention to before finalizing one for yourself. The above list highlights some important features of the best 10 amongst the entire lot such that you end up investing in the gadget best suitable for your needs.


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