5 Best Laptops for Internet Surfing – 2018


Web browsing prowess depends to a large extent on the quality of computer memory. Given such a scenario it’s not wrong to state that the modern day browsers are a little bit spoiled from the memory perspective. Usually 2GB of RAM will get your job done but it’s advisable to opt for 4GB if you have a habit of working with multiple tabs simultaneously. Standard laptops usually come with a maximum screen resolution of 1366×768. But if your kitty permits you to spend more than $500 then it is always advisable to opt for laptops offering higher resolution graphics for a holistic viewing experience. This becomes all the more necessary if your main motive of web browsing is streaming live movies or downloading the same for watching later. Full HD resolution of 1920×1080 is recommended in such cases.

Laptops having a powerful SSD storage require lesser booting time and can also proceed with faster program launches in comparison to notebooks having basic hard drive. In contrast to professional computing-intensive software and demanding games, laptops require just a fractional part of their processor for browsing the internet. Depending upon the browser speed, processor engagement can peak to ~30-90% on heavier visual websites but usually it is limited to just ~5%. However it should also be kept in mind that the time required by websites to load its contents hold an inverse relationship with processor speed. You should opt for a minimum of Intel Core i3 processor although the i5 and i7 models are much better options if you are on the lookout for a seamless browsing experience. Cheaper models having Intel Premium/ Atom/ Celeron or AMD processors also do not reveal a much bigger difference in most of the instances. The battery life you require depends solely on your lifestyle choices. If you have a habit of travelling extensively and browsing the internet on the go then your machine will keep on functioning for an average of 6 hours before running out of the juice. Modern day laptops are coming in-built with touchscreen and 2-in-1 features for being used extensively in tablet, table top and tent modes. So when it comes to taking the pick, you are bound to get spoilt for a choice. Keeping such things in mind, we have streamlined it all so that you can proceed with the purchase without having much to worry about. Our experts have combined the below-mentioned list after considering all the vital points which is sure to ensure you a hassle-free browsing experience.

Our Top Picks for Best Laptops for Internet Surfing in 2018

1. Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BM 

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Given its below $350 price range, the vibrant 1080p display, reasonable Core i3 processor, solid build quality, wide gamut of connectivity options, mammoth battery life running more than 12 hours and 15.6 inch screen of the E series model is sure to defy all expectations by delivering value worth every penny spent. Manufactured using dark grey sturdy black plastic having a subtle texture and crosshatched pattern, the executive styled notebook seems prepared to take on rough usage with its solid features which do not buckle or creak even under extreme pressure. With name it and you get it ports option, the Aspire E brings along a wide array of connectivity options to the table in the form of two USB 3.0 connectors, a full-size Ethernet port, VGA-out, HDMI-out, USB Type-C 3.1 port in the left and the DVD drive, a 3.5mm audio jack and a third USB port in the right. The E 15 keyboard with a vertical travel time of 1.5mm safeguards from chances of flex or shallowness. The dedicated numeric pad is sure to delight spreadsheet mavens and number crunchers with the increased working area. Reasonably accurate navigation comes as a direct effect of its 4.2×3 inch button less touchpad which works perfectly in sync with Windows 10 gestures. The extensive color gamut encompassed by the sharp and vibrant display with a widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9 sets the stage for a visual extravaganza. Its Acer TrueHarmony speakers featuring a paper cone design offers fuller-bodied audio and accurate sound reproduction. If you are on the lookout for a light multitasker, then its 4GB of RAM, Core i3-7100U CPU and 1TB 5,400-rpm hard drive can surely impart the requisite horsepower to help you surf the net seamlessly even with 12 tabs opened in the background.

  • Intel Core i3-7100U Processor
  • 4 GB DDR4 RAM
  • 1 TB HDD

2. Lenovo Flex 80VE000HUS

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This glossy convertible from the house of Lenovo brings along the best of both worlds in terms of robust performance and premium quality without forcing you to break into a bank. Designed keeping in mind those who wish to stand out in a crowd, this 2-in-1 stunner runs on the brand new Kaby Lake Intel Core i5-7200U processor which makes running the heavy-duty software’s and 3D gaming seem like childsplay. The palm rest of the Lenovo Flex comes framed in a unique diamond cut bevel which is much lighter and thinner compared to its previous generations. Usable in four different modes according to individual user preference, the Flex 4 powered by a commendable battery life is extraordinarily adaptable. Its unique touchscreen display and hinge helps in flipping the screen around 360 degrees making it easier to swap in between modes. The machine works beautifully in association with Windows 10 gestures to help you explore possibilities by unleashing your imagination. Compared to system login using a manual password, the fingerprint reader of the Flex 4 is much more safe and secure. From making instant online purchases to hassle-free sign-ins the fingerprint reader streamlines it all. Weighing at just 4.58 pounds, the Flex 4 is much sleeker compared to its predecessors which makes it all the easier to carry around the Flex with yourself. Its vibrant display having a maximum resolution of 1920×1080 pixels yield detailed and bright visuals courtesy the 10-point multi-touch screen. In case if you have an insatiable appetite for multimedia and gaming, then the HD graphics of the Lenovo model will surely delight you. Powered by IPS technology, this laptop promotes easy screen sharing with a large group of friends. Backed by the ground-breaking Harman technology, its stereo speakers deliver crisp and clear vocals which can easily fill up a medium sized room with its enchanting sound waves.

  • Intel Core i5-7200U Processor
  • 8 GB DDR4 RAM
  • 256 GB SSD
  • Intel HD Graphics 620

3. ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360CA-DBM2T

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If you are on the lookout for all-day portability and unmatched power, the ultra-slim ZenBook Flip can surely serve you with everything you will need to conquer your day. Featuring a 360-degree rotating hinge, the laptop can easily be switched in between tablet, stand, laptop and tent modes. In spite of being ultra-thin, the brand new ZenBook UX360CA brings along the killer combination of an Intel Skylake Intel Core M3-6Y30 Processor, 8GB LPDDR3 memory and an incredibly responsive 256GB Solid State Drive (SSD) which imparts rocket speed to system launches.  Its concentric circle pattern draws inspiration from a circular clock while the functionality gets accentuated by its aluminum unibody design. This elegant Ultrabook certified with Voice-Premium and Microsoft Cortana makes it easy to work out smoothly even at enhanced noise levels. Its 13.3 inch IPS screen prevents users from distracting glares whether you are working indoors or out there under direct sunlight. With wide-angle viewing of up to 178 degrees, screen sharing becomes easier whether you are intent on catching up the latest Netflix episode with a group of friends or working on that college presentation. Weighing at less than 3 pounds, the ZenBook UX360 surely bags the crown of the slimmest ultrabook in its class. Chromium copper coils used by its SSD and fanless processor for advanced cooling imparts greater functionality to its form. The full-size ergonomic keyboard of the ZenBook having an extra wide touchpad and key travel of 1.5mm helps in establishing effortless Windows gesture control. The Zenbook with its FHD touchscreen having maximum resolution of 1920×1080 develops an attractive kaleidoscope of colors having a brightness of 350cd/m2 and NTSC color gamut of 72%.

  • Intel Core M3-6Y30
  • 512 GB SSD
  • 8 GB RAM

4. Toshiba CB35-B3340 

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The refreshingly different Chromebook 2 is meant for those who have an unquenchable need for speed and just cannot function without feeding on the daily dosage of entertainment. The smooth edges and plastic shell having dimpled texture makes the Chromebook 2 easy to hold on to. Audiophiles will be in for a treat courtesy the mesmerizing sound waves conjured by its Skullcandy speakers which can easily fill in a medium sized room. This sleek and lightweight beauty weighing 3 pounds can blast through 9 hours of continuous usage without any lag. Its backlit keyboard having a key travel of 1.53 mm aids in working even in low lit surroundings and the touchpad responds accurately to finger gestures making navigation hassle-free. Featuring 4GB of RAM, a 2.58 GHz Intel Celeron N2840 processor and 16GB SSD, the Chromebook 2 starts up in seconds and aids in toggling between multiple applications without any lag. The full-HD IPS display of the 13.3 inch CB35 stands out with its brightly lit screen portraying a wide gamut of colors and true to life detailing. A memory card supporting Micro cards, Mini SD, SDXC (up to 2TB) and SDHC as well as a USB 2.0 port and proprietary power connector is housed on the left portal of the Chromebook 2 while the right side comes well stocked with an USB 3.0 port, security lock slot, headphone/mic and an HDMI port to take on your everyday adventures. You can now use your voice to command searches by relying on its HD webcam and dual-array microphones which helps live conversations spring to life. Unbridled wireless connectivity gets guaranteed by Bluetooth and dual-antenna 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

  • Intel Celeron N2840 Processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 16 GB SSD

5. Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C3SZ

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Designed for those who wish to leave a mark in every sphere, the Chromebook 11 featuring nano-imprint patterning technology paves the way for a beautiful and subtle feel. The dual aluminum hinges make this pristine white beauty pop out on any non-white surface. The plastic casing might initially turn you off with its cheap look but the bombastic performance potential will surely make up for all of it. The long-lasting battery, stylish color and smart design of the Chromebook 11 paired with an incredibly affordable price tag makes it worth every penny spent. The super slim Acer model is perfect for those who are always on the go and need a technical buddy which can be easily slipped inside the backpack. Its chiclet-style keyboard misses out on the backlit feature. But given the budget price tag, we can hardly complain. Whether you wish to work indoors or in an outdoor café, the Chromebook 11 will surely have your back with its HD anti-glare display spread over 11.6 inches. The clamshell convertible with a maximum screen resolution of 1366×768 has been garnering a lot of positive response courtesy its clarity and high resolution. Powered in the core by a 2GB RAM, a 21.6Ghz Intel Celeron N2840 Dual-Core Processor and 16GB SSD, the device can handle basic functionalities but stands vulnerable to slowing down when multiple tabs are opened simultaneously. Its 802.11ac Wi-Fi speeds up wireless transfer by three times in comparison to its predecessors and also brings along improved coverage for range and distance. The 9 hours of battery life of the Acer model promises seamless entertainment on-the go.

  • Intel Celeron N2840 Processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 16 GB SSD

If you are on the lookout for a laptop which shall aid you in surfing the internet, then your specifications need not be any different from a laptop meant for general usage and displaying good characteristic features. Contrary to what most of the people think, you won’t need a super computer for grazing through the offerings of World Wide Web. However if you are keen on engaging in heavy multitasking, gaming and professional computing-intensive work on your laptop after browsing the net about the same, then you might feel the need of the premium ranged models. Other than that, entry-levels are just right to get you on track. You can definitely expand your horizon to the ones which have not been mentioned in our list but remember that expensive models will increase your overall functionality only marginally in terms of daily usage.


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