51 Websites Every Gamer Needs

If you’re a fan of computer games you’ll want to keep up with the latest releases, products and developments in technology. Even if you’re new to gaming, you will want to learn all the news, tips and tricks. The simplest way to keep up to speed is to browse the web for the most current and accurate information.

We’ve put together a list of 51 websites that every gamer needs in their bookmarks. The websites featured will tell you about new gear and games you may like.

The sites that we discuss here focus mainly on console games, PC games, hardware and news from the gaming world.

Many of the websites feature forums and chat rooms where you can speak with like-minded gaming enthusiasts.

We’ve also looked at some blog sites which are worth checking out to keep up to speed with new developments. The gaming world is constantly changing and these sites are sure to keep you well-informed.

Of course if you are looking for a great laptop for gaming, check out one of our comprehensive laptop buying guides. We’ve reviewed gaming laptops in a variety of price ranges to meet your specific needs and budget.

Websites for Fans of Console Games

Playstation Blogs

If you’re a fan of console games these websites will give you all the latest news on your favorite products. A number of informative websites cater specifically to the main console systems: Xbox, Nintendo and Playstation.

That Videogame blog is a website run by a group of dedicated gamers who are big fans of retro games. If you grew up with Nintendo, you’ll love this site which features news about all types of games. There’s an online forum where you can join in discussions as well as game reviews.

Another great website for console gaming fans is VG247, which concentrates on PS4, Xbox and PC games. The site is constantly updated with the latest gaming news to keep you informed. If you’re having trouble getting through a level they also have a guide to completing certain games.

Nintendo Life is dedicated to Wii U, 3DS and Nintendo Switch (NX) and the site features the latest Nintendo news. There are reviews and special features as well as fan photos and videos. Keep in touch with fellow gamers by joining the Nintendo Life community and interact with other.

For all the latest news reviews and previews related to Xbox, you can check out The Xbox Hub. This website keeps you up to speed with latest game releases, hardware development and technical news. The site also arranges contests and giveaways, with some great prizes.

PlayStation is aimed at PS enthusiasts and features the latest products from Sony. The website will keep you informed about the latest game releases, as well as console development. There is content created by PS fans and a host of other useful information about all things PS.

Major Nelson is a great website that focuses on the Xbox and related products. You’ll have access to the latest game release dates as well as news on hardware. There is a comprehensive review section, and a podcast that’s worth a listen.

Fans of Xbox should bookmark Xbox Wire to keep abreast of the latest news. The website is constantly updated with new content featuring product releases, reviews and events. The site is well-presented and easy to navigate and it’s one of the best Xbox sites around.

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Websites for PC Gamers

Rock Paper Shotgun Webiste

Dedicated computer gamers should check out these websites for the latest in games, hardware and news. The world of PC gaming is ever changing and these websites will help you to stay in touch with what’s new.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has long been a favorite website for PC gamers, and it’s operated by top gaming critics. The site has news on the latest game releases and features previews of upcoming games. You can interact with other gamers using the forum to share opinions and discuss your favorite games.

PC Invasion features daily updates on news and reviews in the computer gaming world. There are previews, interviews and gaming podcasts on various subjects. This website is for serious gamers and contains a huge amount of content.

Green Man Gaming is a website for serious PC gamers and its pages feature reviews and previews of the latest games. This is definitely a website you should bookmark if you purchase games regularly. This useful site also sell games, often at discounted prices.

Wired is an e-magazine that focuses on the tech world, and it includes an informative section on gaming. There’s gaming news, reviews and updates, as well as information on the most up-to-date releases. The website is not littered with technical jargon, making it a good site for casual gamers.

The Escapist is a web site run by gamers for like minded enthusiasts and gives you the latest gaming news. This is a site for the serious gamer as the reviews are detailed and in-depth. The website features a number of free online games that you’re able to play, which is a refreshing bonus.

A website well worth looking at for reviews of both PC games and hardware is Tom’s guide. The comprehensive website covers everything from the latest game releases to headsets, computers and other gear. When you’ve registered and logged in you’ll also be able to join discussions with other gamers.

General News and Information Websites

Game Informer Website

To get the latest news from the world of gaming, it’s worth having a look at some of the following websites.

Cnet is a respected website and they now have a full section dedicated to gaming. The website has news and updates on the latest releases, as well as gaming guides and tips. Cnet also includes a comprehensive section reviewing gaming laptops and desktop machines.

Engadget is a web-based magazine with a whole section that focuses on the gaming world. The site has a gaming chart which is constantly being updated. Other sections of the magazine focus on gear and news from the tech world.

Game Informer is a trusted website for all the latest news, reviews and previews. The website focuses on all areas of the gaming world and features a regular gaming podcast. You’re able to join in discussions and group chats, and you can chat privately to other gamers in the forum.

Kill Screen is an informative website with the latest breaking news from the gaming world. This excellent site features a number of interesting articles which are well written and presented. The site also has a fascinating take on the link between gaming, the arts and modern culture.

NZ Gamers is a website run by a small community of gamers dedicated to their cause. There are discussions and debates, as well as the latest news off the gaming press. NZ Gamer runs competitions, where you have the chance to win game consoles, games and other fun prizes.

A popular website that many gamers turn to is Dual Shockers, which gives you all the news about what really matters. Latest game releases are previewed and reviewed by their team of dedicated gamers. The website is well presented, easy to navigate and a great way to get all the breaking news in the gaming community.

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Dedicated Games Review Websites

metacritic website

If you’re looking for the latest reviews on video games, the following websites should give you some useful information.

GamesRadar+ is a review website featuring a broad spectrum of games for PC, Xbox, PS4 and Switch. The site reviews each game in-depth as well as highlighting pros and cons. You can read gaming news as well as looking at new releases that are due to hit the shelves soon.

Metacritic is a little different to other review sites and instead of a written review, you get a numerical score. Each game is featured with a number between 1 and 100, based on scores from other websites. This is a useful place to start when looking at a game that’s new to you.

A great website for the latest reviews on all platforms is GameSpot which is a well-known review site. They feature both obscure and popular games and give quality reviews. You’re able to socialize with fellow gamers by logging into the forum, and there are some interesting videos to watch.

For reviews on both PC games and console games it’s worth looking at Polygon for some honest opinions. The website features reliable reviews on all the latest games and news from the gaming community. The site is constantly updated and the chat forum is a useful place to interact with fellow gaming fans.

Game Rankings is an excellent review site that features games for iPhone, consoles and PC. The games are listed in a chart with a percentage ranking and you can click on a game to get the detailed review. The website has a page with links to articles on other gaming sites, which is a great feature.

For all the latest news from the gaming world in addition to a large number of reviews, check out GAMERANT. The site has page after page of in-depth reviews as well as videos and game trailers. The website has a well written features section and a guide on how to get through some of the more popular games.

Another great website for honest and frank game reviews is gamespy, which features thousands of reviews. All the latest releases are included, and there’s an archive section featuring older games. The website has a cheats section if you are struggling with a level, and a great chat room.

Hardware Review Websites for Gamers

Anandtech Website

If you’re interested in gaming hardware, it’s worth checking out the following websites for news, reviews and advice. These websites look at desktops, laptops and monitors, as well as other game related hardware.

Of course, the site we most recommend for gaming laptop reviews is Best Laptops World. We have comprehensive reviews of gaming laptops for every budget.

A great website featuring hardware reviews and recommendations is RATED. The website reviews all types of equipment, including gaming laptops, monitors, headsets, keyboards and motherboards. The reviews are detailed and honest and this site is a good starting point if you’re looking for new gear.

Another useful site for hardware reviews is PC GAMER and their easy to navigate website is well put together. Gaming machines, headphones, monitors and other accessories are carefully reviewed. There’s a newsletter that you can subscribe to, as well as a comprehensive games section.

TECHSPOT is a review site that mainly focuses on gaming hardware and accessories. There are detailed reviews featuring the latest processors, laptops, monitors and graphics cards. All products are given a rating out of 100, making it easy to compare products at a glance.

If you’re really into technical jargon, it’s worth bookmarking AnandTech for reviews on components and hardware. Some of the reviews are very detailed and are best for serious hardware geeks. The website has page after page of content, and there’s a live Twitter feed, featuring comments from gamers and manufacturers.

Many gamers like to build their own machines and Logical Increments is a website targeted at PC builders. There are guides on how to put together machines from scratch, and you’re able to read reviews on components. If you need advice on what you’re building, you can submit questions and the experts will get back to you.

To get the latest reviews on the most up-to-date gaming hardware, it’s worth checking out TECHAERIS. The website features comprehensive reviews on all types of hardware used for gaming. This is a useful website if you need to keep up to speed on the very latest in hardware and accessories.

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Gaming Blogs

Shack News Website

Blogs are a useful way to see what others say about games, hardware and the gaming world in general. The sites shared below are an excellent place to learn more.

If you’re a fan of Nintendo DS or Wii you should check out GoNintendo which is a dedicated blog for these consoles. The site takes stories and news from the net and puts them together in one place. There’s a menu section where you can read older blogs as well as a chat room to interact with others.

Shacknews is a combination of the latest gaming news from around the world combined with a dedicated blog for gamers. The website is well put together and easy to navigate with a series of menus and a search bar. Once you’ve registered, you have access to the whole site, including the forum.

A great site that should be in your list is Guardian Games Blog which is associated with the respected British newspaper. The website features the latest press releases from games manufacturers, as well as reviews and opinions. You also can read interviews about some of the latest games and hardware.

If you’re serious about gaming, you should check out Kotaku which is one of the best blogs out there. The content is often humorous and constantly updated throughout the day by its writers. There’s a useful review section along with videos, and also a regular podcast for gamers.

If you’re looking for honest and unbiased opinions on everything to do with gaming, check out Wolf’s Gaming Blog. This website is trusted by many in the gaming community and is known for its straight-talking style. Read the latest game reviews and check out any potential purchases before you buy.

For gamers that are interested in gaming tournaments, an interesting website is Astro Gaming Blog. This website has all the latest news about tournaments all over the world and is definitely worth reading. The site also has a range of high quality headsets designed for serious gamers which can be customized to order.

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Other Useful Websites for Gamers

AllKeyShop Website

The following websites are not game or hardware specific, but you may find some of the information helpful.

If you’re interested in iOS gaming, check out toucharcade for all the latest news and reviews. There’s a dedicated section featuring the most talked about games of the moment and you can watch game trailers. The website broadcasts a regular podcast and there’s a toucharcade community, where you’re able to chat to other gamers.

App Storm is another great website that will keep you posted on the latest mobile and browser applications. As soon as a new game or app is available, you’ll see it on this website immediately. The site also allows you to search for specific apps, which is a feature you may find useful.

When you’re shopping for games and hardware you’ll want to get the best deal and Allkey Shop will help. This useful price comparison website will guide you to the best deals on consoles, games and hardware. The site features a deal of the day, and posts the latest news from the gaming world.

If you’re an Android gaming fan have a look at Droid Gamers to keep up to speed on what’s new. The website is operated by Android gamers and features the latest news and reviews. The website features guides, interviews and details about discounted gaming gear and games.

If you need to keep up to date with what’s happening within the gaming industry, check out Games. This UK-based website features in-depth reviews and analysis on the latest developments in gaming. The website has interviews with manufacturers and game developers, as well as previews and news on the latest releases.

For the really serious gamers who are into the technicalities of games, Fextra Life is well worth a visit. The site is run by gaming enthusiasts and features news, reviews and previews. The site has a section dedicated to role playing games, and sells consoles and games.

If you like to look at the statistics and technical facets of consoles and games, it’s worth checking Virtual R. This excellent website looks at news, releases and statistics gathered from a huge number of other sites. The forum is a useful resource and you’re able to chat to other gamers on a number or game related topics.

Retro Gaming Websites

Retro Games Online Website

Many gamers are still interested in retro games and classic arcade games from the 80s and 90s. The following websites are dedicated to all things retro.

RacketBoy is a website that features articles about the retro games many players remember with fondness. The content includes some interesting views on the world of retro gaming and its followers. The site also features a list of games for every console ever made, including Sega and Atari.

If you are interested in either selling or buying a retro console and games, it’s worth checking out Pricecharting. The website gives accurate prices for both common and hard-to-find retro games and consoles. Using a specialist website such as this is preferable to searching online auctions, where the prices can be vague.

Fans of classic Nintendo games should bookmark NintendoAge, which is specifically dedicated to the brand. The site focuses on all the classic Nintendo games and consoles from the past. The website also has a forum where you’re able to join discussions with other serious Nintendo fans.

If you want to play over 6000 classic Windows and DOS games, you should visit Classic Reload. This website has been on mission to preserve these games and allow gamers to play them online. If you still need your fix of Doom or Duke Nukem, this is a website worth checking out.

Retro Games Online is another website that’s dedicated to keeping the classic games alive. The site allows you to search for your favorite retro games from their huge library. You can play the retro games directly in your browser. If you’re a fan of arcade classics, this is a great website to check out.

If you want to buy an old console and games, have a look at Retro Gaming Collector which buys and sells retro games and gear. You’re able to buy old home computers, consoles and handheld games from the past. There’s a regular blog that’s worth reading, as well as buyer advice and comprehensive price guides.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a serious gamer or a casual player, these websites will inform you and keep you in the loop. Pick out the ones that you like and bookmark them, so that you can refer to them when necessary.

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