About Us

Best Laptops World’s goal is to help its readers find the perfect laptop. We write guides in the form of Top 10 and Top 5 so that users can easily navigate through them and choose the perfect match for themselves. Our guides are categorized for different budgets, specifications, usage and professions.

We have a team of technology experts, led by Marcus Grisham, with deep knowledge of laptops, computers, tablets and other electronic gadgets. Marcus has a graduate degree in computer engineering and has decades of experience in cutting-edge technology research and development in both startups and Fortune 500 corporations. Our technology experience includes Artificial Intelligence research, high performance financial application development, home automation and IoT platform development, and large-scale business software applications.

We also run a number of other technology blogs that help users answer their questions. If you want a more personalized experience, you can use our Laptop Picker feature to find the perfect laptop for yourself and your specific needs.

How we choose laptops?

We review the laptops very deeply. We research buyer’s reviews, the manufacturer’s information and many other information sources. We follow strict rules when it comes to adding a laptop in our guide. Our focus to find the laptops with the best value given our reader’s needs. In addition to value, we also looking for reliability as well as durability including the overall quality. Even aesthetics (does it look “cool”) is something we consider if that’s a significant consideration for a particular laptop model.