Acer vs Asus: Which Laptop Brand is Better?

Brands often influence our choices but can sometimes leave us disappointed.

A well-known name that has been around for years doesn’t always mean the best. Sometimes older companies fail to keep up to date.

When it comes to technology, this is definitely not what you want.

When it comes to computers and laptops, you need to know the brand you choose will offer you the best for your money. You want to see the best in innovative design and technology. You want good product support but you also want great value and quality.

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Multitech logo

Both Acer and Asus are Taiwanese-based companies, with Acer being the older company.

Acer was founded in 1976 and was formerly known as Multitech until re-branding to the name Acer in 1987. Acer has a corporate American division in California.

Acer has a wide range of products including laptop and desktop PCs, monitors, and projectors. They provide solutions for business, government, and home users.

They have recently started a new business entity that focuses on:

  • ​Cloud services
  • ​Smartphones
  • Wearable devices

​​​Asus was founded in 1989 and its four founders previously worked at Acer as hardware engineers.

It is a multinational company that produces electronics and computer and phone hardware. Asus is an original equipment manufacturer. You may find parts made by Asus featured in other brand products.


Acer logo

Let’s take a closer look at the features of the best Acer laptops and see if they will take the edge over Asus.

Is Acer going to wow us and make us choose their laptops over an Asus laptop?


Most brands include pretty much the same components and Acer is no different.

If you look at specifications included in similar ranges from both Acer and Asus, the components used are very similar.

When checking out the range of Windows laptops Acer offers, I did notice that they seem to favor using dual-core processors. This was particularly evident in their lower-priced laptops. While still efficient, dual-core will be considerably less so compared to the quad-core processors that Asus seems to opt for.

Display features don’t excel beyond what Asus offers. All tending to offer much the same display qualities like screen size, HD, backlight, and resolution.

The exception to this is the Predator laptop designed by Acer. This comes with a very large 21-inch curved display and features Tobii eye-tracking.


Person holding an Acer brand laptop

Acer designs are somewhat disappointing and can look a bit drab. They are all very similar throughout the ranges and the designs have a more weighty look about them.

Saying this, they are not much different when comparing their actual weight with similar Asus models. It’s just the design of them that makes them look heavier.

Acer does offer some good color choices but that doesn’t make up for the fact that the overall design lets them down.

Product Variety

Acer offers a wide selection across the different ranges of laptops.

From low budget to high end, Acer has it covered with a good selection in each range such as:

  • ​Windows laptop
  • ​Gaming
  • ​Chromebook
  • 2-in-1’s

​​​​No matter the budget it would certainly be easy to find a laptop to suit your needs when considering Acer.


An acer laptop, which is a cheap laptop brand

With a great range in all categories of laptops, Acer also offers some great prices. That is not the case with all of them though.

When you consider the extremely high price of the Predator 21x compared to other gaming laptops, it is outrageous. A price that most people will certainly not be able to afford.

Yes, it does have the above-mentioned 21-inch curved screen and Tobii eye-tracking technology. On a performance level though, you are only really improving the viewing and not much else.

For the same price, you could buy a few adapters and hook a cheaper gaming laptop to a big TV screen which will blow the Predator out of the water.


In previous years, the level of support Acer gave its customers used to excel expectations. Sadly this no longer seems to be the case. While Acer seems to be receiving awards for design and innovation, some customers are far from pleased.

Many customers report that they receive incorrect answers to questions they ask. There are also numerous complaints about the number of requests you receive to pay for the upgraded level of support.

Customer research shows that some are not satisfied with the performance of their laptops. They report that they are much slower and sluggish than they should be.

There also seems to be an issue with faulty components. Resulting in people often having to return their machine for repair. This causes further issues with wrong parts sent or machines going missing when sent back.

This is not something you want to experience when spending your hard-earned money on a laptop.


Acer brand 21" Inch laptop

Acer has come up with the largest laptop, in the aforementioned, 21-inch Predator.

Acer laptops are also famed for being strong, robust, and able to stand the test of time.

They also manage to produce a good range of systems that offer great value.  No matter what budget you have, Acer will not let you down in price compared to similar models from other suppliers.

Where They Stand Out

Above all, Acer seems to stand out more for the variety it provides in the range of laptops on offer.

As mentioned before, they offer a good range in each category and are sure to have something to suit most budgets.

The company is also famed for producing strong and durable designs which are built to last. Maybe they’re not as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as other laptops, but they will withstand time and usage.

What Other People Say

Over the last couple of years Acer has received several awards, which are:

Red Dot Design Award 2021

Awarded for:

  • ​RGO
  • ​VGO
  • ​VL7 Ultra HD Series
  • C2 Series

iF Design Award 2021

Awarded for:

  • ​Swift 7
  • ​Predator Triton 700
  • ​Predator Orion 9000
  • Aspire S 24
  • VGO
  • Predator X34
  • Predator X27
  • Holo 360

As well as also receiving the Taiwan Excellence 2018 and CES 2018 Innovations Honoree awards.


Asus logo

To find out whether Asus or Acer is best, we need to take a closer look and find out what the best Asus laptops offer us in the same areas.


As mentioned when talking about Acer laptops, most brands seem to use more or less the same components. Again Asus is not too dissimilar in this fact but like Acer, there are a couple of differences.

Asus often choose to opt for quad-core processors, even on their lower-budget laptops. This means you will get better capability when it comes to multitasking.

The famed ROG Zephyrus gaming laptop also has a couple of unique features. Asus has added innovative hinges. This allows for better viewing angles and the Nvidia Max-Q GPU enhances graphics and performance.

Other than this, the components are relatively similar to those used by most brands. The model you choose and the price you pay will affect which components your laptop includes.


Asus Laptop brand design example

When it comes to design, Asus seems to be taking the lead. Their designs are strong and durable yet minimalist and stylish.

The majority of their range has metal casings giving them a professional finish.

Whether for professional or personal use, these are great-looking laptops. Some customers do report, however, that they seem to mark and scratch more easily.

A great example of their superiority in design is evident in the ROG Zephyrus. This is a slimline, sleek-looking, lightweight laptop. For a gaming laptop, this is almost unheard of. They usually tend to be large, bulky, and heavy. It’s safe to say Asus has excelled in this category.

Product Variety

Asus offers a good range of laptops. Although not as many models as Acer, they can definitely meet the need in each category.

Asus offers:

​​​​While they have a good range to suit all needs and budgets, their gaming laptops seem to be right up there when it comes to customer satisfaction.


Pretty much the same as Acer, Asus also has models available in all price ranges.

While the choice you get from Acer may be larger, Asus can offer a bonus, by the addition of the quad-core processors. So, for the same price, your performance could be greatly improved.


Asus laptop support logo

In this department, Asus seems no better than Acer when it comes to managing their customer support.

The website is unclear where to find support and you have to complete the registration process first.

Customers also complain that when calling the Asus support line they encounter long waiting times.

When sending machines back for repairs, this often causes problems. Laptops are being lost or extra charges are being made for services covered under warranty.


Nvidia Max-Q GPUs

As far as innovation goes, Asus takes the lead here. In particular with the ROG Zephyrus that we mentioned above. The slimline and lightweight design unusual for a gaming laptop has got them noticed.

That’s not all though, it features innovative hinges, allowing for great viewing angles. They have teamed this with an Nvidia Max-Q GPU with the vision of giving gamers the ultimate experience.

Asus has designed some other nice-looking and performance-powered machines across their range. Some of them are in the lower budget models too.

Without a doubt, it was the ROG Zephyrus that got them noticed for innovation though.

Where They Stand Out

Asus definitely stands out when it comes to the design of their machines. They look and feel like quality. Even if you bought a budget-priced product, people would think it was expensive because they look so good.

When they added the slimline gaming laptop, packed with power and performance, they just proved that their designs have an impact.

What Other People Say

RoG Lineup

Over the last couple of years, Asus has received a huge amount of awards for its products. The most noticeable amount of awards were for their gaming products with the ROG range of machines.

When it comes to awards, Asus seems to excel in gaming. Customers have a different opinion.

As mentioned above in the support section, customers are very disappointed in this area. Further research highlighted it even more and suggests that this lack of support has put customers off buying great products.

This is very disappointing, considering the fact they put great effort into making some good machines.

What Are the Main Differences Between Acer and Asus?

Acer offers a wider range of machines that are built with a more robust design, whereas Asus offer fewer models, but excel in their designs.

Asus seems to be higher up on the scale when it comes to offering a good performance.

They have also cornered the market over Acer when it comes to gaming.

When to Choose Acer

If you want to have a wide selection when it comes to choosing a laptop then Acer is great. They have a large choice in each budget range and you will be sure to find something to suit.

For a robust machine, if you aren’t bothered about aesthetics, then again, Acer is your best choice.

When to Choose Asus

When looking for a gaming laptop, then Asus has to be your choice. With the award-winning range of ROG machines, you will be more than pleased.

If you want a laptop with a great design and pleasing to the eye, then again Asus is where you need to look.

Finally, if you’re on a low budget but still want a machine that can perform well and multi-task, then you need to look to Asus, as they tend to include quad-core processors even in low budget machines.

Final Thoughts

Both Acer and Asus have good points and bad points, the same as all brands do.

In the end, they each offer some good quality laptops and have ranges available to suit all budgets.

The customer support and service of both suppliers seem to be an issue. If you have the misfortune to need them, this is the biggest downside for both brands.

You have to consider, on the whole, how often does the need for support arise?

With today’s electronics and solid-state technology, unless you’re an unlucky person, chances are you will never need to contact them.


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