Acer vs Dell: Which Laptop Brand is Best?

It is often a brand name that leads us to make a purchase rather than the actual specifications or price tag.

If a product proves reliable and the customer support is good, it encourages us to look there for future purchases.

When it comes to buying laptops, this is not the best idea. Technology evolves quickly and every day can see something new developed. The best advice is to check out what each brand has to offer.

Both Acer and Dell offer great ranges of laptops, but the best brand for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

Follow this guide to help you decide if Acer or Dell is right for you.

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Acer Logo

Acer is a Taiwanese multinational corporation that specializes in technology and advanced electronics.

When it comes to laptops, they are one of the leading brands and produce a good range to suit both user need and budget.

In addition, the best Acer laptops are often some of the most top-of-the-line laptops you can find.


Acer tends to use much of the same components that other brands use. You will find that the cheaper machines will include a dual-core processor.

When the price scale starts to reach around $500, you will see this change as they will then opt for quad-core.

Display sizes are not too different compared to other brands. Acer seems to favor LED screens and backlight over LCD. Most of their laptops are full HD ready, even those at the lower end of the price range.


Acer Laptop Designs

Acer designs all have a similar appearance. They tend to appear on the bulky side compared to other laptops. That is apart from the Swift 7, which is the world’s thinnest laptop. Also not forgetting the Predator series, which they have given more of a funky look.

When you do compare the weight to similar laptops, there is not much difference. So, although they appear heavier, they actually aren’t.

For those who choose a laptop based on color, Acer gives a good range of different colors to choose from amongst their lines.

Product Variety

Acer has a great selection of machines across the different ranges of laptops. Acer offers choices from:

  • Windows laptops
  • 2-in-1s
  • Chromebooks
  • Gaming laptops

They also have a good selection in the low-budget range that some brands tend to steer away from. Plus, the budget price still provides you with a great machine that includes good specifications.


No matter what your budget is, Acer will be able to meet that demand. From low prices to outrageously high-priced.

Acer has got the market covered with its superb range of machines at some great prices too.


Support Acer

Last year, Acer was receiving great reviews for its level of customer support. Something appears to have changed with this, and those changes are drastic. Acer now has a large number of customers complaining about the support they receive.

Customers state that when asking questions they are being fobbed off with incorrect answers. They feel Acer now only seems interested in getting you to sign up for the upgraded level of support. Of course, this comes at an extra cost. Acer customers feel inundated with requests for you to join and pay for this service.

Maybe they should rethink this area and return to the method that worked well before.


Acer has some great laptops to offer that include a good set of specifications. You will get reliable performance in a strong and robust design.

They have also achieved the world’s thinnest laptop with the Swift 7 and have enticed gamers with the Predator series. The Predator series also includes the great Predator 21X, which has a huge 21-inch screen and also features Tobii eye-tracking.

Where Acer Stands Out

Acer Laptop Money

Acer provides a good variety of laptops and they seem to stand out by providing a range of products that will meet the needs of everyone.

Even if you only have a small budget, you are sure to be able to find a suitable machine from Acer. They provide both affordability and quality.

Their designs are also built to last, with strong and durable casings. Although they may not appear as sleek and stylish as some, they are tough and robust.

Customer comments often include how well Acer laptops stand the test of time. Compared to other brands, you encounter fewer scratches and marks on casings.

What Other People Say About Acer

Over the last couple of years, Acer has received the Taiwan Excellence 2018 and CES Innovations Honoree awards. More notable are their awards received for design, which includes:

iF Design Award 2018

Awarded for:

  • Swift 7
  • Predator Triton 700
  • Predator X27
  • Holo 360
  • VGO
  • Predator X34
  • Predator Orion 9000
  • Aspire S 24

Red Dot Design Award 2018

Awarded for:

  • VGO
  • C2 Series
  • VL7 Ultra HD Series
  • RGO

Despite all these awards, the majority of customers who needed to contact customer support are often left disappointed. They report that support is unhelpful, particularly if the machine is out of warranty.

A complaint seen a few times is that extra charges are incurred for things you would presume are covered by the warranty. One example is a customer whose laptop would not boot Windows a few months after purchase. Customer support said he would need to pay to receive a recovery disk, as the warranty did not cover this issue.

When other customers comment about Acer, they state that when they first receive them they are great machines. Sadly, this greatness doesn’t last and after a few months, they are left disappointed by poor performance.

Those who had bad experiences with Acer, and in particular their customer support, recommend others to not buy. Many customers had good experiences and continue to stick with this brand time and time again.


Dell Logo

One of the most famous names in the world of computers, Dell, is an American company based in Texas.

They provide businesses, schools, and personal users with technology to meet their specific needs.


Like we mentioned before, most brands use very similar components, there are few differences between Dell and Acer.

Dell seems to opt for 3-cell batteries, whereas Acer chooses a 4-cell, meaning battery life will not be as good with Dell.

When comparing laptops of a similar price range, Dell laptops will often provide you with larger display sizes.

This increase in size is only slight and not something that would influence you to buy Dell over Acer. This would influence more when buying a lower-budget laptop, as Dell displays are not always HD at this scale.

The processors Dell use depends on the price range the laptop falls in. Like Acer, Dell opts for dual-core processors in the low price range, but these change to quad-core when reaching around the $500 range. The best Dell laptops all use top-of-the-range processors.


Dell Laptops Designs

Dell makes every kind of laptop you could imagine, and these come in many styles, designs, and colors.

From Dell, the designs bear a good stylish look. Some lower-end models may not have such an appealing look as the more expensive ones but are definitely not the worst you will see.

Some examples of how good Dell’s designs are can be seen in the XPS and Alienware ranges. Both of these wowed customers—the XPS with its sleek professional appearance and the Alienware for its rugged gaming look.

Dell Product Variety

If you have the perfect laptop in mind that will best suit your needs, Dell is more than likely to deliver. Dell has an extensive selection to choose from and will also build and adapt your machine to suit your specific needs.

With the introduction of their XPS lines, Dell gave their customers some great premium machines. Ones that were built to perform well and look good. The same applies to the Alienware gaming range. With its impressive appearance and features, it became a leader in the gaming range.


Dell Money On Screen

Dell has something in every price range. They sure have got the market covered with such an extensive range of laptops on offer.

No matter your budget, Dell is certain to have something for you. If you can’t find a laptop to suit your needs from Dell, then you possess some major issues.


This is an area Dell excels in. Their customer support gets some great feedback.

If you encounter an issue, you get assigned a personal support technician. They stick with you to solve your problem and you get a direct email.

Often with other companies, you speak to endless technicians, are passed from one person to another, and have to repeat yourself over and over. With Dell, this is not the case at all, so this is an amazing difference in service.

Many other companies should take advice from Dell in this area, that’s for sure.


Dell XPS 15 2018

Dell has come up with some innovative solutions over the years. Dell is famous in business and education, providing great solutions to meet their needs. When it comes to laptops, their innovation doesn’t falter.

Dell has produced an awesome range with the XPS series. These are premium quality machines and include some great specifications.

The same goes for the Alienware range of superb gaming laptops. Gamers just love them for both performance and price, and Dell is one of the leaders in gaming laptops.

Where Dell Stands Out

Dell stands out more for being one of the most famous names in the world when it comes to computers and laptops. Often people choose Dell because they lead the way in providing business solutions.

They also stand out for the extensive range on offer. Dell has something to offer every user’s needs, whether professional or personal. No matter what your budget, they are sure to have something for you.

Another great reason that makes Dell one of the leaders in the customer service it provides. People want to know should a problem arise it will get resolved. Even low-budget laptops aren’t cheap. So if you spend your hard-earned money on something, you need assurance you will be supported if something goes wrong.

Dell has got that area covered and this is a big reason they often find customers returning time and time to buy their products.

What Other People Say About Dell

Dells Laptops

As with all products people buy, some people are more than happy with them and some people aren’t. This is no different with Dell products, as we all know it’s impossible to please everyone.

Some customers complain that when repairs are needed under warranty, that refurbished parts are used and not new ones. Dell does state this in the warranty though, so people should be aware of this. If it is not something you are happy with, then you shouldn’t purchase from Dell.

When purchasing from Dell, some customers report they find the website difficult to navigate.

However, Dell receives many awards—not only for its technology but for its business focus too. Recent awards they have received are:

  • Most Ethical Company
  • Environmental Leader Award
  • Named Best Place to Work in 2018 by the Human Rights Campaign

They have also received other awards for innovation, diversity, and recycling.

What Are the Main Differences Between Acer and Dell?

Customer Service Dell

Both Acer and Dell offer a wide range of laptops, and both offer something to suit all budgets.

Dell is the one with the most famous name and their level of customer service exceeds that of Acer.

There are a few differences in the components they use in their machines, but not anything that will have a major influence on buying.

When to Choose Acer

Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575G-57D4

Low-budget laptops are a great feature of Acer and the specifications they provide are awesome.

So, if you are looking for something in a lower price range, you need to check out Acer for sure.

Acer laptops are strong and robust, so if you are going to be hauling it around with you or if it’s for kids, this is a brand to seriously consider.

When to Choose Dell

Alienware Laptops

If you want a gaming laptop, then Dell has to be your choice.

With their leading Alienware range at great affordable prices, you would be crazy to miss out.

If you want assurance that the laptop you buy will be covered by great customer support, then Dell is the only choice here.

With excellent customer support, they will lead you to solve any issues you have with your machine.

Final Thoughts on Dell vs Acer

Both Acer and Dell provide an extensive range of laptops. Dell is the more famous name, but that does not mean they are the best. Both brands have good and bad qualities.

In the end, it depends on what you want from your laptop that should dictate who you buy it from—not just the name.


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