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Android Device Showing Unread SMS Messages – How To Fix

False notification error is not a new issue with Android phones. It has been a persistently reported error by various Android users while there are numerous that go unreported. Even though you would have read all your messages, the icon still shows a notification related to unread messages.

Many people are in a fix and want to get rid of this false notification of unread messages from their smartphone. Others just seem to be fine with the error well accommodated in their phone.

It’s just a minor issue but it can get annoying at times because it becomes difficult to figure out the new unread messages. There are chances of missing a new message as one could ignore the notification considering it faulty.

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The notification continues to show on the message icon as displayed in this image below:

unread message on android

This error has become trouble for many. A simple rebooting the device doesn’t seem to be resolving this issue. If you are facing this issue on any of your smart devices follow one of the below steps and it should resolve the problem.

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Method-1: Clear Device’s RAM

The simplest way to get rid of this issue would be o clear your device’s RAM. This is a fast and a temporary solution to this problem. To clear the RAM, open the Task Manager App.

clean ram on android

In most of the Android devices, this app can be opened by long-pressing the Home button. Click on that icon and then tap on RAM. Now click ‘Clear Memory’ button at the bottom. This should resolve this issue.

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Method-2: Clear Cache And Data Files For Messages

Clearing cache and data files can help deleting corrupt files or bugs if any. To clear cache and delete files go to the settings menu on your device. Tap on ‘Application Manager’ icon and then swipe left to the ‘All’ tab.

cleaning cache on android

Search for messages or messaging here and click on that icon. Tap on ‘Force stop’ and then click on ‘Clear Cache’ and ‘Clear data’ icons to remove unwanted files from the system.

Method-3: Modify Developer Options

Sometimes clearing activities from developer option solve this problem. Many users have found this solution helpful and were able to resolve this issue permanently. To implement this solution, open the Settings Menu on your device.

modify developer options on android

Click on ‘Developer Options’ icon and then tap on ‘Do Not Keep Activities’ option. This will help the device to keep track of relevant actions only and other insignificant activities and actions are deleted.

Method-4: Clear Data For Badge Provider

This solution method is only applicable to Samsung devices. A bug present in data files of Badge Provider App can cause this problem in your device. This app takes care of the message notification section in your device and could cause erroneous notifications.

All the data files should be deleted from this App and the device must be restarted to solve this problem. So to delete the data files follow below steps:

clean data for badge provider on android

  • Open the Settings Menu on your device and click on ‘Application Manager’.
  • Swipe left to display ‘All’ tab.
  • Scroll down and click on ‘Badge provider’ icon.
  • arrow-circle-o-down Select ‘Clear Data’ icon and click OK.

Once these steps are complete then restart your smart device and this problem should be resolved now.


Any one out of the four above mentioned methods can prove to be fruitful in this scenario. And in case there has been any other solution that solved this error in your knowledge, please share in the comments section below. It would prove to be a great help for the other users facing the same issue.






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