Asus ROG Vs Alienware: Which Gaming Laptop Brand is Better?

If you’re investing in a gaming laptop, you’re looking at some serious bucks.

This is one reason you need to make sure the choice you make is the right one.

If you are left with the decision between a ROG and an Alienware laptop, then you need to read this.

This comparison article gives you a breakdown of both brands and what you can expect from each.

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Asus ROG


Asus is a multinational corporation that operates worldwide. They formed the company in Taiwan in 1989. The founders originally worked for Acer as hardware engineers.

Asus produces a wide variety of laptops and the ROG (Republic of Gamers) series is their line of models dedicated to gaming machines.

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The ROG series offers great LED displays that are full HD, with screen sizes up to 18.4 inches. You also get the NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics card with GDDR5, offering high performance for gaming. In addition, you will also find the ROG series offers fast refresh rates up to 144Hz.

Some ROG displays feature ultra-fast gray to gray response times.

Most models include the latest Intel Core processor, which is often quad-core. The ROG Strix GL702ZC is different. This model has the AMD Ryzen 7 Processor which offers 8 cores and will satisfy the needs of any hardcore gamers with ease.

The ROG series provides storage by including both HDD and SSD. You will see the battery lasting you for four to six hours of gaming, depending on which model you choose.

All models include a Kensington lock slot so you can secure your valuable kit.


Asus Laptop Designs

The ROG series have a rugged look but remain stylish in design.

For gaming laptops, they are both slimline and lightweight. The typical weight of a ROG is around three pounds, and they are less than an inch thick. Compared to other brands, this is a big difference.

Some models include Aura Sync, which illuminates the logo on the lid and makes the WASD keys transparent. Add this together with the superb backlit keyboard, and you get an amazing show of lights for gaming in the dark.

The super narrow bezel on some models enhances the look, by taking away the distraction of a thick frame around the display.

Each laptop has a unique finish, with elements inspired by designs, such as cyberpunk, camouflage, and bullet paths.

Product Variety

The ROG series has a good variety of models to choose from, all offering great style and performance.


To own a model from the ROG series will cost you between $800 and $4,000.

That is some serious investment. You need to make sure you do thorough research to help choose the right model.

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ROG machines come with a one-year warranty that includes free shipping for warranty repairs.

Asus provides 24-hour technical support which customers can access via the website or telephone.

The tech support they offer can be a letdown, however. Before getting support on the website you have to register; then it is difficult to navigate the site to find the right support.

It doesn’t get much better with telephone support either. Customers complain of being held in lengthy queues on the phone, before being connected to a technician.

Some customers have also encountered problems when making returns for repairs under the warranty. Asus has lost laptops or could not trace them in their system. We recommend that you send your pricey machine by registered post if necessary.

Some customers have even been presented with an extra bill for a repair that the warranty should have covered.

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Asus keeps on impressing with their innovation. Each time they upgrade a model or add a new one, the features just get better.

Things like the Aura Sync and the narrow bezel have wowed the world of gaming.

The machines themselves also look stunning and feature superb designs. Asus has won awards for both design and innovation of the ROG series.

Where They Stand Out

Asus RoG backsides

The features that Asus includes in its models reflect in the price—they aren’t adding extra dollars on for their name or reputation.

They emphasize the performance of the machines and the quality of the displays and graphics. The designs are also stunning and have superb finishes to them.

What you see is what you pay for, and—with the ROG series—you’ll see serious gaming machines.

What Other People Say

You will often see Asus featured in the top ten best lists on review sites. They are frequently chosen as the Editor’s choice. The ROG series always has one of their models within the top three for gaming. Sometimes there is more than one ROG model featured in the top ten lists.

Recently, Computex Awards 2018 gave Asus six awards for Best Choice, plus eleven for Design & Innovation.

Computex named both the ROG Strix series and the ROG Zephyrus series as part of these awards.

The ROG series has many loyal fans who swear by the performance of their machines. You can see this in the customer reviews on selling sites. Most models receive high star ratings for customer satisfaction.


Alienware Logos

Alienware is a series of gaming laptops from a subsidiary of Dell, and they came about in 1996. While people may not be as familiar with the name Alienware, most people recognize Dell as an industry heavyweight.

They are one of the leaders in computer technology around the world and offer a wide variety of laptops.

The Alienware series is specifically aimed at gamers. The models are identifiable by the alien type design they have been given.


Alienware models include high-performance, eighth generation, Intel Core processors, up to i9. All processors are overclocked up to 5.0 GHz. Graphics cards are NVIDIA GeForce GTX with GDDR5.

The models include copper cooling systems and quad UHD plus displays. The Alienware 13 range features OLED panels, giving superb clarity and finer detail.

Dell also offers a graphics amplifier that you can purchase as an extra. Connect this to your Alienware laptop and you can experience 4K viewing and VR gaming.

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AlienFX Design

The Alienware products have a great design and finish to them. All the models are made from carbon fiber which gives them an elite feel and durability.

The keyboard is a programmable RGB with a multicolor display. The programmable keys offer you four-zone colors and AlienFX control.

Alienware models are heavier and bulkier than the Asus ROG models. However, it is not uncommon for gaming laptops to be heavier and bulkier than everyday laptops.

Product Variety

Alienware offers three series of laptops, the Alienware 13, 15, and 17. You can customize the models on the Dell site by adding to the standard models.

You can choose screen size, storage options, and processor, to build the machine of your choice, which includes all the components you specifically want.



Alienware offers little in the lower price range. Their full range of gaming laptops starts from $1,000 up to $4,000.

A hefty price tag and a decision you don’t want to take lightly.

In comparison to the Asus ROG series, models that offer similar specifications are around the same price. However, Alienware doesn’t offer a lower-priced model as Asus ROG does. This is the only major difference when considering the price.

With both brands, you get a good list of high specifications for your money.


Alienware Support

Dell is the brand behind the Alienware range and their customer support is generally rated outstanding.

When you contact support, you are assigned a personal technician. The technician will work with you until they resolve the problem. This means you don’t have to repeat yourself to a bunch of different technicians each time you call up.

You get a one-year warranty on your laptop. Take note that if you send it back for repair under warranty, refurbished parts will be used. Customers have complained about this after having had repairs carried out. It is clearly stated in the warranty though.


Dell may have been around for a while, but they still stay ahead with technology, and the Alienware range proves it.

Alienware features the latest technology, such as the Aura Sync and high-performance processors. Dell continues to please their loyal customers with its innovation.

Where They Stand Out

Alienware put great focus on their high-performance processors, which include turbo boost.

The design of the Alienware range is stunning too, in particular the Aura Sync.

The fact that you can customize your model to include what suits you best is great for the serious gamer who wants to “tweak” their machine to perfection from the start.

What Other People Say

Alienware is a superb gaming range and is produced by a major player in technology. Dell is an outstanding company, not only for its products but for its business ethics too. Each year they receive multiple awards.

Recent awards are:

  • Most Ethical Company
  • Named Best Place to Work in 2018 by the Human Rights Campaign
  • Environmental Leader Award.

It doesn’t end there, Dell also received awards for innovation, recycling, and diversity.

Alienware series are often featured in the best gaming laptop reviews. They rarely score as high as the ROG series, but remain in the top ten.

Customers who have purchased Alienware models give them good reviews. Selling sites also award high star ratings through customer satisfaction. Alienware features in many PC magazines and online reviews, but they rarely make Editor’s choice.

What Are the Main Differences Between Asus ROG and Alienware?

Asus vs Alienware

The ROG series is rated higher and more regularly on “top ten” best lists for gaming laptops than Alienware. You will often find a machine in the ROG series as “Editors choice” and included in feature reviews.

Alienware is customizable to meet your personal preferences. Alienware doesn’t have a lower budget gaming laptop though, while the ROG series does

The Alienware machines are also much heavier than many of the ROG series models.

The customer support for your Alienware machine is far superior.

When to Choose Asus ROG


The ROG series includes great specifications and all models have a stunning design.

If you want something lightweight and slimline to carry around, the ROG series are much lighter than Alienware.

When cost is a major consideration, Asus offer a good price range and the lower end of the range is an affordable starting price for a gaming machine.

If you want a hardcore gaming machine, choose something from the ROG series of machines. With models that feature the AMD Ryzen processor, these are awesome, powerful machines.

They always score high in reviews so if you want a machine that comes highly recommended, then it would have to be a ROG model.

When to Choose Alienware

Alienware 4k Laptop

If you want to customize your machine and have components included to your personal specifications, then it has to be Alienware.

Whether you want a bigger screen or more storage and a more powerful processor: these are all customizable options.

If you want more emphasis on the display, choose Alienware. Most models offer UHD.

If you want to try out 4K viewing and VR, then Alienware allows you to do this, by purchasing the graphics amplifier.

If you want peace of mind that you will get good customer support, Alienware is also the one to choose.

Final Thoughts

Both Asus ROG and Alienware are made by leading brands and both offer you a good list of specifications. Both series offer quality and value. Even though the price tag is high, it is warranted by the superb components they include in their machines.

If you want to make your choice based on a dependable brand, then you will edge more toward choosing Alienware by Dell, a world leader in computing.

If you want to make your choice based on what other gamers think, then your choice would lean toward an Asus ROG. These always rate high in the top ten best lists and are the choice for many gamers.

Check out reviews for specific models and compare them, to make sure you get the best list of specifications for your money.

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