Asus vs Dell: Which Laptop Brand is Better?

If you’ve found yourself in a place where you are thinking of choosing between an Asus and a Dell laptop, we’re here to help.

This article looks at what both laptop brands have to offer, and whether Dell vs Asus is the better option for your needs.

Whether buying a laptop for personal, business, or gaming you need to know that you’re making the right decision.


Asus Logo

Asus is a multinational company that was established in 1989 in Taiwan. The four founders of Asus previously worked for Acer as hardware engineers.

As well as computers, Asus produce electronics and phone hardware. Asus is also an original equipment manufacturer. You may find parts made by Asus featured in other brand products.


Asus offers a wide range of laptops and they seem to opt more for quad-core processors. Even their low-budget machines include them.

This can give them an edge over other brands as these low-priced laptops run more efficiently for multitasking and can meet the needs of personal users, students and professionals too.

Companies do like to stay ahead of their competition, however, and usually come up with a flagship model to achieve it.

Asus’ recent flagship models are the ROG Zephyrus and the ZenBook. The unique feature of the ROG is innovative hinges that offer the gamer better viewing angles.

They also threw in the NVIDIA Max-Q GPU to enhance graphics and performance, giving gamers a power-packed machine.

For the ZenBook, Asus added GDDR5 SDRAM, along with NVIDIA GTX 1050 Graphics. It also includes a touchscreen and 4K full HD LED display. It has a great, interactive, ScreenPad, which takes the place of the old touchpad.


Zenbook Laptop

Asus puts great effort into their design. They offer laptops that perform well and also have a stunning look to them. Asus laptops are minimalistic with sleek and stylish finishes. These machines are made using quality materials, giving them an expensive look and feel.

Some customers see this as a downside, however, as the materials used to make the laptops can easily become marked, or worse, scratched.

Their flagship models the ROG Zephyrus and the ZenBook are good examples of their great design. Both machines are stylish, slimline, and lightweight.

Product Variety

Asus offers a good range when it comes to laptops. They have something to meet the needs and expectations of all users, both in performance and price.

Asus gaming laptops are highly recommended in the gaming world and feature high on the list when it comes to customer satisfaction.

The company provides regular updates to their models, so you can always find something new and interesting in their range.


ROG Zephyrus Price

No matter what your budget is, Asus are guaranteed to have an ideal laptop for you.

Their price range starts at entry-level and heads right up to very high-end machines.

They have a great selection to choose from, and the top-end of the range features some truly amazing machines.

The Zenbook will cost you around $2000, and for the ROG Zephyrus, you’re looking at a price of around $3000.


Support is not an area that Asus excels in. Customers make endless complaints about the lack of support they receive from Asus. Both online and telephone support, fail to leave customers satisfied.

They find the website difficult to navigate, plus before you receive support. you have to complete the registration process.

Telephone support is no improvement on that. You endure long waiting times for calls to be answered before finally getting through to speak to a technician. If your problem means sending the machine in for repair, it has even been reported that this can result in them being lost or untraceable.

Customers have also found themselves with an extra bill to pay for the repairs which should be covered under the warranty.

You get a one-year warranty with most of their laptops, although some models may include two years.


Zenbook Screenpad Inovation

When it comes to innovation, Asus does keep itself ahead of the game. They often come up with new models that provide customers with the “wow” factor.

Good examples again are the ZenBook and the ROG Zephyrus. Both include unique features.

The ZenBook includes the new “ScreenPad” that replaces the old touchpad. This is a high-resolution LCD touch screen that can be used as an interactive display, or with special apps.

The Rog Zephyrus is especially unique. Its slimline and lightweight design is practically unheard-of in a gaming laptop. Normally gaming laptops are bulky and heavy so the ROG Zephyrus has certainly broken the mold there.

Where Asus Stands Out

Design. Their machines are not only packed with power and performance, but they are also stunningly beautiful too.

Variety. No matter what your budget or specification requirements are, Asus will have something for work, pleasure, study, or gaming.

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What Other People Say About Asus

Asus has received many awards for its products over the years. With the great range that they offer, that’s easy to believe.

Recently the most noticeable number of awards have been given for their ROG series.

In 2021 Asus received six awards for Best Choice and eleven awards for Design & Innovation at the Computex awards.

The awards were given for:

  • Zenbook
  • VivoBook
  • ROG Zephyrus
  • ROG Strix series
  • Asus Mini

When searching through laptop reviews, you are sure to find many of Asus’ models featured in the top ten lists.

Most models you look at will have a high star rating on Amazon and other selling sites. These ratings are awarded on customer feedback, so it is easy to see how happy people are with Asus laptops.


Dell Logo

Dell is one of the most famous names when it comes to laptops and computers. They have been around for years.

Dell has provided technology solutions to many businesses, schools, and government facilities. Dell also provides great machines for personal users and can meet most computing needs.


The quality of the components you find in specific Dell laptops depends on the price range. With Dell, the more expensive it is the better the specifications. They use both AMD and Intel processors across their large range. Some of their lower-priced laptops are easily surpassed by other brands.

But Dell likes to stay ahead of the game and all the best Dell laptops use the latest technology available.

They have a few flagship models which are designed to provide the “wow” factor as far as technology is concerned. This is evident in their XPS 15 and Alienware 17 R5.

These flagship models feature hexa-core processors, SSD, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics. The Alienware model also features a turbo boost processor and IPS screen technology.

The XPS 15 comes with an anti-glare infinity edge display and a 6-cell battery, giving up to 9 hours of run time.


Laptop Designs Dell

Dell laptops are slightly boring in design. Yes, that sounds quite harsh. But, when you look at a Dell laptop you’re not likely to think, “what a stunning looking machine.”

While the designs are quite unexciting, they are not ugly, and some models come in great color choices. They are not the worst designs on the market but are definitely not the best either.

If you opt for the more expensive range, the designs get more interesting. This is where you see a little more elegance and individuality. The XPS and Alienware ranges are good examples of this.

Product Variety

Dell has such an extensive selection of machines it would be hard not to find something to suit.

If you can’t find the exact specifications you want, they will custom build a machine for you. What more variety could you want?


Dell covers all price ranges from entry-level to premium priced. Dell sure has the market covered.

Whether it is for a home user, student, or professional, Dell will be able to offer the ideal machine at a competitive price. From a Chromebook at about $300, to the Alienware 17 that will set you back $2,200, or thereabouts.


Customer Service Dell

Dell excels in this area. Customers rave about the amazing support they receive. Yes, some customers do give negative feedback and that is normal. On the whole, though, Dell has their customers feeling truly supported and satisfied.

If you need support, Dell assigns you a personal technician, who will work with you until the problem has been resolved. No repeating yourself over and over to a bunch of different technicians each time you call up.

You receive a one-year warranty on your laptop. You need to note that, if sent back for repair under warranty, refurbished parts will be used. Some customers have complained about this after having had repairs done, but it is clearly stated in the warranty.


Over the years, Dell has offered some great solutions to the world of technology, benefiting home users as well as businesses and schools.

This is the kind of innovation the company has put into their laptops too. Examples of this can be seen in Dell’s latest flagship machines, the XPS and Alienware series.

With the inclusion of turbo boost processors and infinity edge displays, Dell continues to lead the way.

Where Dell Stands Out

Dell Customer Support Office

The Dell name has become synonymous with quality in technology circles and the level of support Dell gives to its customers is second to none.

The vast range of machines that are available means Dell has something to meet everyone’s computing and budget needs.

What Other People Say About Dell

Dell is an outstanding company, not only for the products it produces but for its business ethics too.

The company receives multiple awards each year. Some recent ones are:

  • Best Place to Work in 2021 by the Human Rights Campaign
  • Most Ethical Company
  • Environmental Leader Award.

And that’s not all, Dell has also received awards for recycling, innovation, and diversity.

As Dell has such a large and diverse range of laptops, there are hundreds of reviews to read online. You will certainly find that Dell features in the majority of the top ten best lists when it comes to laptops.

What Are the Main Differences Between Asus and Dell?

Both offer great ranges of laptops.

Asus’ selection offers products that are more aesthetically pleasing and streamlined than Dell designs.

Dell is probably a more well-known name than Asus, but they are both up there with the best.

Dell definitely wins out when it comes to customer support. This is leaps and bounds ahead of Asus as far as satisfaction goes.

When comparing prices Asus’ flagship models are more expensive, by around $1000. They did include some components that would warrant this though.

When to Choose Asus

Asus Buget Level

Asus has some stunning and beautifully designed laptops. If you want something that looks stylish, then you need to choose Asus.

If you have a low budget, Asus could be your best option. They seem to include better specifications in their entry-level machines than Dell.

Whatever price range you look at with Asus, you will always find a good list of specifications.

When to Choose Dell

Buget Dell Line

Should you need a custom-built laptop, then Dell is definitely the choice for you.

They will build a laptop to suit your individual needs.

If you’re looking for something that fits your personality as well as your computing needs, Dell offers many models in a variety of colors.

If you want the comfort of knowing that should something go wrong, you will receive a good level of support, choose Dell.

Final Thoughts on Dell vs Asus

Both Asus and Dell will provide you with a great selection of laptops at prices most people can afford.

If you have a specific model in mind, check out the reviews and see what other customers’ experience has been. Do some thorough research to make sure you spend your money wisely.

You want the result to be a laptop that will meet your usage needs as well as your budget.

Don’t just opt for the brand you know more or the one that looks the best. To most people, it’s what’s “under the hood” that counts.

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