Asus vs Lenovo Laptops: Which Brand To Choose In 2020?

You are here because you’re debating whether to choose an Asus or a Lenovo laptop. Is the brand important when choosing a laptop?

It’s a topic we’re about to deal with.

There are so many areas you need to look at to decide which manufacturer is best.

To help you get a better grasp on things we’ll break it down a little. We’ll look at specific categories, to see how each brand compares.

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By giving you this information, it should make your decision a little easier.

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The four founders of the company all originally worked as hardware engineers for Acer. They left to form their own company, Asus, which began in Taiwan in 1989.

Asus is now a multinational corporation that produces electronics, computer, and phone hardware. Asus is also an OEM (original equipment manufacturer). It would not be unusual to find other brands using parts made by Asus.


Companies like to compete with other brands in the technology they use. Asus are the same in this respect and their models often include new components other brands don’t.

Asus started out by producing motherboards and they still have great expertise in this area.

Because Asus is an OEM, there is no third party taking a cut of the profits, so by using mostly their own components, they can keep prices down.

Some high end laptops have incorporated full HD screens with NanoEdge touch display.

Asus has included Kaby Lake R 8th generation processors in some models and also NVIDIA GeForce MX150 dedicated graphics. There is also Asus’ innovative ScreenPad on some of the higher end models..

Entry level laptops tend to have only basic components, so with Asus you get what you pay for. The components that Asus use in their laptops is always reflected well in the price. You’re not paying extra for the name, like with some brands.


Asus Laptop Designs

Asus produce some stunning machines. They make them from quality materials that are durable, regardless of price range.

The design of their laptops is almost minimalistic, and all have a stylish finish to them.

Some customers report that the materials and finish have a downside. They find that their machines become scratched and some finishes are impossible to keep free of fingerprints and marks.

Asus has won awards for design, especially for the ROG and ZenBook series of models

Asus also came up with the aforementioned ScreenPad. This is an interactive LCD touch screen, which replaces the old touchpad. It not only serves as a touchpad but also serves as a multifunctional display.

Product Variety

Asus offers an excellent choice of laptops. They have several models in each range.

Whether you’re a student looking to get stuck into essays or a professional who needs it for business purposes.

Asus will have a laptop for you.

You can even find great models that will suit all the family with their 2-in-1 range.

Asus also makes a line of gaming laptops. These come recommended in the gaming world.

Asus stay ahead in the world of computing by bringing out new models regularly, so they are a brand to watch.


Zenbook Flips

Asus seem to price their laptops fairly. When you look at the list of specifications compared to other brands, it is often easy to see.

For example, the Zenbook Flip 14 will cost around $1,300 and, considering the components included, this is a great price.

You need to look at the models you are considering to see what you are getting for your money. However, one of the fantastic things about Asus, is that they have such a great price range of machines, there’s a laptop suitable for almost everyone.


When buying a laptop, you want to know—should you need it—that support is there. With Asus, some models have a one-year warranty and some have two. This depends on the model.

A great thing about the Asus warranties is their cover. They are flexible and offer cover for:

  • Natural disasters.
  • Accident.
  • Third-party viruses.
  • Manufacturing defects.

Asus also recognized that it was often batteries which failed machines.

This is why they offer extended warranties, to show commitment to their products.

Although, when contacting customer support, both online and by telephone, the service is poor.

Customers find the website difficult to navigate. Before being able to access the support, you need to complete the registration process.

Telephone support is not much better in providing customer satisfaction. Users find themselves held in long queues waiting for someone to answer.

If you end up sending your machine for repair, this can cause further problems. They have lost laptops or not been able to trace them in the past. Some repairs have also resulted in an extra bill to cover costs, which should be covered under the warranty.


Asus ROG Zeph Design

Asus keep themselves ahead with new ideas. They often come up with new models that provide customers with the “wow” factor.

Good examples are the ZenBook and the ROG Zephyrus. Both include unique features that other brands don’t offer in similar models.

The ZenBook has the new ScreenPad, that replaces the old touchpad. This is a feature that, at present, is exclusive to Asus.

The Rog Zephyrus is another innovative model from Asus. It is a slimline and lightweight gaming laptop. These machines are normally big and heavy. Asus took the look of gaming laptops to a new level of creativity with this model.

Where They Stand Out

Asus stands out in price and design. They offer machines which will suit all budgets and all their machines include a great design.

The price of the machine reflects the components and the quality and no matter how much you spend, you’re guaranteed that your laptop will look more expensive than it was.

The warranties that Asus offer are superb, including the extended battery one.

What Other People Say

Asus is a company that has received many awards for their products. Their most recent being from the Computex Awards.

They received six awards for Best Choice and for Design & Innovation eleven awards

They gave these awards for:

  • ROG Zephyrus.
  • ROG Strix series.
  • VivoBook.
  • Zenbook.
  • Asus Mini.

When looking at laptop reviews for Asus, you will see they feature high in the top ten.

As with all products, some people will be happy and some people won’t. It’s impossible to please everyone.

If you read customer reviews, however, it’s easy to tell that many people are big fans of Asus machines.


Red And White Lenovo Logo

Lenovo is a famous name in technology. It is a multinational company. They originated in China and they now have over 54,000 employees.

Lenovo is one of the worlds largest personal computer vendors and a world leader in PC manufacturing.

Their laptops are famous for earning many Editors’ Choice awards.


With Lenovo models, you often find that their display sizes are smaller. The average size of screens being 14 inches. This makes them much more portable than some larger laptops.

Most models will include SSD rather than HDD, so you get a faster and reliable performance.

Processors vary across the range from Core i3 in their budget models, right up to Core iX in their top end ones.

Most models will include an IPS display, giving you better color quality. But only some of their models include full HD.

Other components that Lenovo seems to favor are:

  • Fingerprint scanner.
  • Dolby Audio.
  • Kensington security lock slot.
  • Anti-spill keyboards.

Some models will include, or are compatible with, the Lenovo Active Bluetooth pen. This allows you to write and draw as if using pen and paper.


Lenovo Designs

Lenovo don’t stand out from the crowd in design and are not as stunning as Asus machines. Most models have a similar design but you do get several color options on many.

Often smaller than most laptops, with most models being lightweight, this makes them ideal for carrying around.

The durability is not always that great and they can have a flimsy feel to them. If the machine gets tossed around or thrashed about in a bag, it may not stand the test of time.

Some models are versatile, such as their 2-in-1 range. Lenovo equip them with innovative hinges so you can get great viewing and working angles.

Most models have a good selection of connection ports too. This means adding external storage or hooking them up to give presentations will prove an easy task.

Keyboards are comfortable to use and have anti-spill designs. If you spill your coffee, you won’t have the worry of it leaking inside your machine.

Product Variety

Lenovo offer a full range of laptops, but perhaps not as great as the variety offered by Asus.

They offer a superb selection of smaller laptops and 2-in-1 models.

But, unlike Asus, they don’t offer a fantastic selection in gaming.

Lenovo gaming laptops are a rare feature in top ten lists while Asus is often at the top.

Lenovo machines seem to appeal more to students and those who travel a lot for business. With machines that offer great versatility, it is easy to see why.


Lenovo offer laptops in all price ranges, from entry-level to premium priced. When you compare the components to other brands, however, the price is expensive.

For example, if you look at a similar model to the Asus Zenbook Flip. When comparing components and price you will see a big difference.

A similar model to consider would be the Lenovo Yoga 920.

They price this at $2,000 and the ZenBook is $1,300.

With the Lenovo, you get more storage and the battery will last longer. The Asus, though, also includes a better GPU with NVIDIA GeForce MX150 and NanoEdge Touch display.

So, for similar models, you pay more for Lenovo but the price is not something justified by the components used. Often with well-known names, the price is higher, and it seems Lenovo fits this category.



Lenovo offer good solid web support and deal with issues promptly. This is not the same for phone support though. Technicians seem to have difficulty answering even the simplest of questions.

The model you buy will dictate the length of warranty, as Lenovo offers between one and three years. This includes free shipping for repairs on some models. You also get the peace of mind that upgrades will not void your warranty.

For all pens, stylus’ and batteries, the warranty is one year.


As Lenovo is one of the most famous brands, you would expect them to stay ahead with innovation.

Lenovo don’t disappoint in this area and are often among the first to bring out new technology.

Like when they released the ThinkPad X1 carbon with HDRI (high dynamic range imaging). Plus the Qualcomm processor on the Miix 630. You will find many of the ranges that Lenovo produce are innovative.

Where They Stand Out

Lenovo Yoga 7 Review

The biggest area Lenovo stands out is with its branding. Being one of the most recognized names, without a doubt, helps to sell more products.

Lenovo provide good quality machines to support this. The materials and components they use are of good quality.

They stay ahead of the times with technology and innovation. Lenovo are often the first to release new technology to give their machines the edge over others.

What Other People Say

As you can imagine, a famous brand like Lenovo receives many awards. The most recent of awards are:

  • Top 50 China Venture Capital Investors.
  • Best of the Best Award from reddot for the ThinkPad X1 Tablet.
  • Best Laptop Brand by Lap Top Magazine for the second year running.
  • CIO 100 Award Winner.
  • Top 100 Global Tech Leaders by Thomson Reuters.
  • Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations by Corporate Knights.
  • Over 80 awards at the CES Awards for their products.

You will see Lenovo laptops score high in online features that perform “top ten” best reviews.

Many Lenovo models also feature high in star ratings on selling sites. Their machines are often Editor’s choice in magazines or online reviews.

What Are the Main Differences Between Asus and Lenovo?

Asus vs Lenovo

Lenovo is the more famous brand of the two, and their fame is evident in their prices. If comparing machines with similar specifications, you are likely to find Asus offer the cheaper model.

The components are almost the same when compared. There is no real justification for the difference other than the brand name.

Both companies offer a good variety of machines and both offer models in all price ranges.

Asus seem to take the lead with everyday laptops and gaming laptops. Lenovo have the edge regarding 2-in-1 and business-orientated machines.

When to Choose Asus

Asus Gaming Laptops

If you want to pay for the components and specifications, not the brand name, then choose Asus.

They are also more ideal if you are looking for a gaming or everyday machine.

When to Choose Lenovo

Lenovo Teaching Tools

Lenovo are great choices for students and business. They are ideal for carrying around, and they are versatile in their use.

You also get good software included, such as Lenovo Presentation or Lenovo Teaching Tools.

Final Thoughts

Lenovo are a little pricier than Asus, but they remain good value. Each brand offers areas where they excel more than the other.

Having read this information, making a decision on the brand to choose should be easier. If you need more information, check out reviews for the models you have in mind. Look at some of the finer details and see what other customers think about them too.


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