Asus vs MSI: Which Laptop Brand is Better?

Asus and MSI are both Taiwanese-based companies, with MSI (Micro-Star International) forming a year before Asus. As far as laptops are concerned, it is fairer to say that Asus is much better known than MSI.

Asus was founded in 1989 by four hardware engineers who were former employees of Acer.

They are now a multinational company that produces electronics as well as computer and phone hardware. The company is also an original equipment manufacturer, so you could find parts made by Asus in other brands.

MSI’s computer range includes desktop PCs, laptops, graphics cards, and motherboards. MSI has corporations all over the world and has sponsored many eSports teams.

MSI is a company that is far more recognized in the gaming world than in the everyday world of laptops.

To help decide which laptop you should buy, the more information you have, the better. Whether you want your computer for personal use at home, for business, or gaming, you need to know what the brands can offer you.

Check out our comparison to see if Asus or MSI have something different to offer. Maybe one of them focuses on something that could sway your decision.

Don’t rush the decision, do some thorough research and make sure the one you choose includes all you need.

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Asus logo

To give a fair comparison, we will concentrate on gaming laptops offered by Asus as MSI’s focus is mainly on gaming laptops.

Therefore, it would be unfair to compare all components used across the whole range of Asus laptops.


Asus has improved the quality of its gaming laptops over the last couple of years. They have added new technology which will entice gamers to their products.

They have addressed the problem of excessive heating, by including a dual fan system. This is an intelligent thermal design that cools the laptop and expels heat from the back of the machine. This allows for hours upon hours of gaming.

Another outstanding component Asus offers with its gaming machines is an array of powerful motherboards.

As Asus previously only made motherboards, it is easy to say this is an area where they have a great experience.

They have also stepped up their game by adding backlit keyboards. Their GPUs have also been upgraded by including Nvidia GTX.

Asus’ gaming models feature a great sound system with SonicMaster. Plus, with AudioWizard, you can choose from five preset audio modes.

The displays offered by Asus will amaze you, with clear and crisp visuals. It has a full HD IPS display that gives 178-degree angle views. This allows you to view clear action from different viewing angles.


Asus Laptop

Asus has a great eye for design, and some of their machines have a stunning look to them. Their gaming laptops also feature amazing designs.

A superb example of their excellence in design can be seen in their flagship models in the ROG Series.

Asus laptops feature stylish chassis that is not only pleasing to the eye but strong and tough too. The keyboards feature easy-touch keys. The WASD keys are marked, giving you total control in the gaming arena.

Another great design feature is the red backlit keyboard. It not only looks good but is functional too. Gaming in the dark is not an issue. With the backlight, you remain in full control of the keyboard.

Product Variety

As with their other ranges of laptops, Asus has a good selection of gaming machines.

Asus launches regular updates of their models to try and keep ahead of the competition. The downside to this is that it can make your sparkling new laptop seem outdated rather quickly.

A couple of their flagship models are the ROG Zephyrus and the ROG G752VS. Both are awesome gaming machines.


The price of an Asus laptop can vary from entry-level to premium prices, depending on the model you choose.

If we take a look at the ROG Zephyrus, this will cost you around $3,000 and the ROG 752VS will also cost about the same price.


ASUS Support page

This is not one of Asus’ strong points. There are endless amounts of complaints about both their online and telephone support.

Before you make a start getting support, you have to complete the registration process. on the website. The website itself proves difficult to navigate.

Calling Asus on the phone seems no better. Many complain of long waiting times before being able to speak to a support technician.

If you have the misfortune to have to send a machine back, then prepare for problems here too. Customers have complained that, when doing this, Asus claims that the machines are lost or can’t be traced.

People also often say that they find themselves hit with a bill for repairs, which should be covered under the warranty.

However, one good point about Asus support is that they offer a two-year warranty to cover your machine. Most companies only provide one year.


Asus tries to stay ahead of the game as far as innovation goes. You can see this with the flagship models, ROG Zephyrus and ROG GT752VS.

Asus pride itself on being an innovative company. Their philosophy is “Start with people.” Asus has a dedicated design team to support innovation. This team works to come up with ground-breaking technology that customers want to see.

Where They Stand Out

ROG Zephyrus


Not only are their machines aesthetically pleasing, but they have a quality feel to them too.

Asus proved how much impact their designs can have when they rolled out the ROG Zephyrus, their slimline and lightweight gaming machine. Such great design of a gaming machine was previously unheard of until this beauty came along.

Even if your budget only allows a lower-end model, you will still see a good design. With that will also come superb quality and great performance too.

What Other People Say

Over the last couple of years, Asus has received many awards for its products. The most noticeable number of awards being for their gaming products.

Most recently, at the Computex awards, Asus received six awards for Best Choice and eleven awards for Design & Innovation. These were awarded for:

  • ​Zenbook
  • ​VivoBook
  • ​ROG Zephyrus
  • ROG Strix series
  • Asus Mini

​​​​​Asus is often featured within the top ten lists for best gaming laptops on review sites.

Customers are impressed by the quality build of the machines. They also like that they have an expensive look to them and are astounded with the technology and specifications included.

If there is a negative comment it is that some ROG models are heavy, for a laptop.


MSI Logo

MSI is more famous in the world of gaming than for its production of everyday laptops.

They do offer a range of other machines but their selection is very limited.


MSI is all about gaming. They strive to offer the best gaming experience possible with a laptop.

MSI laptops include their exclusive cooler boost technology. This allows long periods of gaming without the concern of heat problems slowing you down.

Their latest models feature 8th generation Intel core processors. You will also see dual GeForce graphics and solid-state drives in newer models.

MSI includes other features, such as the Cherry MX Speed switch, with their gaming laptops. The introduction of this allows gamers to click at super-fast speeds when using keys.

The machines also include the Steel Series 3 RGB programmable keyboard. Gamers can program these to suit personal preferences. The backlight is an array of different colors rather than the usual, single color option.

MSI put awesome efforts into the display, as you can imagine, with gaming being their focus. They include fast refresh rate panels and NTSC displays. This gives great color and brings visuals to life. They are full HD with True Color technology for finer detail of images.

For the sound, they add in Nahimic audio technology to give you a 360-degree audio experience.


MSI laptop signature brand design

MSI laptops are well built and made to last. The downside is that their designs are generally bland and unimpressive, compared to Asus machines. Some of their machines have become lighter than the previous heavy and bulky models.

The keyboards are a great design and provide ultimate comfort and ease when using. With the added Cherry MX Speed Switch and the SteelSeries 3 backlit, programmable keyboard, it just gets better.

Product Variety

MSI has some really awesome machines available. A couple of good examples are the Titan GT83 and the Stealth GS73.

All MSI machines come with a great lineup of specifications. They will meet the needs of any gamer, on a professional or personal level.


Specialist hardware and high-end processors built-in mean that MSI laptops come with high price tags. MSI laptops start at around $800 and go up to the $5,000 price range.

As an example, the Titan GT83 will cost you around $4,500–$5,000 and the Stealth GS73 will set you back around $2,500.


MSI accidental damage protection

A great thing about MSI is that their laptops come with accidental damage protection. This is free when you register your laptop. Most other companies do not offer this as an option.

When looking to find online tech support, the website proved difficult to fathom. Navigating to where we needed to be proved almost impossible.

Using phone support, customers report that technicians have been unable to answer questions or have been given incorrect answers due to lack of knowledge.


MSI offers some great gaming laptops and you can find some innovative inclusions on them. These are things like the Cherry MX switch and programmable Steel Series 3 RGB keyboards. These additions are awesome extras that are loved by many gamers.

Where They Stand Out

Gaming. Their ongoing presence in the gaming world, including their sponsorship of many gaming events, has led the MSI name to become famous in that sphere.

What Other People Say

MSI Laptops

MSI received awards in the past for their laptops. Since 2016, however, there seems to be no clear evidence that they have received any further.

MSI has many loyal customers who love their gaming machines. You will often find them featured in the top 10 best gaming laptop reviews.

When shopping for machines on sites such as Amazon you will see many five-star ratings from  MSI laptop customer reviews.

What Are the Main Differences Between Asus and MSI?

Asus vs MSI

Both MSI and Asus offer some great gaming laptops.

MSI does take the lead, however, with the great list of specifications they include on their machines.

MSI packs great performance into their machines, although they are generally in the higher price range compared to Asus.

MSI laptops are loaded with the latest technology that meets the needs of serious gamers.

If you compare the ROG GT752VS and the Titan GT83, you can see there is a difference of more than $1000. MSI can easily justify the price difference, though.

MSI has included superb cooling systems and a high-powered processor, as well as other specs which outdo those of the ROG.

You will find that often MSI machines are much heavier than Asus. The MSI Titan weighs almost ten pounds, whereas the ROG Zephyrus is half the weight.

Both companies are lacking when it comes to customer support.

MSI machines include free accidental damage protection. Valuable if you drop your beloved laptop. Asus provides a two-year warranty, as opposed to MSI, which only offers a one-year guarantee.

When to Choose Asus

RoG Asus

Asus machines come with a great design. If you want something that looks good, then choose one of the best Asus laptops.

If you want an unusual look for a gaming laptop, go for the slimline and stunning ROG Zephyrus.

For a gaming laptop with good performance and an affordable price,  Asus is a good choice for you.

If you want the comfort and peace of mind of good warranty cover, then again you need to choose Asus with their two-year warranty.

When to Choose MSI

If you’re after a laptop packed with the best technology gaming laptops have to offer then you need to look at the best MSI laptops.

The graphics and display are amazing. Plus, the keyboard will give you superb game control. Fully programmable and backlit, these keyboards are sure to enhance your gaming experience

Another great reason to choose MSI over Asus is that their machines are much easier to upgrade.

Final Thoughts

Both MSI and Asus offer a good selection of gaming laptops. Ultimately, the choice may come down to brand or it may come down to price. One piece of advice I would like to offer is to check out laptop reviews for the specific models you have in mind.

Compare the specifications. While MSI may be more expensive, the performance you get will be greatly improved compared to the Asus models.

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