10 Best Cheap Gaming Desktops under $500 – 2018

Dell Inspiron i3650-3111SLV Desktop

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Desktop gaming these days is neither too expensive nor too rare as the developing market has been teeming with the exclusive cutting-edge techniques. Truly enough, gaming machines, especially desktops have come a really long way in the past years. But the unpleasant facts are, they remain quite a compromised solution till date. Desktops have been forcefully made to cut on performance as various required components such as a fine processor or excellent performer video-cards demand a huge amount of power and as a result, they might tend to excessively heat up. Frankly, it’s not a cake walk to locate the Best Cheap Gaming Desktops under $500 if you have been wanting to experience the best ever gaming experience ever. But before making a purchase if it extremely essential for you to know the components that make up an excellent gaming desktop which even doesn’t hurt your pocket. Five hundred dollars can easily buy you a quad-core AMD processor, AMD graphics or 1GB NVIDIA, RAM of around 8GB, a hard drive of around 1TB as well as latest Windows ten or 8.1 operating system. A modest enough gaming desktop that costs you 500$ is capable enough to put an expensive one to shame while imparting commendable performance each day at much higher and clearer resolution.

Along with a good processor, a Graphical Processing Unit is another indispensable part of a gaming desktop. It is such designed that the creation of images is accelerated an a buffer frame and leads to present beautiful graphics on the wide screen of the PC. This is done by alteration as well as manipulation of memory in quick succession. It smoothly gives out enhanced looking and smoother graphics that let the gamer have an excellent experience. AMD, as well as Nvidia both, are the choices of top most brands while crafting gaming desktops. While talking of RAM, a desktop doesn’t require too much of it. RAM is a component not too expensive as it earlier used to be. Memory up to 32GB is also what you can easily get within a budget of 500$. And putting on extra memory to your device is always a bonus for an average gamer customer. The following guide will render you extensive help while studying the features of best cheap gaming desktops under $500 and you can conveniently invest in the best one available in the market.

Our Top Picks for Best Gaming Desktops under $500 in 2018

1. Lenovo ThinkCentre M700

Lenovo ThinkCentre M700

Imparting excellent Cutting-Edge accomplishment this Lenovo’s device is a light, slim, versatile and quite machine especially crafted for gamers. You get to experience quicker response with the very new sixth generation Intel-Core processor. This power-packed gaming desktop possesses in-built security which takes creativity, productivity as well as entertainment to an entirely next and enhanced level. Windows ten, on the other hand, is present to unleash your creative imagination and you get a chance to explore undiscovered possibilities. This desktop is released in the market post conducting various durability tests against shocks, altitude, vibrations, high temperature etc. making it perfect for even harshest usage. Despite the compact size, Lenovo M700 possesses various ports that enable the user to establish connections to various other peripheral devices. It has six USB 3.0 ports, a LAN, audio ports, additional DP, optional VGA which makes it easily connectable. You can have a huge storing capacity of 128GB SSD while investing in Lenovo’s ThinkCentre. Maintenance is no issues with this innovative device as the dust shield provided reduces dust susceptibility by almost 40 percent. Hence, a device to impart outstanding gaming performance for years.

2. Acer Aspire Desktop TC-780-ACKi3

Acer Aspire Desktop

ACER has been a brand name popular for providing affordable desktops and laptops. This solid budget desktop offers perfect value for money offering good connectivity, several upgrading options, enhanced connectivity and decent performance that is impeccable for the purpose of gaming. The seventh generation Intel Core i3 processor offers speedy performance. This desktop accommodates everything that a general usage PC must possess plus it is also blessed with extra features that makes it an ideal choice for gamers. 8GB inbuilt system memory provides enhanced storage capacity good enough for a gamer and Wi-Fi offers quick and easy connectivity for any device that you desire. There is another memory storage provision which can be used to further expand the memory if required. This desktop also offers two connectivity USB ports, microphone as well as headphone jacks such that you can use it as per your desire. Pre-installed Windows 10 imparts one of the latest versions to decently support all the various games available. A DVD burner is also a part of this excellent gaming desktop such that you can easily burn DVDs and CDs of your choice. As a conclusion, this ACER desktop is a perfect choice if gaming is what your primary requirement is.

3. Apple Mac Mini

Apple Mac mini

Apple is one brand that stands out with each product of it. Mac mini is no different. This desktop will impart excellent gaming experience with its bright features. A boosted performance is what you will be blessed with while investing in Mac mini as it runs using the speedy Intel-Core i5 processor. This delivers quicker results with consuming minimum power. Which gamer on earth would not wish for quicker graphics performances? Apple delivers you all of it with its Intel HD Graphics 5000 which imparts around 90 percent enhanced performance. The installed 802.11ac Wi-Fi is almost three times quicker which is a great feature for video streaming and transferring huge files and folders to AirDrop. Gamers often tend to connect other devices to desktops and Apple crafted Mac mini keeping the same concept in mind. It proudly accommodates two Thunderbolt ports each of which delivers around 20 Gbps bandwidth to connect with external devices. Hence, with Mac mini, you can conveniently connect to varying speedy next-generation peripherals and enjoy displays with improved resolutions. This beautifully looking compact device packs loads of extremely brilliant performances. Mac mini being a square of 7.7 inches with a height of 1.4 inches is a tiny frame that can be well placed anywhere desired. Simply connect a display, mouse as well as a keyboard and enjoy power-packed Mac performance. 

4. Acer Aspire Desktop TC-780-AMZKi5

Acer Aspire Desktop under 500

Feel the creativity with this model of Acer. This device will easily fulfill even the most demanding tasks including editing as well as compiling videos with much ease. Gaming on this is both fun and convenient. This elegant looking Acer housing includes media panel access on the front as well as a digital storagel device at the top end imparting both functional as well as visual enhancements. Additionally, you can share your media content via Acer’s BYOC App. It is quite common to connect peripheral gadgets and devices for gamers out of all. This Acer beauty makes the task easier and convenient for you by owning ports right at the front. Possessing racks full of game CD’s and DVD’s gamers always look for devices that let them play all.that they desire. With Acer’s this device, you can play content all your CD and DVD’s content with the inbuilt DVD drive. To further add on this device features a Quad-Core CPU which comparatively runs faster, offers stretched battery life and above all give better picturization of games. Easy data transfers also are a part of the pros list of this Acer desktop as it accommodates a USB 3.0 port. Concludingly, this Acer desktop makes one of the best choices while looking for a gaming desktop at an affordable price.

 5. Lenovo ThinkCentre M600

Lenovo ThinkCentre M600

Lenovo presents to you this device that is just the perfect solution to all your gaming desires. It perfectly fits almost at any tiny space and imparts an enterprise-level gaming performance. Compatibility with wireless devices such as keyboards makes this desktop a convenient one for gamers allowing them to move about while getting deeply involved in playing games. Switching on the device is never an issue even if you plan to install this compact beauty at the back of the monitor. It can be easily powered on while sitting at the front. Simply simultaneously pressing Alt+P on the keyboard works well. Brilliant productivity with convenient display support for as much as three monitors makes this beast a choice for many. The stretched working area and easy navigation amidst applications reduces errors and imparts quality results as the desktop is extended across various monitors. Availability of 3.0 USB port offers quick and easy transfers of data. While investing in this beastly device you get an extended life of the desktop as it the company tests the desktop well for durability, ruggedness as well as quality. The testing against varying parameters ensures that a product worthy enough is released in the market. 

6. Dell Inspiron i3650-3111SLV

Dell Inspiron i3650-3111SLV Desktop

Dell has been a reliable name in the technology industry since long. Inspiron desktop is an elegant device for office as well as home use. 6GB of RAM is a little on the underpowered side to run various intensive applications and up-gradation of the same might lead to void the Dell warranty. Apart for this minute con, this desktop is one of the bestselling speedy desktops that showcases Intel-Core Skylake i3 processor, elegant and compact design as well as perfect gaming features. The reduced size of the desktop and ample of storage capacity further makes the device desirable. While the Graphics 530 chip of this Inspiron desktop is apt to be used for the purpose of casual gaming this device is well suited for office as well as home use. Hence, you can put it to use as per your desire and requirement. It possesses two 3.0 USB ports along with additional four 2.0 USB ports making connectivity as well as transfers easy and quick. Presence of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth further makes connectivity a cake walk in the case of this Dell desktop. All in all, a great product with even greater features within a budget of 500 dollars.

7. Lenovo 10KY002BUS S510 SFF

Lenovo 10KY002BUS S510 SFF Desktop PC

While looking for a modest desktop within an affordable budget for the prime purpose of gaming Lenovo S510 is a decent one as per the requirement. This device will offer you excellent features while not affecting your pocket much. This desktop will let you smoothly browse the web, stream videos, easily perform as well as unendingly play games and perform office as well as home-related jobs. This mid-range powered workhorse has been assembled using Intel-Core i5 processor along with a perfect combination of 500GB hard drive storage capacity. Although this particular processor is not much popular for enhancing speed it is such packed with power that running various software, browsing the web as well as gaming is never an issue. You get a provision of storing a wide variety of games, videos, images etc. with a huge capacity of 500GB storage. A consistent and reliable performing desktop is what a gamer looks for and this Lenovo device is perfect for the purpose. With Windows 10 installed a smooth service is what can be availed while investing in this Lenovo’s machine. A multi-usage DVD drive lets you play various gaming CDs and DVDs of multiple formats. As a result, this gaming desktop is one of the best amongst the list.

8. ASUS M32CD Desktop

ASUS M32CD Desktop

ASUS is an extremely reliable name imparting excellent machines at affordable prices. Reliable functionality is what you get to avail while investing in this Asus desktop. Speeded performance can be experienced with the aid of the sixth generation Intel-Core i5 processor along with integrated inbuilt graphics. Complete HD playback imparts outstanding picturization while enjoying your favorite games. A desktop with power-packed sound quality has absolutely no match. This desktop is crafted with the technology of SonicMaster Audio along with AudioWizard interface such that a gamer’s gaming sessions are never compromised. Superspeed 3.0 USB ports, a six-in-one card reader, as well as a headphone jack, are placed right on the front for convenient use. Seamless connectivity is enjoyable while investing in this model of Asus with 802.11ac Wi-Fi as well as Gigabit Ethernet. Therefore, you can enjoy connecting wireless devices while playing games. Asus is, on the other hand, one of the best recommended Windows desktops names. All Asus desktops are reliable, innovative as well as brilliantly designed. This desktop is no different proving you a great deal for your hard earned money.

9. HP Slimline 260-a011

HP Slimline 260-a011 Desktop

This HP creation is all set to conquer your gaming world with its impressive features conveniently accommodated in its slim body. This compact tower offers AMD processor, expanded storage as well as tested reliability. With HP SlimLine locating an affordable desktop with a name to rely on just became conveniently easier. The desktop is released in the market after successfully passing almost one hundred tests hence a reliable device to depend on. Pre-installed Windows 10 gives you the latest platform to work on. Therefore, you can play your desired DVDs with power-packed software. You can connect to various wireless devices while using SlimLine, hence connecting peripheral devices seem an eased out affair further enhancing your gaming experience. You can also easily connect to Bluetooth enabled products. therefore, go wireless while gaming with HP SlimLine. Its capability of working with more than just one monitor allows the user to have multiple works being done at the same time making it a perfect choice for cyber cafes as well as gaming stations. Additionally, a three-in-one media card reader allows quicker transfer of data with much ease. Therefore, this makes a reliable desktop to depend on.



In this list of brilliant gaming desktops, this last Asus inclusion is perfect for decent moderate regular usage. Built with integrated virus as well as malware protection along with enhanced features Chromebox makes one of the perfect desktops to be used for general office and home tasks. It will be the perfect home to your various desired applications and software. It owns a power-packed processor quick enough to offer ultrafast and enhanced performances. You can make a choice of either using it for multiple displays or connect it to HD television. Asus Chromebox is the one which will fulfill your needs no matter what you desire. This desktop will instantly boost up and synchronize with you Chrome services and get you closer to the inter like never before. With an offering of one hundred GB free space on Google Drive, you can store and access all your data by simply logging in within seconds. The small size of the device stores all powered features including an SD card reader, four 3.0 USB ports, DisplayPort as well as HDMI such that your regular desktop use is seamless and smooth with no hindrances at all. Therefore, if all that you’re looking for is a desktop good enough for daily usage then Chromebox is the ultimate choice to land at.


The above list offers the Best Cheap Gaming Desktops under $500 which will not just impart ultimate gaming sessions and outstanding experience but will also render features to smoothly carry out your day to day chores. Hence, a two-in-one device to work well in all situations. But a wise comparison always makes a difference.

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