10 Best Earbuds under $50 – 2018

SoundPEATS Wireless Earbuds

The love for music has only grown with each passing day amongst all the age groups. Earlier musical devices were rare and so were earphones or earbuds. With the advancement of technology cellular phones, mp3 players, tablets, laptops as well as iPods have evolved with much rapidity. All these wonder devices allow the man of today to conveniently enjoy their favorite tracks while getting indulged in various complicated activities including cycling, gymming, biking, hiking, traveling as well as while doing the household chores. You will everywhere locate people having earbuds plugged in. Not just music, people love staying hands-free while entertaining long duration phone calls. This adds on to the convenience of a person and also imparts an improved audio quality. Moreover, in today’s world when a person owns an ample number of electronics it is both essential and convenient to own an earbud that stays compatible with these all. Therefore, with just one earphone you can have the convenience of pairing it with your several other electronic devices.

To purchase an earbud one needn’t spend a fortune. There are renowned brands that offer amazing products within quite an affordable range. These earbuds offer impeccable performance with just a little amount of money invested. The list of best earbuds under $50 features various outstanding earbuds that can totally change your experience to the core. Some of them are wireless and supports Bluetooth while some are wired. One has the liberty to pick as per the requirement. While looking out for an earbud that would suit your requirements you must have an insight of the features that it offers. The earphones listed below are especially crafted to be used while performing tesious activities. You can carry these to your gym and enjoy your favorite playlist even while vigorously working out. Some of the listed earbuds are specially made sweat resistant for the same purpose. Managing calls with these earbuds are never a problem as almost all of these come with a remote that imparts a convenient usage no matter what you do or where you go. You can enjoy your freedom of being hands free while attending calls. To jot down the list of affordable as well as comfortable earbuds is surely a tedious task but we have offers you the perfect solution by segregating the best of the lot in the list below:-

Our Top Picks for Best Earbuds under $50 of 2018

1. Beyerdynamic Byron Wired Premium In-ear Headset

beyerdynamic Byron Wired Premium In-ear Headset

Beyerdynamic offers the best ever earbud for all the music lovers out there. You will fall in love with that quality of audio this earphone delivers. The strong and well-built wires convey consistent audio with extensively controlled bass making your experience out of the world. The connectivity that it offers is impeccable. Once plugged into your cellular handset, laptop, mp3 player, tablet or any other electronic audio device you can forget all your worries and relax to the core. With a supreme quality microphone, you can entertain calls as and when desired without troubling your hands. Hence, this amazing hands-free microphone facility allows you to be free in a real sense. The impressive and steady aluminum housing makes the earphone strong. Therefore, this heavenly earphone will give you a long-lasting life even with the roughest of use. You get an easy access to answer calls and control volume by the convenient three button remote placed on the upper end of the earphone. It comes accompanied by three ear tips of varying sizes that comfortably fit in the ears of the user. Plus, this earbud is compatible with Android devices which allows the user to comfortably club these up with their Android hand-held devices. Last but not the least this earphone comes with a two-year long manufacturer warranty giving you complete value for your invested money.

2. SoundPEATS Wireless Earbuds

SoundPEATS Wireless Earbuds

SoundPeats brings to you the perfect Bluetooth earphones to keep you enjoying music any and everywhere with no attachments at all. The comfort of this earphone is just impeccable allowing you to use them for an extended stretch of hours. It comes along with three sizes of ear tips including small, medium as well as large suiting the need of every user. Additionally, these come with perfectly built ear hooks of two different types that lock the earbud conveniently to the ear of the user. Therefore, you can use this earphone even while being indulged in tedious activities. These make the earphone usage secure as well as fit for all, especially while working out in the gym, rushing off to college, hiking, cycling, driving etc. without worrying about the earbud falling off. The lightweight of the earbud allow the user to keep it safe anywhere even with the tiniest of space. You can use it for up to a stretch of almost six long hours with a charging duration of a couple of hours. It also flaunts a standby time period of 145 long hours. This wireless SoundPEATS earbud is perspiration resistant that makes it perfect for the active lifestyle of humans in today’s era. Overall, it supports both Android as well as Apple gadgets.

3. MEE audio M6 PRO

MEE audio M6 PRO

The impeccable earbud by MEE audio is crafted for stretched listening sessions by the user. It is a lightweight piece of heaven which uses seven ear tip pairs as well as flexible wiring that imparts personalized fit as well as a secure feel allowing you to stay absolutely free from the hassles of re-adjustment. The M6 PRO designing of the earbud bars the entrance of external disturbing audio and allows enjoying music at lower volume extending protection to your ears. The noise isolation technology makes it an enhanced device that will add on to your convenience. Engineered to impart supreme quality durability this earbud is sweat resistant with the excellent M6 PRO technology. The entire package incorporates two cables that can be very well detached and replaced. These cables are internally braided that enhances tangling, resistance, and durability. The earbud cable includes an inbuilt volume control mechanism, a microphone as well as a remote button allowing you to answer calls while staying hands-free. Compatibility with various devices such as cellular phones, tablets, mp3 etc. allows multiple usages of the earbud offering a versatility. Additionally, it comes with a kit to keep it safely stored imparting you a perfect value for money. 

4. Sennheiser CX200

Sennheiser CX200 Twist-to-Fit Earbuds

With exclusive CX200 earbud, you can easily hit the streets with utmost convenience. This supremely compact earphone flaunts a finger-contoured innovative design that helps you to easily adjust the volume while on the go. For enjoying ultimate music in today’s urban lifestyle. The comfortable feel while putting on this excellent earbud allows you to easily use this pair for a long duration. Various sizes of adapters for ears imparts further extended comfort while delivering supreme quality service. You can use this Sennheiser earbud even in the busiest of the environment as it successfully bars the outside noise to seep in while usage. It is compatible with various devices including DVDs, MP3, mobile phones, tablets as well as CD players. Hence, you can just purchase this outstanding earbud package and settle all the requirements of your electronic devices. Be it iPad or Android devices or any other device this brilliant earbud will leave you impressed with its versatility. The 1.2 m length of the cable let you use it with utmost convenience allowing you to move as per requirement. Hence, you can use it while tedious activities like cycling, gymming, hiking, running etc. All in all, this earbud is an absolute value for money imparting even a manufacturer warranty along with excellent quality.

5. Panasonic RP-HJE120B-R

Panasonic Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones

Panasonic, one of the renowned brands in the field of electronics brings to you the much-required opportunity to enjoy music via Bluetooth with no hassles of managing any lengths of wires. While investing in this earbud of Panasonic you get served with supreme quality robust bass as well as a supreme quality. There is an in-built remote control with conveniently placed buttons that can be used by the user as and when required. This microphone allows you to entertain call with much ease while having these earbuds on. This earbud demands an hour to get completely charged which in turn offers uninterrupted service for as much as four hours and twenty minutes. The excellent ergonomic design imparts the soft feel to the ears of the user such that a stretched use is never a concern. It’s compatibility with varying kinds of electronic devices allow multiple usages by the user making this the ultimate earbud to own. Three extensively soft ear pads come accompanied with the earbud that can be used as per the comfort and requirement of the user. The package also contains a USB charging cord that can be conveniently used to charge your heavenly earphone set. All these excellent features make this earbud one of the well-received choices amongst music lovers.

6. Sony MDR-XB50AP/L

Sony MDR-XB50AP:L Extra Bass Earbud Headset

Sony is a well-known brand name in the music industry since ages. The comfortable feel that this Sony earbud imparts is way beyond imagination. It seamlessly fits in the ear of the user and offers high-quality audio delivery. It has a tangle-free cord of Y-type that is accompanied with a slider for the convenience of the user. It comes crafted with supreme quality magnets made up of neodymium that imparts power-packed audio performance. While investing in this Sony earbud you can expect deep bass audio. The earbuds are crafted using silicone that imparts a seamless fit and comforting feel. The size of the cord is 1.2 m that allow the user to use the earbud as and when desired with absolutely no hassles. The package also comes along with a soft carrying pouch that is to be used to store your heavenly earbud. It also flaunts a microphone as well as a controlling button that manages various functions like answering calls and managing volume. Additionally, this earbud is compatible with Android devices allowing the user to pair it with their handheld devices. As a conclusion, this Sony earbud is surely worthy of your money.

7. SoundMAGIC E10

SoundMAGIC E10 Noise Isolating In-Ear Earphones

The E10 earbud of SoundMAGIC brings to you the perfect way to get isolated from the surrounding world and get deeply involved in your own soothing world of music. It is crafted for the music listeners of today who like staying entertained while performing various other activities including cycling, gymming, hiking as well as traveling. It is crafted using two-toned metal pieces that gives an elegant premium appearance. The cable of the earbud is free of tangles that make it a product easily usable and wearable. The earbud excels in imparting dynamic results and powerful audio quality that is a much-required desire of the people of today’s urban world. An impeccable bass delivery makes the product even more impactful. You will never be disappointed in terms of the clarity of audio that makes the experience much more realistic. You can now choose your earbud amongst the three available vibrant colors including Red, Gold as well as Gunmetal. The package also comprises a soft traveling case that allows you to carry your earbud with extended convenience. Lastly, it incorporates ear clips that keep the comfortable earbud in place no matter what the activity is. All in all, a worthy investment without a doubt.

8. Klipsch KLIMS3M114

Klipsch Image S3m Jade Green

A stylish and comfortable earbud for you to add to your heavenly items list. If you are one of those music lovers who love to enjoy music any and everywhere then this product is surely crafted for you. The Ergofit earphones with a set of three earpads including a small, a medium as well as a large one you will have excellent comfortable fit with the supreme quality of audio delivery. You get to pick your favorite color amongst the nine cord options available. Hence, you can change your earbud’s cord color as per your mood and outfit color. You will get to enjoy music with extensive clarity with this earbud as it blocks the surrounding noise. It comprises of a long cord of 3.6 feet that easily passes via bags and clothes allowing the user to comfortably stay hands-free storing their audio device either in their bags or pocket. It is truly an ideal earbud to be paired with your iPad, mp3, cellular phone, iPad as well as other various audio imparting devices. The noise canceling technology keeps your music free from surrounding noise. All in all, you can surely invest in this heavenly product without a second thought.

9. FiiO EM3 Open Earbud

FiiO EM3 Open Earbud Earphones with In-Line Microphone

FiiO offers the ideal earbud to all the music lovers of the world. It enhances not just your style but also delivers an impeccable sound quality. A streamlined design securely imparts you comfort while having these earbuds plugged in. The standard 3.5mm insertion jack allows you to conveniently connect to various audio devices including cellular phones, mp3 players, tablets as well as laptops. The earbud package also incorporates 3 foam sleeve pairs that enhances the wearing comfort of the user. Now you can easily manage the volume control as well as answer calls while on the go with the inbuilt microphone and a remote control. In the world of today when one is much engrossed in activities including biking, cycling, hiking, camping, running etc. an earbud like FiiO EM3 is a much essential product to own. In addition, the light weight of the earbud and the slim built allows you to store anywhere that you wish to including your denim or cargo pockets. More delivery of polished bass makes your music listening experience out of the world. Therefore, all these brilliant specifications make this earbud piece an absolute slice of heaven, especially for the music lovers.

10. TaoTronics Active Headphones

TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

The TaoTronics earphone is here to make your music listening experience lead up to an extraordinary level. It cancels the background noise of the surroundings by the excellent noise canceling technology such that you can enjoy your favorite tracks to the fullest. You get to enjoy twelve to fifteen hours of uninterrupted service with this TaoTronics earbud that will allow you to carry them to distant places. It comes along with changeable ear buds as well as hooks that enhances comfort and convenience of the user. It will stay in place no matter what you do. You can go cycling around wearing these earbuds or hit the gym with utmost comfort. The body of the earbud is crafted using a strong alloy of machined aluminum. This minimizes the consumption of battery allowing you to use it for extended hours. You can conveniently use this earbud while flying as it offers an audio adapter for airplane usage. It features a 3.5mm jack crafted in gold plating. You get to control the volume, select tracks, play or pause the playing audio as well as answer calls with the help of a remote control featuring three buttons. Plus, a 5.5-inch long cord helps you conveniently move while enjoying your favorite musical tracks. Hence, a perfect value for money.


With the above detailed list of the best earbuds under $50 you must quite clear with the features and kinds that these renowned brands offer. You can go through your requirements and after an in-depth comparison pick the best one suiting your needs such that you can get the most out of your investment.

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