10 Best Gaming Motherboards For Intel Core i7 Processor – 2018

Motherboards being important computer components play a significant role in gaming laptops and computers. A correct combination of a processor and motherboard leads to a device ideal for gaming.

But before proceeding to the perfect motherboard suiting i7 Processors it is essential to know what exactly a motherboard is. The motherboard is an essential part of any computer. It is the heart and the soul of this wonder device that the entire world of today thrives on.

It conveniently holds together all the various crucial computer components including the CPU, input as well as output connectors for devices as well as the memory. The motherboard base comprises of a slim plastic non-conductive sheet.

Motherboards consist of slim lines spread on them that are crafted using aluminum or copper foils also called traces. These traces are the connections amidst the varying components of the motherboards. Additionally, there are a number of slots as well as sockets that are used to connect to the other components of the computer.

Best Motherboards For i7

Choosing the perfect gaming motherboard for your device will determine the machine's productivity. The size of the motherboard determines the size of the device, the processor to go along with it, storage capacity as well as the number of graphics cards one can incorporate. Motherboards come in varying sizes ranging from compact to large.

There are larger ones such as ATX as well as the smaller ones such as Mini-ITX. There are various others falling somewhere in between and the correct choice for your device would depend on how big your computer or laptop is and the number of additional components you desire to plug in while using it.

For instance, if you do not plan to set up an ample number of graphics cards as well as a number of hard drives then you can save some cash and pick a smaller motherboard. While if you plan to add on various components then a bigger one would work best for you.

This can be a one-time expenditure and your device is sorted to the core as a bigger motherboard would render a number of upgrading options keeping you well prepared for the future. The list below showcases the best gaming motherboards for Intel Core i7 Processors that are available in the market. You can make a thorough comparison and pick the one suiting your needs.

Our Top Picks for Best Gaming Motherboards for Intel i7 Processor in 2018




  • LGA2066 Chipset
  • 802.11AC/AD onboard Wi-Fi
  • Dual M.2 

Asus is a brand that has built up a name in the past years with the wonderful products it creates at extremely affordable rates. This motherboard is crafted for the seventh generation X-Series of Intel-Core processors.

These kind of processors give maximum connectivity as well as a speedy performance with a U.2 port, Thunderbolt EX 3, dual M.2, front panel USB 3.1, 802.11AC/AD onboard Wi-Fi as well as compatibility with Intel Optane Memory.

With such combinations clubbed together, you can expect an unmatched device perfect for your regular gaming. It allows a five-way optimization along with a provision of Auto-Tuning.

Heavyweight GPUs are manageable with Patent-pending SafeSlot that conveniently features a molding process using an injection that integrates the tough metal frame for a firmer and stronger PCIe slot. 

With this motherboard of Asus, you get to personalize your system. It offers an exclusive Asus AURA Sync RGB lightening, 3D-printing mounts as well as an added on RGB header to brilliantly customize your device.

An eight-channel audio is accommodated along with Realtek S1220A that features Crystal Sound three by the popular Japanese capacitors such that while gaming you can enjoy a better quality sound. Concludingly, a brilliant device to match your needs at an affordable price.

2. ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero

ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero


  • LGA1151 Chipset
  • 8-channel HD audio
  • Dual M.2

Asus brings to you another quality motherboard at an extremely affordable price. This is designed to brilliantly work with Intel-Core eight generation processor to impart impeccable gaming experience.

You get an enhanced speed as well as connectivity via 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Dual M.2, USB 3.1, Gigabit LAN as well as convenient compatibility with Intel Optane Memory. With this motherboard of Asus, you get Auto-Tuning facility along with a five-way optimization.

It also offers a dynamic system of cooling such that your machine never gets too heated up even while gaming for long durations. Now you can personalize your machine with exclusive AURA Sync RGB lighting of Asus, additional RGB headers, 3D Printing mounts as well as addressable RGB header.

Therefore, you get an opportunity to have your system personalized as per your gaming requirements. The motherboard also features Safe Slots that feature a molding process via an injection that leads to metal framing integration leading to a much stronger and firmer PCIe slot. And the stronger PCIe allow the use of heavyweight GPUs.

Amplified dual headphones enhance the sound quality further making your gaming experience an unmatchable one. Undoubtedly, a worthy device to invest in.




  • LGA1151 Chipset
  • 8-channel HD audio
  • Dual M.2

Yet another addition to the list by the extremely reliable Asus. You get to experience an impeccable experience and provision of personalization with Intel-Core seventh-generation processor.

Now you can unlock and enjoy complete calibration as well as customization with 3D printing mounts, Five-way optimization as well as Aura Sync RGB lighting. Gaming demands greater connectivity and this Asus motherboard delivers enhanced connectivity speed via onboard AC Wi-Fi as well as a front panel 3.1 USB.

Asus's exclusive technology optimizes the various essential aspects of the PC or Laptop such that you get to enjoy excellent CPU performance, immense energy saving, stable digital power as well as quiet and cool fans.

This motherboard of Asus has been built specially for the gamers. It features a single-step process of injection-molding that integrates stronger metals as well as solder points. The additional 3D Mounts available on the motherboard makes it easy for fitting 3D-printed parts.

Plus, a super speedy connectivity allows you to make safe, secure as well as firm connections such that data transfer is faster than ever before. Hence, a wise investment for the gamers.




  • LGA1151 Chipset
  • 2 Way SLI Support
  • Ultra-Fast M.2

GIGABYTE offers extensively advanced and versatile computing and gaming motherboards. These offer excellent performance, reliability as well as reliability in any desired setting.

This motherboard by GIGABYTE offers advanced technology such as Smart Fan Five which keeps your machine cooler. Therefore, you can use your computer for long hours of gaming without much heating.

You get to enjoy massive storage as well as speedy connectivity set-up by USB 3.1 as well as Ultra-Fast M.2. GIGABYTE's UEFI DualBIOS offers a protection system for your device. It has Smart Fan five incorporated that ensures that user's gaming machine can deliver quality performance while remaining cool all throughout.

This motherboard's smart fan five also allows the user to interchange the fan headers such that different thermal sensors can be reflected at varying locations of the motherboard. GIGABYTE motherboards are the coolest platforms available in the market with installed PWM as well as Voltage mode fans.

All in all, these motherboards, when combined with the correct processors, deliver amazing gaming performance on your device.

5. MSI Pro Series Intel Z270

MSI Pro Series Intel Z270


  • LGA1151 Chipset
  • Supports DDR4-3800+(OC) Memory
  • X-Boost tool

MSI presents to you one of its brilliant motherboards especially crafted for gaming. Cooling is an essential aspect while using a machine mostly for gaming. There are an ample number of fan headers incorporated that allows the system to keep cool even when put to massive use. 

One can include DC/PWM Mode, Water cooling ready, 6x Fan headers as well as Full fan control. Once X-boost is enabled your device can be optimized for enhanced transferring speed. You will be able to increase USB performance by almost 30 percent. This would lead to saving a lot of your precious time.

This device by MSI is extremely user-friendly as well as optimizes the various devices that are connected to the system. MSI is dedicated to providing true and dynamic sound quality to all the gamers who vest their trust in the brand.

Audio Boost has been carved into an audio unit of supreme quality offering you an advantage over the components while indulging in a game. Additionally, the advanced technology of Intel OPTANE imparts top-notch performance to storage devices as well memory of your system. Therefore, a faster system is what you get to deal with. 




  • LGA1151 Chipset
  • Dual M.2
  • 8-channel HD audio 

Asus brings yet another addition to the list of the perfect motherboards. It conveniently features an onboard pair of 5050 RGB headers as well as an addressable header of RGB that let the user connect to compatible coolers, PC cases, fans as well as lighting strips that creates an impeccable illuminated world for you.

ASUS has reinvented and engineered PCIe slot that provides shearing resistance as well as superior retention while there are Q-LEDs that indicate the status of power as well as matters for early diagnosis.

Along with antennas of dual-band 2.4/5GHz as well as 802.11ac Wi-Fi impart almost 867Mbps transferring speed. Additionally, the MIMO technology renders impeccable gaming experience. An eight channel HD audio system imparts enhanced quality of sound while gaming making your gaming experience seem very much lifelike.

These are exclusively designed for eight generation Intel-Core Processors which make your system a perfect one for playing games and perform other daily chores.

Last but not the least this motherboard's cooling surface always keeps your computer cool that imparts consistent performance for years. Therefore, you can very well invest your hard earned savings in this product of Asus.




  • LGA1151 Chipset
  • Integrated Dual M.2
  • AURA Sync RGB lighting

Asus being one of the most renowned and reliable brands in the technology industry offers various brilliant motherboards for your gaming devices. The exclusive technology of Asus called Aura Sync technology imparts RGB control over lighting along with varying presets for LED onboard illumination.

There are 3D mounts available on the motherboard that allows the fitting of 3D-printed parts quick as well as easy. With this Asus motherboard, you get a single click overclocking as well as a dynamic cooling system for enhanced gaming performance.

This is brought about by the excellent five-way optimization. The Prime series of Asus is well-known for the excellent highlights called Artic White which completely redefines your gaming experience to the core. This motherboard is ready to be clubbed with the Intel-Core seventh-generation processor.

It imparts maximum performance and provision to customize your system. You can enjoy dynamic fan calibration as well as auto-tune your system with the five-way optimization. USB 3.1, as well as Dual M.2, maximized your data transferring speed. Hence, you can have a transfer of data being done while enjoying playing games on your machine.

8. MSI Pro Series Intel B250

MSI Pro Series Intel Z270


  • LGA 1151 Chipset
  • Turbo M.2
  • Supports DDR4-2400 Memory

The MSI B250M motherboard offers a solid base for the next device that you desire. It is a perfect blend of impeccable features, quality as well as power in a micro ATX form. This is based on the Intel chipset B250 which works seamlessly with the sixth as well seventh generation Intel-Core processors.

Crafted using Class five military components that impart extensive durability as well as reliability. It is Optane ready and has an M.2 slot that imparts up to 32Gbps speed. With such enhanced speed working as well as playing games on your machine is a seamless task.

This motherboard additionally provides SATA mode such that a wider compatibility can be imparted to the user. Along with colossal boost performance, this motherboard also adapts a premium audio attachment as well as an isolated circuitry that produces enhanced sound quality.

This enables the user to watch movies, listen to audio as well as have a gaming experience like never before. Although this device supports DDR4-2400 Memory, newer memory installation demands Bios updates. Hence, if you are looking for a perfect motherboard for your gaming device then this product can be considered.


Asus Prime z370a Motherboard


  • LGA 1151 Chipset
  • Dual M.2
  • USB 3.1 Gen2

Another brilliant Asus addition designed for the Intel-Core eighth-generation processor. It comes along with customizable options. Excellent fan calibration, as well as auto-tuning by five-way optimization.

You can also customize your machine with AURA Sync RGB, 3D printing mounts as well as addressable headers. Hence, have a built that you desire. A gaming device might require several transfers as gamers are in a habit of sharing games with each other.

In such a scenario Generation 2 USB 3.1, as well as Dual M.2, delivers outstanding transferring speed. Aura Sync of Asus offers complete control of RGB that offers various functional presets such that inbuilt LED strips as well as RGB LEDs that stay connected to the RGB headers present on the board.

The device accommodates M.2 heatsink that keeps the SSD of the machine cooler. It reduces the temperature of the machine by around twenty degrees which means an optimal performance and an improved longevity of the SSD.

Last but not the lease it comprises of a fan holder that imparts increased airflow and keeps your system cool. Concludingly, if you are looking for a motherboard especially for gaming then this can be the choice for you.

10. MSI Gaming Intel Z270

MSI Pro Series Intel Z270


  • LGA 1151 Chipset
  • Dual M.2
  • AURA Sync RGB lighting

MSI's another addition to the list of brilliant motherboards for gaming computers. In order to have a reliable performance cooling of the computer is an essential aspect.

There are enough fan headers incorporated with a complete control such that a brilliant system to cool your PC is available.

Want a personalized design? MSI gives you the option to select between various LED effects that make your system come alive and help you personalize it as per your desire. Therefore, you get to create your desired masterpiece with vibrant colors.

This gaming motherboard crafted by MSI conveniently supports all the latest available storage standards.

This, in turn, allows the user to connect devices that are ultra fast providing gaming benefits. It would let you start your games faster, load the various playing levels quicker as well as have an advantage over your opponent playing party.

M.2 Shield of MSI keeps the temperature of your device much cooler as compared to others. As a result, this MSI gaming motherboard allows greater connectivity, quicker data transfers as well as enhanced audio outputs and all of it while having an extensively cooled machine. 


To select the best gaming motherboards for Intel Core i7 Processors is tougher than one can expect as the knowledge of motherboards is not something that is commonly found amongst the masses.

Hence, intense study, research as well as a detailed comparison is recommended if you plan to purchase one for yourself. The above list will render the best 10 amongst the entire lot. Happy Gaming!

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