Laptop Stand Buying Guide – 2021

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Using computers is a way of life these days. Laptops are becoming an even more popular way of using technology – mainly because they are transportable and can be used anywhere.

However, health problems can arise with long-term laptop use. The most common issues associated with extended use are musculoskeletal-related. Due to incorrect working posture, abnormal pressures are exerted on the body. After a while, long-term injuries can surface if this is not corrected.

During computer use, the screen should be just above eye level. The keyboard should be located just below the elbows. Laptops don’t allow for this to happen naturally – hence the invention of the laptop stand.

By raising the stand to a few inches above eye level, neck and eye strain are eased. Positioning the angle of the screen reduces screen glare, further reducing eye strain and headaches.

The concept behind a laptop stand is very basic. Most of the products on the market reflect this simplicity. A laptop stand positions the computer in a way that is ergonomically beneficial for the user. Laptop stand shoppers should also consider adjustability, construction and size of the product.

An ergonomically-designed stand makes using a laptop more comfortable and convenient. You can also expect increased productivity for the reasons we’ve described.

Here are our 5 picks for best laptop stands.

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Overall Winner: STEKLO X-Stand

Laptop Stands

We chose it to be in our top five because it’s unobtrusive. You barely realize it’s under your laptop – you can simply forget about it, and get on with business.

It’s incredibly simple to set up and use. It is definitely that handy accessory, that performs exactly how it should. When not being used, it simply folds up.

This stand can be transported in a suitcase, backpack, laptop bag and even handbag. If you’re a traveler, or someone who takes your stand everywhere you go, then this has been made with you in mind.

This is a great buy and a widely-popular choice. Let’s take a look at what you get with this stand.


We like the Steklo stand because it’s readily foldable and transportable. It’s compact enough to fit in any laptop bag. We like the sleek looking design. It is bulk-free, and once set in place, you simply don’t see it.

This product is highly-adjustable, and ergonomically-designed very well. The laptop screen can be raised to eye-level height, and the stand itself can be adjusted in height. The angle of the plate can also be tilted, to improve viewing of the screen.

Not just a great design for our health benefits, the laptop itself is kept cool in the process due to its clever design. It lifts nicely on an angle, which improves airflow underneath your laptop.


  • Anodized-aluminium finish suits most laptops and Apple Mac products.
  • Exoskeleton frame.
  • Telescoping upper legs.


The grips located on the legs are the drawback for this stand. The material used is hard plastic instead of rubber, so the whole stand slides around if used on a smooth surface.


  • Weight: 5.8 ounces
  • Length: 6.7 inches, 6.3 inches when folded
  • Width: 2.9 inches, 1.5 inches when folded
  • Height: 1.7 inches
  • Adjustment: Telescope design
  • Weight — 3.62 pounds
  • Laptop Size Supported: From 12 inches to 17 inches
  • Arrow Square Right Materials: Aluminium
  • Arrow Square Right Price — ​Check latest price on



This is another stand that is suitable for all laptop sizes. Its versatility is what makes it special. It is an all-in-one stand, also functioning as a desk and a table. You can use it either sitting or standing, on your lap, or even in bed.

We chose this as our runner-up because of its convertible features, its versatility and usefulness. Since the settings can be customized, this product specifically helps the consumer with musculoskeletal discomforts.


This is not your ordinary laptop stand. We like it because it is light and portable, but sturdy and strong. It’s great for busy people who use laptops in different locations.

It’s instantly modifiable to different heights and the tray is also able to be tilted – in order to work at any angle. From being used as a book stand or tablet holder, to supporting a projector, this product offers multiple uses. With fully-adjustable legs, it can be rotated 360-degrees and locked into place at the preferred angle.

This stand also features two, silent, USB-powered, CPU cooling fans. Overheating is prevented by connecting the USB cord to the computer. This feature is especially useful when the computer is used in bed, or on the lap.


  • Money-back guarantee.
  • USB cord included for fans.
  • Mousepad side mount can either be placed on the left or right of the stand.
  • Non-slip feet for use on tables or desktops.
  • Can be folded and stored when not in use.

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The downside to the Executive Office laptop stand, is that it needs to be assembled after purchase. Once assembled, it then takes some time to optimize it to your specific settings. This could prove frustrating for some.


  • Weight: 3.45 pounds
  • Length: 11 inches
  • Width: 16.5 inches
  • Height: Adjustable height from 1.2 inches
  • Adjustment: Lock-in adjustable legs
  • Tilt Angle: Tilt to any angle
  • Rotation: 360-degree rotating legs
  • Arrow Square Right Laptop Size Supported: Supports all sizes
  • Arrow Square Right Materials: Lightweight aluminium
  • Arrow Square Right Price — ​Check latest price on

Third Place: Samson LTS50 Laptop Stand

Samson LTS50 Laptop Stand

An excellent alternative for larger computers, up to 17 inches. You can adjust its height from 12 to 35 degrees for comfortable reading, typing and increased airflow.

We chose this among our favorites because it’s another simple and affordable design, without the unnecessary extras. It paves a clear space, keeps your laptop cool, and provides the ergonomics you need with laptop use.

It can be taken straight from the box and used straight away. With a no-fuss use, you are getting a product that does what it’s designed to do, and at an incredible value.


We like its simplicity. Depending on the user’s choice, the stand can be used in the low, medium or high angle. At the back of the stand are six slots that keep power cords neatly organized – providing a clutter-free work space.

The bottom of the laptop plate is padded, to grip and support your laptop. This also helps prevent scratches to the surface of any device you prefer to use. The mesh design omits the need for extra cooling devices like fans – which can generate noise.

The height is adjusted by a simple lever at the bottom of the stand. Made from sturdy metal, the stand is durable and likely to last. For those who need to keep a cool laptop, coupled with silence during work time, this design might fit the bill.


  • One-year limited warranty.
  • No assembly required.
  • Front stoppers to hold laptop in place.


The laptop stand is on the bulky side. The metal construction also makes it heavier, and not as easy to travel with as some on the market.

The front stoppers tend to protrude from the edge of the laptop stand. This makes it uncomfortable to rest your hands while typing, when using certain models of laptops.


  • Weight: 2.43 pounds
  • Length: 13 inches
  • Width: 11 inches
  • Height: 7.2 inches
  • Tilt Angle: 12 to 35 degrees
  • Adjustment: Manual-locking teeth
  • Laptop Size Supported: Large laptops up to 17 inches
  • Arrow Square Right Materials: Metal
  • Arrow Square Right Price — ​Check latest price on

Fourth Place: UPERGO Laptop Stand

UPERGO Laptop Stand Review

This laptop stand is great for people who want to set it up permanently in one workspace. It is a sturdy product that will suit most users, especially those with neck problems.

It is a fantastic stand with all the right features, making the laptop easy-to-use and more comfortable. Adjusting the height and tilt of your laptop couldn’t be simpler, using sliding levers that minimize fuss.

Able to be set up directly from the box means it’s a hassle-free product that doesn’t waste your time.


It’s simple and straightforward to use, with an adjustable knob at the front of the stand. By simply sliding the knob from left to right, you can tilt the laptop platform to any height.

The stand is well-designed, and can be used in the sitting and standing positions. With its open-back design, you can work clutter-free by stashing the cords out of sight.


  • Rubber pads on the stand secure the laptop in place and offer protection.
  • Can also be used as a book stand.
  • Anodized aluminium matches most laptops and Apple Mac products.
  • No assembly required.


It is more expensive than most laptop stands on the market. It is also difficult to transport as it can’t fold down.

However, the biggest drawback is with height. If you’re a tall person, the height of the stand may not be sufficient for you to use in the standing position.


  • Weight: 3.52 pounds
  • Length: 10.1 inches
  • Width: 8.8 inches
  • Height: 7.8 inches
  • Adjustment: Adjustable horizontal lever
  • Laptop Size Supported: Any size
  • Materials: Anodized aluminium
  • Arrow Square Right Price — ​Check latest price on

Best Mac Laptop Stand: Rain Design – mStand

Rain Design mStand Review

This stand is designed to accommodate all laptops from 12 to 17 inches. Very sleek, it sits directly underneath your laptop, and you hardly notice it’s there.

We chose the Rain Design mStand as our mac winner because of its simplicity. It can be taken straight from the box and set to work. Whether used at home or in the office, this laptop stand transforms clutter into a productive workstation.

This brand understands the needs of the consumer, producing similar products for different devices. Providing immediate health benefits for the consumer is just the start with the Rain Design mStand.

This stand raises the overall height of the laptop, meaning your screen meets you at eye level. Therefore, shoulders don’t slump while you write – this prevents neck and back pain. Eye strain is also minimized as the screen is brought closer to you.


  • ​Weight: 3.6 pounds
  • Length: 10 inches
  • Width: 9.3 inches
  • Height: Fixed at 6.25 inches
  • Adjustment: Fixed with swivel base
  • Tilt Angle: Fixed tilt
  • Arrow Square Right Laptop Size Supported: Any up to 17 inches
  • Arrow Square Right Laptop Depth Supported: To depths less than 10.4 inches
  • Arrow Square Right Materials Used: Single piece of aluminium
  • Arrow Square Right PriceCheck latest price on


Ergonomically-designed for professional use. It makes sharing work with colleagues or clients easy – with USB ports more accessible.

Most importantly, the stand raises the screen to eye level. With a built-in storage compartment for cables, it organizes all computer cords neatly at the back of the stand. This also keeps your workspace free from clutter.

Manufactured from a single piece of aluminium, it maximizes heat dissipation to keep the laptop cool. Its construction also makes for a strong and stable base, able to support any laptop. The bonus is that it also minimizes bounce while in use.


  • Soft rubber pads prevent the laptop from slipping or being scratched.
  • Tilt design brings the laptop closer – preventing eye strain.
  • Keyboard stash underneath provides storage for keyboard when not in use.
  • No assembly required.
  • Aesthetically-pleasing design.


The drawback is that the height is fixed, which will disappoint some potential customers who may prefer to customize the height. Also, since the stand doesn’t fold down, transportation can be bulky and difficult.

What Should I Look For When Choosing A Laptop Stand?

Since the concept behind the laptop-stand design is straightforward, many products exhibit the same sort of features. However, like any product on the market, there is a whole range of stands that differ in terms of quality and price.

There are some stands that are designed for specific brands of laptops, so be aware of this before buying.

Size of a laptop stand


Sizes can vary greatly with laptop stands. Not every stand will be large enough to accommodate every laptop. Yet, some others cater to all laptop sizes – whether they be the large personal computer, a notebook, or a specialized Apple Mac product.

Generally speaking, most stands are designed to fit products of up to 15.4 inches, which is large enough for most laptops. With the bigger stands, you will see that they can support laptops up to 17 inches.

Some laptop stands are set up permanently on the desk, others can be easily stored away. Saving space and clutter can be ongoing desktop issues, so many consumers look for a stand to help improve this.

You will find that some laptop stands are foldable, and come in compact sizes. The foldable types are usually made of lightweight materials. They are transportable, along with the laptop, to be used anywhere. So keep this in mind, if size and transportation are a necessity for you.


Adustability Of Laptop Stands

Adjustability is one of the most important features of a laptop stand. It allows it to be customized to your needs. You can change your own position at any time, as well as that of the product you are using.

Different products will achieve this in their own ways – but at its most basic level, you will find that the laptop plate can be tilted to different angles. If the height can be altered, this often means you can move from a sitting to a standing position.

With adjustability, you can prevent repetitive strain on your body, and even potential injury.


A good laptop stand will be made of lightweight materials to make it easily portable. Many are made of metals, such as aluminium. This also helps keep laptops cool during use. Plastic and wood are other common materials used, as they are less expensive.

When considering what product to buy, you need to think about its intended use. For couch use, stands are ideally made of lightweight plastic. This makes them user-friendly for maneuverability. For the office, you would be wanting a sturdier, metal material that’s fit for excessive use.


Laptop Stand Accesories

The bonus of lifting the height of the laptop, is that it also keeps the machine cool.

Some stands are equipped with cooling pads, which have fans built into them. Cooling pads provide efficient cooling, and are powered by the computer, via a USB cable.

They can create noise, however; this is something not suited to every user.

Extra features include space-saving ideas, like small drawers. Cable management is a great idea to help reduce clutter from the workspace, by keeping things organized.

For couch use, you may find stands with an integrated cushion, and some come with lights built-in. Other stands have slots to hold smartphones and tablets. Others can hold books and sheet music.

When thinking of extras, it should be based on computing needs – and there’s a whole stack of options to choose from.

Final Thoughts

Laptops have proven their functionality in today’s technologically-driven world. They are handy, convenient and can be used anywhere. With such a wide range of devices on the market, portable computers are being used more than ever.

As a result, we are seeing more musculoskeletal injuries occurring – directly related to excessive use of such products. One way to combat the problem is by using a laptop stand.

Buying an ergonomically-designed laptop aid can be a real chore. Many products share similar features, and it can be hard to know which one will be best for you.

It’s best to focus on what you need the stand to do for your usage. Factoring in size, adjustability, material and accessories will help you decide what is the best value for your money.

That’s where this guide comes in. We’ve detailed the best laptop stands available on the current market, based on best value for money and buyer’s needs. This will help you choose the best product to suit your needs.

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