Dell Inspiron 15-5555 Notebook – A 2021 Deep Dive

dell inspiron 15-5555 review

A Deep Dive Into The Dell Inspiron 15-5555

So you are looking for a new laptop and there are a lot of options in the market. The notebooks are definitely a popular choice. Sometimes the old standbys don’t let you down and when you hear Dell in the computer arena the name brings a generous level of comfort to the mind.

Dell has a reputation for manufacturing top-of-the-line computers that are made of high-quality hardware. With the features offered, no matter what end of the spectrum you want in power, processing, and performance, you usually get your money’s worth.

Dell’s Inspiron 15-5555 is an ultra-thin (less than 1”) notebook that comes in several colors depending on your region. Its exterior comes in a black colored body measuring 380 x 260 x 23.7mm and weighing 2.3Kgs
The hardware for this 15.6-inch laptop includes a CPU that is AMD A6-7310 APU with four cores clocked at 1.8GHz upgradeable to 3.2GHz as well as Radeon M300. For the graphics card, Dell includes 2GB of DDR3 integrated memory. All of this gives you excellent performance that can easily handle your day-to-day computing tasks as well as a light level of gaming.

Now let’s talk about the RAM – it is 4GB DDR3. If you want to use video and photo editing you will need to expand your RAM to 1TB which revolves at the speed of 5400 RPM. You can load up all the videos, photos, documents, music, and other large programs without feeling a pinch.

Now about the screen, which has a thin and simple design which includes an HD LED Backlit with Truelife display as well as a native screen resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels. LED backlight. The connection ports include two USB 2.0, one USB3.0, one HDMI port, one RJ-45 plus a card reader. To power this laptop up it comes with a 4 Cell Li-Ion battery that weighs 2.4 Kg.

Pre-installed with Windows 10 Includes the following:

An expanded startup menu that includes your pinned applications providing that familiar productive experience that is also significantly enhanced.

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InstaGo1 keeps the operating system at a speed you appreciate with your multitasking tasks. Windows 10 includes a battery saver feature so that your laptop can conserve power and lengthen the life of your battery, especially when you are playing games.

Equipped with Intel Celeron processors to maximize performance in loading webpages, apps, and games while enjoying the brilliant images.

Studio-quality sound due to Waves MaxxAudio which enhances your mixing, streaming, and chatting experiences delivering even more low/high ranges and memorable audio.

The internal optical disc drive allows you to watch DVDs, burn CDs, or swiftly load any software and application on your laptop. The input data system includes the following devices: Multi-touch gestures supported Touchpad, spill-resistant full-size keyboard, and CD/DVD writer.

Video communication with this laptop is made possible with the built-in webcam, dual array digital microphone

Who’s It For?

This jam-packed notebook will address all the basic needs of the average user like web surfing, email as well as some gaming options that will be supported by this laptop’s capacity. For the financially frugal this laptop offers a lot for the price. It is a good choice.

What We Like About Dell Inspiron 15-5555

A powerfully performing laptop due to its large memory and fast processor. Visuals are great with the large display. Responsive touchscreen technology.

The built-in DVD writer is a nice addition since nowadays most laptops do not include this feature.

It is easy to upgrade laptop components like the HDD with faster SSDs to get the speed you desire. The RAM can also be increased with ease to improve the laptop’s performance.

You will not find any bloatware in this laptop saving you the trouble to search and uninstall any junkware that seems to be included with many laptops on the market.

The backlit keyboard is great for working in dimly lit environments. The graphics performance is exceptional.

What We Don’t Like About Dell Inspiron 15-5555

Booting issues started up after a couple of months. This laptop heats up so hot that it is impossible to touch it and will shut down immediately.

It will not run games that require more power and visuals like FIFA 15. When playing compatible games there is considerable lagging that makes the gaming experience unsatisfactory.

The processing system is disappointingly slow, it hangs quite frequently, opening up applications takes too long. The task manager sometimes will not open up. The brightness and volume are also unresponsive most of the time.

When typing there is a few seconds lag before the words appear on the screen and there are missing letters when the words do appear.

Battery life is considerably reduced – down to 90 minutes – when watching videos and maybe you will get approximately 2 hours for normal laptop use.

If you’re looking for portability, this laptop is not ideal, it is actually heavy to carry around regularly.


  • Robust configuration
  • Massive storage
  • No Bloatware


  • No VGA output
  • Lagging performance
  • Poor webcam

What’s Included?

  • Dell Inspiron 15-5555 Notebook PC
  • Power Cord
  • AC Adapter

Overview Of Features

The Dell Inspiron 15-5555 notebook includes a 15.6” non-touch or touchscreen TrueLife 1366×768 display equipped with the AMD A6-7310 APU processor with a speed of 2 GHz and a memory capacity of 4GB. Hard drive storage of 1 TB (5400 RPM) and graphics processor is also an AMD, Radeon M300, the system is x64 based-processor.

Weighing at 4.9 lbs and measuring 22 x 18 x 4 inches includes a full-size backlit spill-resistant keyboard with a number pad.

The built-in optical drive is TSSCorp DVD-RW, the webcam is HD 720p including stereo microphones. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity access is utilized with a Dell Wireless 1707 card 802.1b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0, 2.4 GHz. All powered up by a 4-cell 40WHr or 47WHr lithium-Ion battery.

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Review Summary

The Dell Inspiron 15-5555 is a versatile 15.6” laptop equipped with an AMD A6-7310 APU processor that is suited for home, office and student computer uses like web surfing, email, storing documents, and photos and light gaming. When used in these capacities the responsiveness of the keyboard and touchscreen are pretty decent.

Games that do not require the enhanced power and graphics beyond what this laptop will work quite well and you can enjoy those types of games on this laptop. The processor and display will be a great experience when using compatible games.

Buying Guide

Purchasing a laptop will require a detailed investigation to get the best laptop that suits your day-to-day computing needs. Sounds simple, but it really is not. With the plethora of choices available nowadays the mix of features from laptop to laptop varies as does the price depending on the level of performance you seek.

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There is no one size fits all laptop. With some understanding of the features, you will find the best one for you. At the store, test-drive these features before making a choice. If you buy online then first check out the reviews for each product.

Here is a list of questions that you want to be answered to your satisfaction so that you will feel good about your purchase.

1.Does the physical size of the laptop matter?

What is your main use of the laptop? If you travel then you want a compact and lighter laptop so you don’t feel burdened carrying it everywhere.

Perhaps the size of the display is important to you for editing and viewing images or gaming.

Laptop sizes start at 11.6”, then 12.5”, 13.3”, 14”, 15.6”, and 17.3 inches. They will weigh between 1-5kgs. If you prefer a specific brand note that they may only offer a few sizes.

Portability means you want lighter and thinner laptops. Keep in mind that smaller laptops may be missing higher-end features found in the larger models.

There are several classes of laptops: ultrabooks, notebooks, convertibles (2-in-1) in addition to the original laptop model.

2. Quality Screen

Laptop screen viewing must be a comfortable experience. Features to look out for are brightness, resolution, clarity, and color integrity. 1080 resolution will be enough for basic tasks plus watching videos.

Gamers would prefer 4K and a reliably faster refresh rate to optimize their experience. Photographers and videographers want color accuracy and a wider color gamut plus HDR standards above other types of users.

Glossy or matte reflection – which is better? Glossy means reflections that will affect viewing experiences with gaming, viewing, or editing images and video.

Another factor is a touchscreen which makes some tasks easier to perform. In-plane switching (IPS) technology allows for wider options of viewing angles.

3. Keyboard

Comfort is also a priority with this accessory. If the keyboard includes a numeric pad then all the keys may be smaller than is comfortable for intense typing as the numeric pad shifts common locations of other keys – like delete – which slows down your typing flow.

Pay attention to the responsiveness of the key. A backlit keyboard would be very helpful if you work in a dimly lit environment.

4. CPU

Choosing the right processor for effective and easy multitasking. Choose from Intel’s Core series (i3, i5, i7, i9), and AMD Ryzen Mobil. The Intel numbers rate from an entry-level system to standard mainstream computers and then a higher-end processor depending on your performance needs.

Don’t shortchange yourself and buy a processor that cannot keep up with your workload. You run the risk of overheating your computer.

5. RAM

4GB was the standard memory capacity but not anymore. Consider 8GB for the basic website and email usage (home, home office, students). For editing images, videos, and music you want 1TB so there is no chance of maxing out your laptop’s memory capacity too quickly.

6. Storage

SSD (solid-state drive) is the latest upgrade offering optimal speed in comparison to slower hard drives. However, the tradeoff with the SSD is less storage capacity and more money. Computers will include both a smaller SSD and a larger hard drive to give you the best of both worlds.

The latest SSD on the market is the NVMe solid-state drive. It is faster and more expensive than the traditional SSDs.

7. Battery

While the manufacturer will list how long a battery will last that only factors in using the laptop with the minimum basic computing tasks. There are so many factors (screen brightness, resolution, apps simultaneously running, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.) involved in running your computer that can drain the battery pretty quickly.

Chrome OS is not as draining on the battery as Windows 10.

To choose the best battery is to look at the rating in Watt-hours (WH) or milliamp-hours (mAh). The larger the number, the longer the battery life, typically between 44-50Wh.

8. USB 3.0

More and more devices are being set up with this port so make sure your laptop includes at least two ports. It’s conveniently faster than its predecessor USB 2.0.

If you want more power then consider USB 3.1 (transfers up to 10 gigabits/second) and USB Type-C Thunderbolt 3 (up to 40 gigabits/second) which are growing in availability as well.

9. TPM/Fingerprint Reader

Passwords and codes are being replaced with fingerprint readers which are far more secure. This feature is becoming a common feature in mobile devices.

10. Quality

When putting down the amount of money for a laptop you want something that is going to last. A laptop is not something that can be put behind glass.

This is an item that is used on a regular which means exposure to day-to-day rigors like accidental drops, knocks, spills, and dust.

Companies are building tougher laptops to be durable to the point of military-grade protection so you won’t feel you threw away your hard-earned money. Check for any certification that will give you a bit more peace of mind.

11. Your Budget

Once you have identified all of the features that meet your computing needs the bottom line is if the laptop of your choice will fit in your budget.

Prioritize all these features and you will find the best laptop that you will enjoy for a long time.



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