How do I choose a laptop?

You choose a laptop by considering the following:

  1. Your budget. Unsurprisingly, this will be the single most important factor that dictates which laptop you end up choosing. Although there are exceptions to the rule, the higher your budget, the better laptop you will be able to buy.
  2. What you’ll use it for. How you intend to use your laptop will determine the kind of specs you’ll need. If you plan to do a lot of gaming on your laptop, you’ll need one with a good processor, RAM, and graphics card. If you plan to use it for video editing, you may also want a high-capacity hard drive.
  3. Screen size. 15-inch laptops are generally the standard size, but if you’ll be using yours for graphic design or other visually intensive uses, you may want to go for a 17-inch laptop. If portability is important to you, a 13 or 14 inch may be a better choice.
  4. Battery life. This also comes down to how you plan to use your laptop. If you plan on using it at school or as you travel, long battery life will be crucial, but if your laptop will largely stay plugged in at your desk, battery life is not something you’ll need to consider.
  5. Laptop brand. Generally, you should choose a laptop based on its individual specs and qualifications, but the brand actually tends to make a difference. If you’re on a budget, you’ll want to stay away from Apple, as its laptops tend to be much more expensive. However, if you’re not too computer savvy, Apple might be just the way to go, as MacBooks are very user-friendly and Apple has amazing customer support.

Once you’ve considered the above factors and determined your answers, have a look at the reviews for laptops meeting your criteria. Typically, the reviews will shed light on any glaring pros or cons. With all of this information, choosing a laptop will be easy.