How To Import Favorites to Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the new web browser manufactured by Microsoft. It’s the new default browser for the Windows 10 operating system. This browser is included in Windows 10 on PCs, cell phones, and Xbox One consoles. Microsoft created it to replace Internet Explorer and provide a better user experience.

The company developed this software to provide its users with safer browsing. It has an enhanced ability to detect suspicious websites and block phishing attempts.

Microsoft Edge performs faster than Internet Explorer and its competitors and is designed for minimum consumption of your battery life on mobile devices.

What Is Different About Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge has many features that enable it to compete fiercely with other browsers, like Chrome and Firefox. When you create an account in the browser and enter your personal data, it stores the data to automatically fill out forms for you in the future. It will then fill in your forms across all devices that use Microsoft Edge.

The browser enables you to view PDF files and e-books. Also, you can highlight the important parts with different colors so that you can refer back to them.

You can also write, highlight, and add notes on websites. The web note feature enables you to take a screenshot of an entire webpage, not just the screen. Then you can highlight, add notes or draw over the text. This feature is very helpful for students who are doing research.

If there are websites that you frequently use, you will be able to pin them to the taskbar. The browser also has a built-in grammar tool feature. This feature can revise your grammatical mistakes and correct them or analyze the grammatical structure of something you’re reading.

Microsoft Edge will let you print website pages without ads. This can result in a significant reduction in the amount of paper and ink used when printing.

If you own more than one device operating on Windows 10, you can browse a website on your laptop and then complete browsing on your phone or another computer.

Using this browser, you can mute the page you’re browsing if there’s a video or soundtrack you don’t want to listen to. It also has a read-aloud feature that can read PDF files and e-books.

Once you download the software, make sure to add the translation extension. This option will translate websites of up to 50 languages. The browser also supports e-books that you can download from the store and read them directly.

Bing is the default search engine installed on Microsoft Edge. It enables you to view the results of a search by typing it in the address bar. If you start typing an equation, the results will show. Also, if you type “weather”, it will show the weather conditions in your area.

Cortana is another great feature of Microsoft Edge. If you’re reading an article and you don’t understand a word or a term, it will show you the meaning. Cortana can also give you directions to restaurants, or find reviews and phone numbers.

It can also be a helpful tool while shopping online. When you view certain websites, Cortana may be able to offer you discounts so that you can save money. If you’re listening to music online, it will show you links to buy or download these tracks, in addition to showing lyrics.

Microsoft Edge vs Internet Explorer

IE VS Edge

This comparison can be very easy to conclude. Since Microsoft Edge was developed to replace Internet Explorer, it has more features. Edge will definitely beat this competition with better performance and more features.

They both have Bing built-in as the default search engine. They both provide private browsing, and they have the same privacy and download settings.

They both have a reading mode that enables you to focus on reading the text without the ads.

Differences include the fact that Internet Explorer doesn’t include Cortana, while Microsoft Edge does. Edge also provides better safety features.

Unlike Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge includes a web note feature that facilitates sharing across devices. The new first page in Edge shows you the most popular websites and personalized news feeds. This feature isn’t present in Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Edge also has a more modern flat design that makes Web navigation a much easier task. In addition, Edge supports adding lots of different extensions. To the extent that Edge supports extensions from both Chrome and Firefox, not just it’s own.

Microsoft Edge vs Chrome vs Firefox

Browsers Comparison

Google Chrome is now the most used web browser on PCs or smartphones. This is because Chrome is developed by Google. It provides its customers with very fast performance and enables adding a variety of extensions.

Microsoft Edge has many features that can compete with Google Chrome. However, many users still prefer to use Chrome due to its high-quality reputation and its association with Google.

Therefore, Microsoft is striving to improve its brand recognition by informing users about the pros of Microsoft Edge. On its website, Microsoft states that Edge is way faster than Google Chrome.

Microsoft cites a report from a test its team ran to measure how fast Edge is compared to Chrome. During the test, the team used Apple Jetstream 1.1 benchmark on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

They also used the same PC with the Windows 10 OS and connected it to Ethernet. The test showed that Edge performed faster than Chrome by 29%. It also outperformed Firefox by 19%.

Many users also use the Chrome App on their smartphones. If we conduct a comparison, we will find that Chrome is a bit heavier than Edge. The interface is highly similar in both apps. Chrome shows the number of opened tabs on the upper right side, but Edge doesn’t.

When it comes to safety, Forbes’s website considered Edge to be much safer than other browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox. Its findings were based on an experiment that tested the safety abilities of Edge, Chrome, and Firefox. Edge was the only browser that scored 90% safety.

Since some experiments show that Edge is better than Firefox. Edge is now winning that comparison. Firefox used to be the fastest browser and the only one that had a private browsing option. However, currently, it’s lost top place, because other browsers are being developed faster.

After reading about Microsoft Edge, you might be impressed with its features and want to give it a try. Download it onto all your devices to enjoy the full experience.

You will, of course, have been using other browsers in the past and have all your favorites and bookmarks stored on them. We will show you how to transfer all your favorites from your old browser to Microsoft Edge.

How to Import Favorites to Microsoft Edge

Favorites Import

First, let’s learn how to set favorites on Edge. On the upper right bar, click on the favorites icon. Then, you can choose from two options: favorites or a reading list.

The Favorites option will enable you to access the website more easily. This option saves the link only, not the page itself. Therefore, if the content is updated, you won’t be able to view the old content.

The reading list feature is more suitable for students. This option enables you to save both the link and content of these pages, as they were at the time you saved the link.

After you choose which list you want to add the page to, make sure you click the “Add” button. To open your favorites list, click on the Hub icon, select Favorites, choose the list, then the link you want to access.

Importing your favorites from Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox should be easy.

We will show you the steps of how to do it.

Import Favorites

Importing Favorites

When importing from Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, all you need to do is open your Edge browser. Then, on the upper right side, open the settings menu (three horizontal dots).

Select Settings and find the section headed Import favorites and other info. Choose to Import from another browser, and ticking the selected browser box, either Chrome or Internet Explorer.

When complete, you will see the bookmark links that you had in your old browser.

Then you can back go to the Settings and Favorites bar, click to enable this option. Now that you have imported your favorites to Microsoft Edge, you can enjoy browsing your previously saved sites.

If you want to back up your favorites, you can also do this using the Export to HTML option. To do that, open your Edge browser, go back to the settings. Go to Import favorites and other info. Choose to Import from another browser.

At the end of this menu, you will find an option to Export to file.  A small window will open, allowing you to choose a name for the HTML file and where to save it. Click on Save, and now you have all your favorites backed up.


If you want to experience a new browser, you should give Microsoft Edge a try. We hope this article answers all your questions regarding importing your favorites to Microsoft Edge. Now you can enjoy the new browsing experience, but with all the links to all your old favorites to hand.

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