iPhone Flashlight Not Working – How To Fix

Every year in the mobile industry all that excites people is what new features are going to be added to the latest iPhone model. People wait on their tiptoes for the launch of the next version of Apple.

8 generations of the phone and it still continues to surpass all the hopes and dreams that Steve Jobs had for it. It has become the phone of the era. While it has strong competitors like Android it’s still the only company that has its own software.

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Working Flahslight On Iphone

iPhone is not just a brand, it’s an identity that people all around the world strive hard to achieve. Although this identity costs a lot, it proudly sells because of its high-class quality and all the exceptional features it offers.

While everyone loves their iPhone nonetheless they also face certain problems like sometimes their iPhone flashlight refuses to work. It’s not always necessarily a hardware problem. This article wraps a few tips and tricks that can help you fix your flashlight all by yourself in a few minutes.

Method 1 – Camera Solution

This may sound a bit strange but it works almost every time. For this method, all you need to do is open your camera and take a few pictures with the flashlight on.

Iphone Camera

Sometimes the settings get messed up and the normal flashlight icon is unable to perform its functions. By applying this method you will be sure that the issue is related to the phone settings only.

Method 2 – Reset The Settings

Many times while our phone is in the pocket or in our hands and we are gravely occupied with something important, we touch the screen without realization and change the settings. This might be the cause for your sick flashlight.

Reset On Iphone

Well, to undo your actions the easy solution is to reset your phone to the factory settings. It isn’t going to format your phone or delete your data it will just reset all the settings of the phone like alarms, ringtones, wallpaper and other basics. This might help bring your flashlight back to life.

Method 3 – Restart Procedure

Well, the safest and easiest of all the methods is simply holding the home button and choosing to restart your iPhone. This seems to always work as an iPhone may hang or stop working because of low battery or no memory space and the like.

Restarting your phone means giving the iPhone a rest for a minute from all your busy activities involving the iPhone.

Method 4 – Check for updates

Sometimes the problem is in the software. One of the important things to be kept in mind while using an iPhone is that you need to keep it updated.

Update On Iphone

If your software is not updated then many functions of the iPhone might be affected. Similarly the flashlight not working might just be a repercussion of not updating your iPhone software regularly.

Method 5 – Hardware method

If you have happened to drop your phone on the floor or in water and the above-mentioned methods seem unable to work then the only explanation left is that there is an issue with the hardware.

Dissasembled Iphone 4

If you don’t trust yourself with gadgets you might as well take your iPhone to a service depot and get it fixed. The same can be performed at home as well.

All you need for this is a laptop with internet access and a few tools including an ear bud. You can access a video on YouTube and follow the step by step guide to open your iPhone and check if any water has seeped in or not.


Even though an iPhone is considered to be perfect it might have its own faults. A non-working flashlight has been a common complaint among the iPhone users. We hope that these tricks help you fix your sick flashlight and enjoy the luxury of owning an iPhone. However, in case some other trick worked for you, do share it with us!

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