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iPhone/iPad Won’t Update Or Download Apps – How to Fix

With the pace at which current technology is growing, more and more ideas are being turned into working Apps. Millions of Apps are now available in App Store to be downloaded by the end-user.

People also like to try new Apps just to experience the features that it brings along with it. But one would reach a roadblock if their iPhone or iPad isn’t able to download any App. Since people spend more time online nowadays, this problem would become annoying for many.

Sometimes this issue of not updating or downloading an App can occur on your iPhone or iPad.

Many users have complained about this problem being persistent on their device. We would request you to follow any of the methods listed below. This would surely resolve this issue and you would be able to install any App from App Store.

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Ipad Download Error Fix

Method-1: Restart iPhone or iPad

The simplest and the most popular troubleshooting way to attack this problem would be to restart your smartphone or iPad. To restart your iPhone, press and hold on the wake/sleep button and drag “Slide to power off”.

Once it is completely switched off, press and hold the wake/sleep button till the Apple logo is displayed on the screen. The iPad can also be restarted in a similar way. Hopefully, this should solve this problem.

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Method-2: Sign Out from The App Store

App Store can get hanged at times, it is good to sign-out and sign back in the device to solve the problem. To perform this action, open the ‘Settings’ App in your device and click on ‘iTunes & App Store’ option.

Then tap on your Apple ID and select ‘Sign Out’ option. You can sign-in again at the same place once that option appears. Once connected again, the App Store should start downloading or updating Apps.

Method-3: Renew Lease

Renewing Lease of your Wi-Fi network can reset the internet on your device and all downloads and uploads can become active again. To do this, open the ‘Settings’ App in your device and click on ‘Wi-Fi’ option.

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Tap on the info button adjacent to your Wi-Fi network. Finally, click on Renew Lease. You can follow the same process for iPhone and iPad.


Method-4: Free Up Some Storage Space On Your iPhone/iPad

No free space on your smart device can be a hindrance in downloading or updating new Apps. So freeing some space would enable these actions again.

Either you can delete music or videos that you won’t be watching again or you can delete any App which isn’t of use anymore. To do this action, follow below steps:

  1. Long-hold the App’s icon that you want to delete.
  2. Once it starts to shake then tap on ‘X’ icon to delete the App.

Method-5: Update The Software

A bug in the IOS software can also lead to blocking in downloading and upgrading Apps. You can upgrade the IOS to a newer version if it’s available. This can be done by connecting the device to a wireless network or iTunes. Follow the below steps to complete this action:

  1. Make sure that the iPhone or iPad is connected to a power source.
  2. Connect to Wi-Fi or iTunes on your computer.
  3. Browse to ‘Software Update’ tab in ‘Settings’.
  4. Tap on download and install the latest version if available.


Method-6: Reset All Settings

Restoring factory settings and set the same environment variables in your iPhone as those when your iPhone was new. This could also help resolve this issue. To reset the settings, browse to ‘General’ tab in ‘Settings’ menu. Click on that and then scroll down to tap on ‘Reset’ icon. Now select ‘Reset All Settings’ from the options. Confirm the password when asked by the device and all settings will be restored. This will not delete any Apps or its data.



We hope the guide helps you well in resolving your issue. Rest, if there is any other method that rectified this error for you, please share it with us in the comments section below. We would like to spread a word and share it with other end users facing this same error.






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