A Deep Dive Review of the KLIM Lightning Keyboard


KLIM Technologies is a relatively new company, it was founded in June 2015. The company was started up by a young European group that made it their mission to produce high-quality and easy-to-use gaming equipment for gamers all around the world.

The KLIM Lightning keyboard is a top-of-the-range gaming keyboard that has been designed with gamers in mind. In this review, you will learn everything there is to know about the keyboard. We will be diving into its features, what we love about the keyboard, and what features could be improved.

If you are looking for a new keyboard for your PC, Xbox, or Playstation, the KLIM Lightning keyboard is a great candidate. Read on to find out more.

A Deep Dive Into The KLIM Lightning Keyboard

This KLIM Lightning keyboard is innovative and full of features; it is durable and sturdy and perfect for your desk. The keyboard has been redesigned, and we are reviewing its 2020 upgraded version today.

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Who’s It For?

Anyone that is going to be spending many hours typing or gaming would appreciate the KLIM Lightning’s features. This keyboard is laid out comfortably so that prolonged typing won’t cause hand fatigue.

Not all wireless keyboards are compatible with both PCs and gaming consoles; however, this one is. This is a great feature and gives the keyboard versatility.

If you have a messy workspace and often accidentally spill your drink all over your desk, you might want to consider purchasing the Lightning keyboard. This keyboard is one of the most durable keyboards on the market that can withstand a few knocks, scuffs, and spillages.

Those of you who want a compact and lightweight keyboard that is easy to take from one place to another may not find this keyboard suitable. It is on the chunkier side of the scale and slightly heavier than other wireless portable keyboards on the market and, therefore, may not be a comfortable choice.

What We Like About KLIM Lightning Keyboard

All of the features and functions work out of the box, there is no need to download or unlock anything, and you can start using your keyboard straight away. The Lightning keyboard looks high-end but is at an affordable price, great for anyone looking for a high-quality keyboard at an affordable price.

There is no denying that the keyboard’s lights are mesmerizing! You get seven light options, and they can all be switched with just a click of a button. The light doesn’t bleed much around the keys, and the keys are easy to see in the dark.

If you are a serious gamer or spend all day typing for work, you will know how uncomfortable a lightweight keyboard is to use. Lightweight keyboards slip and slide around the desk and constantly need readjusting. This KLIM Lightning keyboard is weighty and sturdy; it won’t move around much unless you want it to.

The keys are really responsive, and there aren’t any issues with keys sticking or of the keyboard being hard to ‘wake up from sleep mode. This is a real plus when it comes to a wireless keyboard, as often they can lag, and you will end up spending a long time correcting typos.

This is a semi-mechanical keyboard, which means that it isn’t noisy, but it also isn’t completely silent. We liked the very soft click that the keyboard makes when you push the keys, the sound won’t disturb anyone in your office, but you will still be able to hear when a key has been pushed.

The keyboard is really easy to clean and can be done in less than a couple of minutes at the end of every day. When you spend all day on your computer, the keys get shiny with oil and dust, or food crumbs collect in between the keys, and over time, the functions of the keyboard decrease.

How easy your keyboard is to clean is an important feature; after all, the cleaner your keyboard stays, the longer it will last. Pulling the keys out to do a deep clean is possible, too, with the KLIM Lighting, so you have the option to deep clean too.

The lighting can be turned on or off easily, giving you control over its look. When you turn the lights off, the battery life lasts much longer. If you know you have a long day ahead of you, simply switch off the lights and be confident that your keyboard battery will last until the end of the day.

KLIM’s customer service team is responsive and eager to help with any issues you might have. This is fantastic, as often when you purchase items online, getting hold of the manufacturers can be a nightmare. Post-purchase, KLIM is happy to help with any defects, malfunctions, or other issues regarding your keyboard.

What We Don’t Like About KLIM Lightning Keyboard

The keyboard isn’t long-lasting, and after a few months or maybe a year, the keyboard deteriorated and needs replacing. However, there is a product warranty; how much patience do you have for constantly swapping and changing your keyboard?

The light intensity varied drastically throughout the keyboard. One row might be incredibly intense and bright, and the row below will be dull and poorly lit. this isn’t just an issue from an aesthetic point of view; it could cause eye strain and distractions while you work or play games.

You might presume that the keyboard is made in the USA, as there is a picture of the American flag on the box, but it is actually made in China. The keyboard feels mass-produced, and as if it has been made using cheap materials.


  • Looks fantastic
  • Great light features
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy structure
  • Heavy
  • Easy to clean


  • Keys tend to stop working
  • Not built to last

What’s Included?

When you purchase the keyboard, you will be sent a USB charging cable and an in-depth user manual. The keyboard is ready to use straight out of the box, and there is no need for any other added accessories or tools.

Overview Of Features

We are going to pinpoint the KLIM Lightning’s features and go over them thoroughly. These features are what make the Lightning keyboard stand out from the rest. Here they are:

1. Semi-Mechanical Keys
These semi-mechanical keys allow you to enjoy all of the benefits of a mechanical keyboard, but without the dated drawbacks. The keys are loose and resistant-less, and the keystrokes are almost silent. These are all of the things that a gaming keyboard should have.

2. Breathing Effect
The breathing lighting effect lets you change the lighting automatically so that you never get bored.

3. Seven Color Backlighting
The lighting is controlled with one simple switch, and you do not need to download a drive or app to access the color features. There is very little fussing and faffing involved with the lights, just what you want in a backlit keyboard!

4. Compatible With Multiple Devices
You can pair the keyboard up to your PC, PS4, Xbox One, Mac, and Switch. This wide range of compatibility is brilliant and means that you can take your keyboard with you to game at a friend’s house or to work in the office.

5. Stable and Durable
The KLIM Lightning keyboard weighs more than a kilo, so it really is a bit of a tank. Its heavyweight structure will stop any shaking during games, and the keyboard will stay in place. KLIM also claims that if the keyboard is dropped on the floor, it is unlikely to break.

6. Comfortable Keystrokes
KLIM claims that their key layout and soft keypads will allow you to type 10 to 15 percent faster than with any other keyboard. This, in turn, will improve your work productivity and gaming abilities.

Review Summary

We absolutely recommend this keyboard and feel like it is a bargain piece for such a high-quality product. The keyboard is durable and weighty, and it is super comfortable to type or game with for a long period of time.

Buying Guide

The following buying guide should help you remember the most important features that your gaming keyboard should have.

Is it even a gaming keyboard if there isn’t a backlighting feature? Most gaming keyboards have backlit keyboards so that you can see what you are pressing in a dimly lit room. If the lighting is important to you from an aesthetics point of view, look for a keyboard that has a breathing feature and more than three or four color options.

Usually, we are always looking for the smallest and lightest products on the market. That is not the case when it comes to gaming keyboards. You want your keyboard to feel weighty and durable so that it won’t slide around your desk while you game.

Gaming keyboards fall on the floor quite a lot, whether it is due to you being so in the game zone or because your desk is cluttered, it is an inevitable thing. To stop the keys from popping off the keyboard, a great gaming laptop will have a protective frame, so that little to no damage is caused when the keyboard is dropped.

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Keyboard Layout
This is a rather personal feature as each, and every one of you will be used to a different keyboard layout. Think about what your keyboard layout looks like now and if you find it comfortable to use or not.

The keyboards layout will also determine how tired your hands are after a day of gaming. A cramped keyboard could give you wrist cramps and hinder your overall gaming experience.

1. Ease of Use
Features that affect the ease of the keyboard of use are whether the keyboard has a simple on/off switch that is conveniently placed or not, or if the lights can be controlled on the keyboard. Some keyboards require you to download special features from the manufacturer, which is time-consuming and frustrating.

The easier your keyboard is to use, the better your gaming experience will be. That is why ease of use is such an important point.

2. Accessories
Is the keyboard delivered with everything it needs to function correctly? Some gaming keyboards are wired, while others can be connected using Bluetooth and are wireless and rechargeable. Make sure that the keyboard you are interested in has the required chargers, wired, USB cables, and is compatible with your PC or gaming console.

3. Battery
This feature will only be applicable for wireless, rechargeable gaming keyboards. These days, gaming keyboards can have a battery life of over a month, with the light settings switched off. If the keyboard has less battery life than that, then you should bear in mind that remembering to recharge it and having to do so frequently could be frustrating.

Another bonus would be a battery indicator somewhere on the keyboard that can show you exactly how much battery life you have on your keyboard. This will help you avoid it running out of juice mid-flow!

4. Material
Stay away from gaming keyboards that are made entirely of plastic. They are flimsy and won’t last you a long time at all. Look for a keyboard with a metal frame that has a nice weight to it.

5. Price
Prices range hugely when it comes to gaming accessories, but so does the quality. Not every budget keyboard is going to be made of high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. Because of this, you should think of a budget that suits you, but make sure you are purchasing a keyboard that is durable and made to a high standard.

6. Connectability
Are you looking for a wireless keyboard or one that stays connected to your PC or console? Think about where you play your games and how far away you are from the screen. You will also need to consider the length of time you spend using the keyboard every day.

We recommend outlining all of the important features to you before searching for your new keyboard; that way, you won’t forget anything important.

The following is a series of frequently asked questions along with their answers regarding the KLIM Lightning keyboard. Before you purchase a new keyboard for work or gaming, it is important to know as much as you possibly can about your new computer tool. This section should simplify the keyboard’s key features and clear up any uncertainties you may have about the KLIM keyboard. We hope it helps!

Q: Can this keyboard connect to a PS4?
A: Yes, it can! There are detailed instructions in the user manual that explain clearly how to connect the keyboard to a PS4.

Q: Can you play Fortnite using the keyboard?
A: It is possible to play Fortnite with this keyboard; all you need to do is connect it to your PC and play!

Q: Can you see the keys in the dark?
A: The keys are clearly visible in the dark due to the backlighting feature. Playing games or typing in the dark shouldn’t cause too much eye strain if you are doing so using the KLIM Lighting keyboard.

Q: Is this keyboard quiet?
A: The keyboard is not silent, but it is relatively quiet. You won’t hear a harsh ‘click’ while typing or playing games; however, it does make a soft sound when the keys are pressed.

Q: How can you increase and decrease the keyboard brightness?
A: You must press FN plus Pg Up or FN and Pg Down – this will increase the brightness or dim the keyboard lights.

Q: Can you type extended characters using the KLIM Lighting keyboard?
A: Yes, the keyboard supports extended characters. Press the Alt plus the NumPad keys to access extended characters.

Q: What devices is the KLIM Lighting keyboard compatible with?
A: The KLIM Keyboard is compatible with Mac OS and Windows devices.

Q: What is the keyboard made out of?
A: The keyboard’s frame is made of sturdy and durable aluminum.

Q: What comes in the box with the KLIM Lighting keyboard?
A: When you receive your KLIM Lighting keyboard, you will get a key puller, the keyboard, and an attached braided cable in the box. These tools should help you with any maintenance and cleaning in the future.

Q: Is the keyboard waterproof?
A: No, the keyboard is not waterproof, but it is splash-proof. The keyboard can withstand a certain amount of moisture; however, you should keep drinks and other liquids away from the keyboard while using safety reasons and keep the keyboard in tip-top condition.

We hope you found our review helpful. If you have experience using the KLIM Lighting keyboard or any other KLIM product that is suitable for gaming and work, please tell us about them in the comments below!

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