Laptop Keyboard Not Working – How to Fix

The lives of the majority in our technologically escalated globe depend on devices like laptops, computers, cell phones, and tablets that in most cases consist of keyboards. But what if this life easing keyboard stops functioning?

One would probably feel as helpless as an ant under a boot. There would be no access to the treasure chest of today, namely Google. It would be a hindrance where life would come to a standstill among other miniature hassles.

Gadgets have made our lives much easier to such an extent that if they fall sick, we seem to feel the excruciating pain both in our personal and professional lives. Not many have the patience or are deep-pocketed to go through the whole service center ordeal.

So here this article briefly wraps a few tips and tricks that one can call upon to fix their device’s ‘sick’ keyboard with minimal endeavor:

The Restart Procedure

The most obvious procedure to follow would be to shut down the laptop and then switch it on again. Once the laptop restarts, you require to check whether the keyboard hardware is disfigured or not.

Fortunately, if the keyboard starts working normally there is nothing to worry about. But unfortunately, if it doesn’t then in all probabilities the hardware either demand mend or an instant replacement.

Restarting Laptop

Quick Crumb Check

Some of our daily chores include eating while highly indulged in working or excitedly engrossed in watching a movie. While this seems an extremely economic management time to us it might be the reason why the keyboard working gets disrupted.

Quite often miniature food crumbs drop on the keyboard while eating and get stuck under the keys. This foul habit prevents the key from performing its entitled function. So you could turn the laptop upside down and give it a gentle shudder to ensure that the food crumbs are pulled out if there are any stuck in there. ​

One can also use a cotton bud or a sharp object to clean the space under the keys. It is recommended that you take safety precautions while using a sharp instrument such that the desired can be achieved without damaging the tender keys of the keyboard.

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Connectivity Issues

Sometimes the keyboard might suffer a loose connection with the motherboard or other wired connectivity might just remain unattached.

Keyboard And Touch

This usually is a cause when one happens to drop their laptop or sudden jerk has been experienced. If one accommodated the basic knowledge of how to establish hardware connections then it would be no less than a cakewalk to open up the laptop and connect the keyboard back to the motherboard.

But in case you don’t feel safe or have little or no knowledge as to how to go about this you can always find multiple videos on YouTube or elsewhere as it’s a job of a few minutes to locate a step-by-step guide. You could also take it to the nearest store and get it fixed in an hour or so.

Check for Updates

Many times it happens that one updates the device’s software only to find that the laptop keyboard is not working. This is for sure to cause panic.

This happens because maybe the keyboard wasn’t prepared enough for the update and couldn’t well adapt to the change. In such a scenario one needs to skilfully update the driver running the keyboard. To incorporate this you require the CD that was accommodated with the set of the laptop at the time of its purchase.

If this disappointingly doesn’t seem to fix the hurdle one can take their laptop to the service depot and get it fixed.

Reboot the Laptop

At times the keyboard stops functioning because of some complications with the software. In such a case one can try pressing the toggle keys like ‘caps lock’, ‘num lock’, and others. If these don’t positively turn out then one should reboot their computer in safe mode.

This would mean that some error in the software is forcefully preventing the keyboard to perform its functions. Once rebooted in the safe mode the system reduces the software load and tries to fix the conflicts spontaneously hence, making the keyboard function again.

If you need directions on how to reboot your laptop then you might opt to check tutorial videos on YouTube that would render a step-by-step instructions guide for rebooting your laptop in safe mode.


While these are just some recommended remedies for your ‘sick’ laptop, there are many others that you can opt for. If nothing still doesn’t seem to render a solution you must take it to the service depot at the earliest.

Meanwhile, as your alternative option for your continued working, you could use a spare USB keyboard or an on-screen keyboard. While these are some of the possible solutions and remedies you can still opt for other solutions that require much more advanced knowledge and skills in the suggested field.





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