How To Level Up Your Gaming Skills

In a world where PC gaming is at its most competitive, you may be feeling like your skills aren’t what they should be.

Don’t worry if you’re not as good as you want to be at this moment in time. We have listed plenty of tips and tricks below to help you improve your PC gaming skills and take your abilities to the next level.

1. Up Your Knowledge

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Experience is one thing, but knowledge is power. One of the best ways to level up your skill on a PC game is by finding out as much as you can about that game. This has never been easier, with everything you need to know available on the internet.

There are a number of different ways you can improve your game knowledge. Read as much as you can about the game, as well as the strategies you can apply. This will help to not only boost your confidence, but will also make you a better player.

Watch different instructive videos about the game to help improve your knowledge. Watching how things are done can be easier to digest than reading. Taking the time to watch different videos will broaden your knowledge on smaller, more minor concepts.

Sometimes things that are less obvious, or may appear less important, can offer the key to better execution during the game. Visit different game forums and watch videos online to help find out as much as you can about the game you are playing.

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2. Learn When You Lose

Learn from your Losses

We all know it isn’t fun to lose. However, learning from each loss is how you can make it more constructive. Consider how and why you are losing, in order to be proactive and improve your game.

Each loss will be down to error and not effectively anticipating what was to come. After gaining as much knowledge as you can about the game, it is important to know how to apply it. While you may know all of the finer details and the best strategies possible, execution is key.

Being able to execute your game knowledge to the best of your ability comes with practice. You will not get it right first time and unfortunately you will have to lose sometimes. As long as you are reflecting on what went wrong and why you lost, you will only come back stronger.

Try not to let a game loss infuriate you. Instead, reflect on what went wrong, and why. Then come back and try again, making the relevant adaptations. You might not get it right straight away, but stay committed to the strategy or path you have chosen until you succeed.

Your game itself may also be able to help you reflect on what went wrong. Watch replays and pay attention to the action to help pinpoint mistakes that you have made. You may also want to consider getting some recording software that allows you to analyze a loss, as well as highlight what went wrong.

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3. Customize

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There are a number of factors that you need to consider to ensure that you are giving your best performance while playing. Take the time to make certain adjustments and customizations to up your concentration and improve your accuracy.

Music and Sound Effects

The first thing to consider is music. A lot of games come with built-in music to set the scene and to make the experience more immersive. However, this can have a negative impact on your gaming ability.

When there is music playing during the game, you brain is devoting a small amount of energy to listening to the music. This is energy that is being taken away from your concentration. Part of playing a game successfully is concentration and focus.

Make sure you allow your brain to focus fully on the game by eliminating pointless distractions like music. Turn off any game or personal music to help get yourself as focused as possible on what you are doing. While music will not help you refine your gaming skills, sound effects will.

When it comes to altering the music and sound on your game, turn the music down and the sound effects up. Sound effects can help to improve your game play in a number of ways. Not only will they improve your reflexes but they will give you a better sense of what is going on in the game too.

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Brightness, Contrast and Game Controls

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Other adjustments to consider for helping improve your game play are screen and control customization. If you adjust the brightness on your screen to make the game brighter, details that you could not see before may be revealed. Take time to play around with the different screen settings.

Along with brightness, you may find adjusting the contrast to be helpful. While this might seem like a minor change to make, it really can make a big difference to the clarity of the game.

In addition to adjusting the screen, it may also be useful to experiment with the control settings of your game. Take the time to go through the different control settings of the game and test out how each one works. Making a small adjustment to the sensitivity may make a vital difference to how you play the game.

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4. Watch Others Play

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Another brilliant way to level up your PC gaming skills is by watching other people play. You can learn a lot by watching a more experienced player tackle different aspects of the game. This will help to increase your game knowledge and it will also give you some tips and tricks on how to develop your own skills.

Look for videos of experts playing the game you want to improve in. These are easy to find on different game forums and other video-sharing websites. Watching the pros will give you better insight into how to play the game more effectively.

After watching videos of experienced players, make sure you take the time to go back and practice what you have seen. Implement into your own game any different strategies or key play that you learned. You can always refer back to the video until you have it completely right.

It can also be useful to sit and watch, as well as play against, any friends who are good at the same game. While they may not be as good as the experts, they may have picked up on things that you have missed. Playing against friends is also great practice for any new skills you have learned and want to try out.

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5. Practice Makes Perfect

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Like most skills and hobbies in life, practice really does make perfect. If you are serious about working on your PC gaming skills then you will need to be devoted. In order to reach the stage of mastery, thousands of hours of practice is needed.

It can take years of practice to master one game alone. However, an important factor must be pointed out. Practice and play are not the same thing.

In order to improve your skills, you will need to make time for both practice and play within the same game. Practice allows you time to push your gaming ability through challenge and repetition. Take time to practice a particular skill and then check your progress by playing against others online.

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6. Look After Yourself

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However you choose to try and up your PC gaming skills, remember to consider your health. Make sure you are getting enough sleep as well as eating healthy and nutritious food. Your brain will not be able to function at its best if you are not looking after yourself.

Also, try not to let yourself get to the point where your frustration makes you feel physically destructive. It can be really infuriating when you don’t get the desired result straight away. Improving your skills will take time and patience.

If you feel yourself getting angry or upset, take a break and come back to the game later, when you have reset your mind. Getting stressed or depressed about gaming will not only negatively impact your ability to play, but can also affect your overall health.

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Final Thoughts

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Now you have everything you need to help take your gaming to the next level. What are you waiting for? Start up the computer and get going.

Do your research so you know as much as possible about the game, as well as the best strategies for playing it. Remember to make small tweaks and adjustments to the game’s settings in order to maintain the most focus and bring out any hidden details.

Finally, it’s all about practice and applying what you have learned.

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One of the most helpful ways to up your gaming skills is to watch experts play the game. Watching the play of someone who has mastered the game will give you a great deal of insight as well as inspiration.

​Just a few minutes of watching someone else play can open up a whole new avenue that you may not have seen or considered before.






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