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Not Registered On Network In Samsung Or Android – How To Fix

Many people are facing the ‘Not registered on Network’ issues these days. Sometimes network connection is lost and other times text messages don’t go through.

Google, on the other hand, says that it’s not an Android OS issue. This problem is generally found in Samsung Galaxy smartphones, mostly when a user upgrades an Android version in his handheld cellular phone.

When one updates the software, the device’s IMEI number changes to ‘SN 0000’ and this makes it difficult for the device to detect the network and hence it throws the ‘Not registered on Network’ error message creating panic amidst the users.

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Not Registered on Network in Samsung or Android – How to Fix

Another reason for this error’s occurrence could be that your mobile device is blacklisted due to a prior complaint of Lost or Stolen against its IMEI number.

If that’s the case, then you have no other option but to report the scam to your local police and purchase a new mobile phone. Else, follow any of the below-mentioned methods to get your mobile back on track and get rid of the error permanently.

Method-1: Re-insert SIM Card

Generally, this error comes due to improper positioning of the SIM Card in its slot. One should power off the phone, wait for some time.

Open the SIM Card slot, take it out and reposition it correctly.

The device should be connected to the network once restarted. Always remember this process although a quick one demands patience.

Method-2: Manually select the Network Provider

Browse to Settings in the cellular phone and then to Wireless followed by the networks option. Then click on the Mobile Networks and Networks operators so that the mobile starts searching for available networks.

Once it lists down all available networks, then select yours and the device should now be connected in all probabilities.

​Method-3: Check for Software Update

Cross check if your device has the latest software installed. To update the software, connect the mobile phone to a wireless network. Browse to settings and scroll down the list followed by clicking on software update.

Now, select ‘download updates manually’ option. Let the phone download the latest software and install it. It is recommended to have a strong Wi-Fi connectivity while the process is executed. Once installed, the phone will reboot itself. This should eliminate any software errors due to which the phone isn’t connecting to a working network.

​Method-4: Update the APN

Updating Access Point Name (APN) settings for your network provider can also easily resolve this error.

To update the same, browse to ‘Access Point Names’ icon in “Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks”. Click on ‘ADD’ icon on top right corner and enter your network’s APN details provided by your Operator.

​Method-5: Root your Device and Install a Patch

If any of the above-listed options don’t work, then you can try installing a patch called ‘Azira Patch’. This has helped few of the users who were facing this error. To install the patch, follow below steps:

  • ​Reboot your device and then search for ‘Busy Box’ application in Google Play Store.
  • ​Install this application on your device. This is an installing applications that helps to run Root Apps on Android devices.
  • ​Install ‘Azira Patch’ by clicking on an APK file that is downloaded on your device in Files Manager folder.
  • android Once the patch is installed, restart your device and the error should not reflect anymore.


These few methods have proved to render a helping hand to millions and billions all across the globe such that an eased out solution can be meted out for the perfect working of your handheld piece of heaven.

Additionally, if there is any other method that solved this error for you, please share with us. We would like to add it to our blog and share it with other end users facing this same error. Let’s share and care together!

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