Razer vs Alienware Laptops: Which Brand To Choose In 2021?

As a gaming enthusiast, you may have started out using games consoles.

If your gaming has entered the next level, you’ll now be looking for better power and performance.

That’s where gaming laptops come in.

Laptops will give you an edge over consoles, with the power of their components. They are also portable and will last out longer than a games console.

If you’re toying between the choices of a Razer or Alienware model, reading this will help.

You want to know that the money you invest will not leave you disappointed. Make a more informed decision after reading what each one has to offer in terms of components, price, and support.

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Razer Logo

Razer is a global gaming hardware company that came about in 2005. They are pioneers in eSports and remain one of the biggest brands in this area to date.

Unless you are a gaming enthusiast, it is unlikely you will have heard of Razer. This is not a company associated with everyday laptops. Razer laptops have been designed with gaming as their focus.


You can expect some powerful performance from Razer laptops

The components they include are intended to suit the needs of hard-core gamers.

They use the latest 8th generation Intel Core processors i7, with a choice of dual, quad, or six-core, up to 4.1GHz with max turbo. Most models include NVIDIA GeForce GTX Max-Q graphics cards up to 8GB DDR5 VRAM Optimus technology.

Memory features are 16GB dual-channel SODIMM, expandable to 32GB with SSD storage.

All models are full HD IPS displays with up to 144Hz refresh rates, and high-end models feature a 4K touch display. Screens come with super-thin bezels for an edge-to-edge display. All are designed to give epic viewing quality, with vivid color and detail.


Razor Laptops

The 15.6-inch version is the world’s smallest and thinnest for its size. Razer laptops are made from aluminum and CNC. They have a black anodized finish and are solid in design.

Models feature the Raza Chroma RGB keyboard with anti-ghosting. fully programmable and customizable to suit the gamer’s preferences.

Razer includes a glass precision touchpad to give precise and smooth control. It also features a range of gestures to expand your navigation possibilities.

Variety of Products

Razer doesn’t offer as many different models as some other brands do but still has a good enough range to choose from.

They offer different screen size options of 13, 15, and 17 inches across their model range.

You can also choose the option to upgrade the core processor and HDD and SSD capacity during the purchase.


The price you pay for a Razer will depend on the model you choose and the options you include. Prices range from $1,400 to $4,400.

They don’t offer anything at the budget level. But the components included are not budget options, so the prices reflect the quality of what you get.


Razer offers good customer support and has a great choice of ways to contact them. There is live chat, social media, web, and telephone support.

The website offers a really good FAQ section that provides you with answers to the most common issues. The support section on the site is easy to navigate to find the area of support you need.

If you need to call up for support you may incur long waiting times for an answer but that is not unusual. Some have reported on the occasion that the phone system has been offline.

Your machine will be covered by a one-year warranty. If you open it up to upgrade it, this will not void your warranty, unlike most other warranties.


Razor cooling Inovation

As you can imagine, a company whose focus is gaming must stay ahead of the game.

Razer doesn’t disappoint in this area. They often come up with innovative technology to add to the performance of machines.

They have included the vapor chamber cooling system in their models. The vapor chamber and thermal materials dissipate heat efficiently and quietly from the machine.

Razer laptops allow you to extend your viewing options and connect up to three external displays. This is done using the Thunderbolt 3 and HDMI connections.

Razer machines also offer you advanced control, by incorporating Synapse 3. This allows you to take full control of your laptop and you can:

  • Adjust fans
  • Customize lighting
  • Manage profiles
  • Step up graphics performance in gaming mode

Where They Stand Out

As Razer’s sole focus is gaming you would expect to see some superb machines. The great news is that you will not be disappointed.

Razer models offer great displays with powerful performance. You also get good connectivity options that serve to enhance the gaming experience.

The range they offer comes with superb design. They stay at the top of the pile when it comes to including the latest in technology. Their sole aim is to provide their customers with the best of the best.

What Others Say

You will see the name Razer featured in many reviews of gaming laptops. They feature in the top ten best gaming laptop reviews and recently held 4th place in TechRadar’s top ten list.

Models from the range often feature in articles as the editor’s choice. These can be seen on such sites as pcmag.com and laptopmag.com.

The company receives many awards including:

  • Keyboards
  • Systems, including their laptops
  • Audio
  • Gaming lifestyle

They have also received the CES award for the Best of CES for the last seven years.


Alienware Logos

Alienware is the gaming laptop range brought to you by Dell

With Dell being a world-famous name in computing, you would expect greatness from these machines.

Dell provides the world with a countless number of solutions to business and personal computing needs. Are they capable of living up to the high expectation of the gaming world? This is what we need to find out.


Components are a major factor when choosing which laptop to purchase.

With a gaming laptop, you need to see great power and performance. You also want superb visuals.

Alienware laptops differ in price range depending upon the components included in each model. Lower priced models tend to include 7the generation Intel Core i7 processors.

As the price of the machine increases, you will see 9th generation Intel Core i7 and i9 processors. Depending on the price, these processors will be dual, quad, or hexa-core up to 5GHz with turbo boost on high-end models.

All models feature SSD, and the high-end models will have both SSD and HDD. You can increase RAM up to 32GB on all models and the batteries used are 4-cell or 6-cell.

Displays are available in different sizes from 13 to 17 inches and all are full HD, with high-end models being UHD. All laptops feature NVIDIA graphics. Some high-end models include Alienware Xenowave for audio sound effects.


Alienware Laptop Design

Alienware models all have a similar look which is an alien theme. While the design is good, they are not particularly stunning machines.

Once the machine is opened, the design gets a little more interesting. You get a UFO resembling a display of rainbow-colored lights as you lift the lid or touch a key.

You can customize the light show in several areas, which include:

  • Five different sections of the keyboard.
  • Alienware logo on the lid.
  • Power button.
  • Touchpad.
  • The Outer perimeter on both sides.
  • Logo beneath the screen.

If you don’t like the idea of your machine looking like a UFO is landing, you can disable some, or all, of these lights if you wish.

Product Variety

Alienware has a good variety of models to choose from and there are customizable options at the point of purchase.

You get the option to choose the processor and the size of storage and RAM you require.


Price of Alienware

The price depends on the laptop model and which, if any, customizable options you include.

Alienware prices start at $1,000 and go up to over $4,000. As you can see, Alienware does offer cheaper models than Razer for those who have a lower budget.

In comparison, both offer a good amount of quality specifications for the price. However, Razer machines seem to include more of an edge when it comes to the innovative technology they include.


Alienware laptops come with a one-year warranty. You do need to note that the warranty states refurbished parts are used if a repair is needed under the warranty. Some customers failed to realize this and were left disappointed after discovering the fact.

Both web and phone support are great services. If you do have an issue, when you call, you have a technician assigned to deal with your case until it is resolved. You can contact them directly. This does away with the annoying need to repeat yourself every time you call


Alienware Inovations

Alienware will often partner with other companies, such as Steam and Oculus. They work together to come up with innovative technology to enhance their machines.

Alienware was the first gaming laptop to feature lightning-fast graphics.

The Alienware 13 series has seen recent additions of OLED panels to enhance the display and provide excellent clarity.

They’re perhaps not as innovative as Razer, but Alienware still manages to keep up well with progressive additions to their machines.

Where They Stand Out

Alienware stands out for the great range of models they have on offer to suit different gamers' needs. They offer both entry-level and high-end specifications and price ranges.

The customizable options allow you to build a machine that suits your personal preferences.

The great customer support they give is good news too, as many companies sadly fail to impress in this area.

What Others Say

Alienware as a company receives many awards. As part of Dell, they also receive awards for business ethics and their commitment to the environment.

The Alienware models have often featured in laptop reviews and have been seen recently in:

  • PC Magazine.
  • Game Shopper.
  • Computer Shopper.
  • PC World 100 Best Products.
  • Laptop Magazine.

You will also see great reviews given by customers and this results in high star ratings on many of the selling sites.

What Are the Main Differences Between Razer and Alienware?

Alienware and Razer

There are not a lot of differences as both use good quality specifications and components and both give good value for money.

With Razer, you do seem to see a bit more innovative technology added to their models. This includes the vapor-changing cooling system, Synapse 3, and endless connection possibilities.

They provide gamers with an enhanced gaming experience that rivals many other brands.

When to Choose Razer?

If you want the latest in dedicated gaming technology, Razer takes the lead with the main aim of the entire company focused on gaming.

They offer good customizable options to build the laptop you want, and the price you pay does reflect the quality you receive.

You also get the peace of mind if you decide you want to upgrade your machine, that doing so is not going to void your warranty.

When to Choose Alienware?

Alienware has customizable options to suit your requirements so you can build the model that suits both your needs and your pocket.

They put superb effort into the displays of their machines, from full HD to UHD. You can also enhance the displays further by purchasing the graphics amplifier. This will give you 4K viewing and the chance to play games with VR.

If you have a lower budget, Alienware would have to be your choice between the two, as they offer cheaper models than Razer.

Final Thoughts

Both Alienware and Razer offer good models to choose from and it will be a hard choice to make between the two.

Another factor that makes the decision hard is that both brands are comparatively the same when it comes to the support you will receive.

If you’re at the stage of deciding between these two brands, then you need to check out reviews for the specific models you have in mind. Compare the specifications and components.

Choose the one that offers you the best value for your budget and which other users rate highly.

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