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The Ultimate Battlefield Guide: Past, Present and Future

Battlefield is the series of video games developed by DICE. The debut game, Battlefield 1942, was released 16 years ago.

As we all know, technology has come a long way since then. The problem we now face is deciding which Battlefield game to play. Gameplay is composed of first-person shooters. There is a great deal of emphasis on vehicle use on sea, land and in the air.

So far, DICE has released a total of 15 games, and there are millions of players using them daily. With such a huge franchise, it’s hard to decide which of the games is best. Maybe they are all equally as good. That is what we aim to discover right here.

If you like playing games as a first-person shooter, then this is something you need to read. Stick with us as we take a walk through all that Battlefield has to offer. From the great battles of history to futuristic battles.

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Latest Battlefield News

Battlefield 5 WW2

This year will see the launch of Battlefield V – WW2. New releases are must-haves for most gamers, particularly the avid fans who follow the series.

How did they decide on WW2 as the theme for the game? The makers of games get together each year to choose which war will be fought in their next game release. They don’t all want to be releasing games set in the same era so they come together and hold a draw to decide.

Last year, Call of Duty won the battle for WW2 but this year DICE was the winner.

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Battlefield Ranking from Worst to Best

Most gamers will have an all-time favorite that they will play over and over. With new releases coming out continually, we thought it a good idea to rank the series. We won’t include all the expansions, otherwise the list would go on forever.

Here’s our list of the primary games, starting from the worst and ending with the best.

2010 – Battlefield Online


It is possible that many of you haven’t even heard of this one before, let alone played it. For that, you can consider yourself lucky. This is a free version of Battlefield 2 that became available to play in the Korean market. The game was developed by Neowiz Games, who are somewhat unknown.

DICE did give it some input. The only real selling point that it had was that 100 players could set to battle on the maps.

As a manifestation of a Battlefield game, it was functional, but it did come with ugly visuals. Compare this to Bad Company 2, which was also released in the same year, and it’s no match at all.

After years of technical glitches, the servers were finally shut down in 2013. Even if you wanted to, which I can’t imagine why, you can no longer play this one. It is a game that died a relatively quick death before it even left Korea.

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2011 – Play4Free Battlefield

Free2Play Batltefield

At some point, this was obviously a popular and well-loved game. When EA (Electronic Arts) declared it would be shutting down the servers, a petition was launched to save it. In total around 50,000 people signed it.

Despite it being a mediocre clone of Battlefield 2, it was hard to judge as it was absolutely free to play. Some enthusiasts are currently in the process of making a spiritual replacement for this game, called Project Fury.

Fans of first-person shooter games could have done much better than this. The graphics were quite poor and the settings were lifeless. It lacked simple features such as being able to switch characters. Even so, it had many followers at one point in its life.

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2009 – Battlefield Heroes

Battlefield Heroes Free To Play

This version was free to play on PC. The problem was, DICE saw that Team Fortress 2 had become popular and decided to imitate it a little. This just resulted in a messy game. The graphics resembled more of a cartoon style, and the maps were awful to navigate.

EA converted Heroes into a game that could be won if you were prepared to pay for special items and features. Then 2015 saw the servers close it down forever.

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2015 – Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield Hardline Flop

They gave this game a kind of cops and robbers element. This was unusual to the normal Battlefield formula, and its success was limited.

The attempt to emulate the crime series in the battle was commendable. However, its execution was clunky. This was particularly evident in how the story carelessly glossed over political issues. The sensitivity of the matter was lacking when it came to the finer points of diplomatics.

It does give you some areas of play that you can appreciate. On the whole, it was a bold blunder into territory unknown.

2006 – Battlefield 2142

Battlefield 2142

DICE always likes to keep the creative flow going with its releases. With the release of this one, it took the developers towards the future. The game includes hover tanks, and fans loved the mech combat that came in Titan Mode.

Other than that, it didn’t really shine and players soon became bored of Titan Mode. As that was the only part of the game that shone, fans were soon left disappointed.

For those who were fans of the Titan mode, there was good news. It was brought back to life in Battlefield 4 in the Naval Strikes Carrier Assault Mode.

2004 – Battlefield Vietnam

Battlefield Set In Vietnam

This game gave players a great experience as it offered a choice of sides for battle. The American side was common ground to those familiar with Battlefield games. Players had a huge collection of weapons and many vehicles to choose from.

On the Vietnamese side, things were different. They had less battle power but they did have great infantry artillery and anti-tank weapons. This helped them defeat their US enemies.

It provided game players with a realistic representation of both sides. Although, some felt that the subject was in poor taste, as the war only happened 30 years prior.

2006 – Battlefield 2, Modern Combat

Battlefield 2 Modern Combat

Basically, this was the introduction of Battlefield to console players. It included the multiplayer experience and campaigns for the single player.

It arrived during the time people were shifting from PS2 to Xbox 360. Versions were available for both of these consoles. That resulted in the quality and focus being somewhat varied. The 360 version was the one that shined more out of the two. As a Battlefield game, it stood up quite well.

In the single-player campaign, you could swap soldiers. You were able to navigate across the Battlefield in a ghost-like effect. All you had to do was switch soldiers as you played.

It had a good fan base and, although it was a good game, it didn’t live up to Battlefield 2.

2009 – Battlefield 1943

Battlefield 1943 Airplane

The game wasn’t bad, but the problem was that it was lacking content. It had just a small number of vehicles and weapons, and there were only four maps.

The single-player mode wasn’t much of an experience but the multiplayer was an enjoyable adventure and a great FPS game. The settings were great, as was the music, which sticks in the minds of many fans to this date.

It was available on consoles and became a very memorable experience for gamers.

2013 – Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 It's Movie

Battlefield 3 did the groundwork for a new era of the games, and this sequel is similar, but better. The single player campaign was improved. The best thing about it, though, was the multiplayer experience.

Console users were now given the opportunity to feel what it was like to play the chaotic 64 player games. They also saw what the Levelution effect was all about. This was where maps were drastically altered by the activity of the players, and the weather.

Sadly it had many problems on a performance level. There were issues with connectivity and bugs which left fans extremely disappointed.

DICE has since rectified these issues. For some fans, this wasn’t enough, as they had already been left with a bitter playing experience. Many fans say it didn’t live up to the past few releases at all.

2008 – Battlefield: Bad Company

Bad Company Battlefield Spinoff

Bad Company gave us a great story. It featured characters who were like genuine human beings with real personalities. We saw the use of the Frostbite engine. This was the first time in the Battlefield series, which is now legendary across them all.

There was a level of destruction that hadn’t before been witnessed, and this was a turning point in the games.

The single player campaign was its strength, but it also delivered elements such as Rush mode. Some of its values are the core of the games of today.

2002 – Battlefield 1942

Battlefield 1942

For many, this will take their place as number one. It is outdated now, but back when it was released, it was a revolutionary game and fans loved it.

It has great importance historically and provided an awesome first-person shooter experience. The game also included an open map design and introduced the 64 player battle experience.

You got to battle across sea, land and in the air, and the experience was just amazing. The game also included the Wake Island map, which is the one nearest to perfect for multiplayer games.

This game proved that DICE had definitely struck oil.

2016 – Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 Crazy

This has got to be the biggest and craziest Battlefield game till now. They turned the clocks back and sent gamers to the first World War. The theatrics were out of this world. The warzones they created were something to truly immerse yourself in.

With the stunning true to life scenes and the awesome FPS experience, it is easy to see why it ranks high up on the list.

2005 – Battlefield 2

Battlefield 2 Tank

Remember the golden age of FPS on consoles? This was when Battlefield 2 was launched, along with many others, such as Medal of Honor and Call of Duty. They were all fighting for their place in the market at the same time. That meant DICE needed to step it up a little to produce its best game to date.

DICE decided to go a different route other than consoles. It created one of the most sweeping broad scale shooting games for PC that had been seen. This gave DICE the lead in holding on to the demographics of PC gamers.

This game expanded on the mechanics seen in the 1942 version. It saw the inclusion of defibrillators for the soldiers in the Medic class and ammo bags in the Support class. This served in giving a dynamic game that became more mobile.

Players had specific objectives that their squad needed to meet. The overall experience was just awesome.

2011 – Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 Combat

Battlefield 3 provided a large audience with one of the best experiences. It hit the market for PC and consoles simultaneously.

Console players finally saw a level of energy on a scale that hadn’t been seen before. The realm of online playing was out of this world. After years of only producing free play games and spin-offs, DICE produced one of its greats.

It resulted in many fans putting in hundreds of hours of play as it was such an awesome FPS game experience.

2010 – Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Bad Company 2

The Battlefield franchise is huge. This spin-off from the first Bad Company has got to be one of the best campaigns to date. The scenarios of the game are unequaled. Plus, the character line-up is filled with personality and fun to hang with.

It had plenty of cliches and a snappy design to the mission. These were just a couple of the good reasons to stick around. The final mission was completely crazy but, with the diverse personalities of the characters, ended up being a great experience.

Multiplayer still offered you lighthearted, chaotic play, with a variety of maps. You got to experience superb sound effects. There was also a good level of destruction to experiment with.

Many fans feel it is one of the finest FPS games they have played and one that can be replayed over and over.

Final Thoughts

That’s our opinion of the Battlefield series to date, but yours may be different. As gamers, we all have the favorites we like to play. Some we put hundreds of hours into, and keep returning to for a repeat performance.






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