Virtual Reality Glossary

When you first start reading about Virtual Reality (VR), it can feel a bit overwhelming. This new technology has a language all its own.

After all, just how familiar are you with terms like haptics, latency and judder? It can seem almost incomprehensible to a beginner.

However, you can use this virtual reality glossary to begin learning that language. You just need to learn a few key terms. Then you will find it much simpler to delve into the more advanced details.

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What is Virtual Reality?

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Before we dig into the nuances of the language, let’s define virtual reality itself. After all, that is the most important term in the entire vocabulary of the technology. If you don’t know what that is, you won’t understand anything else that you read about it.

The term is actually a little bit difficult to define. That’s because it is a variation on reality, and reality itself is hard to define. Most of us know, however, whether or not we are living in reality.

1. Defining the Virtual

The first part of the phrase is “virtual”. A common definition of virtual is that it means something is almost like something else, but not quite. However, in a computer context, it basically means the same thing as a simulation

2. Defining Reality

As mentioned, it is a bit tougher to define reality. In fact, philosophers have spent hundreds of years debating what reality is. The basic definition of reality is that it’s the physical world as it really exists.

3. Defining Virtual Reality