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Wi-Fi Won’t Turn On In Samsung Or Android – How To Fix

Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the present scenario.

Recent statistics by Google suggest an estimated 2 billion different devices running a version of Android at the present moment. However, the Android OS is infamous for its bunch of issues.

One of the most commonly occurring problems people come across in the age of the internet is trouble connecting to Wi-Fi. This can be a complete nightmare if you have to send an important report via your phone or to conduct an important meeting via Skype.

In this article, we list down the possible solutions to some of the most common problems faced by Android users worldwide regarding connecting to a wireless network.

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Method 1: Check Your Airplane Mode

Make sure your phone is not set up to Airplane Mode or Flight Mode.

This causes the phone to not receive any kind of external signals including your mobile network and wireless internet.

Method 2: Turn Off Mobile Data

Wifi Doesnt Work

Some users, especially those using a Samsung smartphone have reported that switching off their mobile data helps them connect to the Wi-Fi network instantly.

Go to your phone’s network settings to switch off mobile data, wait for a couple of seconds and restart it again.

Method 3: Turn Off Bluetooth

Some users have reported that they are not able to connect to their wireless network when they have Bluetooth switched on.

This could be a result of conflicting networks between the smartphone’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals. Turn off your phone’s Bluetooth connectivity and see if it can connect to a Wi-Fi network afterward.

Method 4: Restart Your Router

If you are unable to connect your smartphone to your home’s wireless network, try to restart your router by simply switching off the plug and turning it back on.

Wait for a few seconds for your router to start functioning again and check if you can connect to your network now.

Method 5: Restart Your Phone

Restart your phone by holding the power button and then tap on ‘Power Off’. Restart your phone thereafter by holding down the power button for a few seconds.

See if your network is visible now and if you can connect to it.

Method 5: Forget Your Network

Sometimes Wi-Fi connectivity issues come from a change in the properties of your network.

To forget your network, go to the Wi-Fi settings on your phone and tap on the desired network. Tap forget after that to remove the network from your phone’s list of saved networks.

If the network does not appear as an available network, restart your Wi-Fi connectivity. Connect to the network again by entering your password or by pressing the WPS button on your router and your cell phone.

Method 6: Turn Off Power Saving Mode

The power saving mode is supposed to extend your phone’s battery life by decreasing the performance, disabling background apps and disconnecting from internet services.

This includes switching off the Wi-Fi and mobile data on some smartphones. Switch off your power saving mode to see if you can connect to your Wi-Fi network.

Method 7: Update Your Software

In one of the rarest circumstances, the problem stems from your Android system. It could be because of a bug in your phone’s installed operating system.

This issue could have happened if your phone did not update properly the last time you updated your software.

Check for any available updates on your phone. As a last resort, reset your phone to factory settings. Go to your device’s settings and tap personal. If required, enter your password or PIN. Then tap Factory Data Reset à Reset Phone.

Method 8: Change Date and Time

To connect to a wireless network effectively, it is important that your phone and the router’s date and time match with one another.

Make sure that your phone’s date and time is up to date accordingly if you travel very often through different time zones. Once your phone’s date and time have been set, try connecting to the wireless network again.

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In the spherical world of the human internet seems to play the role of a protagonist where life seems to come to a standstill if Wi-Fi connectivity falls ill. In such a troubled scenario only a fix to the problem seems to work as a silver lining.

We hope some of these fixes work for you and you get your issue sorted at once.

If the problem persists, then try contacting your internet service provider and check if you are getting a thorough connection or not.






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