Wireless Mouse Not Working – How to Fix

This article is supposed to be a rudimentary guide to troubleshooting any wireless mouse-related problems you might face in your day-to-day life.

Wireless mice have become quite common today using either Bluetooth connectivity or a USB router to connect the mouse to a computer or a laptop.

It saves the user the hassles of a wired mouse and improves the life of your laptop’s mouse immensely.

Mouse Doesnt Work

However, users come across a non-responsive mouse very often. The issues are usually on three domains:

  1. Problems with the mouse or adapter
  2. Problems with the operating system
  3. Problems with the CPU/Laptop hardware

Here we list down a few tips to tackle some of the most common issues while facing trouble with a wireless mouse.

Check the Mouse

The most common problem regarding a faulty mouse is the most obvious one, a dead battery.

Check if your mouse has a dead battery by replacing it with a new one. If the problem persists try any of the following fixes:

  • Use the mouse to see if it works with any other laptop or PC
  • Connect the mouse to your computer using a different connection port

If the mouse works in any of the above-mentioned scenarios then you might have a faulty USB port or a faulty motherboard altogether.

Depending on the issues you face there might be a variety of reasons why your wireless mouse is not working. You might need to look at the symptoms more carefully to understand the issue better.

Try and remember if you or anyone else accidentally dropped the mouse or spilled something on it. If the mouse has been damaged in such a manner then you will have to purchase a new mouse.

If there is an issue with a non-responsive pointer, then check the surface you are using as a mouse pad. A polished wooden surface or a metallic surface is not the ideal one for a mouse to render smooth functioning. You can get mouse pads for a few bucks or simply use the back of your notebook for the same.

There might be some dust collecting on the pads of the mouse. You can use a cotton earbud to clean the surface of the mouse and see if you notice any improvements. If you live in a humid climate then it might be useful to keep the mouse in direct sunlight for an hour or two to get rid of any excess moisture that might have built up inside the device.

However, do not overdo this as constant exposure to excessive heat might damage the mouse further to add to your inconvenience.

If the issue is regarding the buttons not working precisely while the pointer is, then it is advisable to buy a new mouse. After extended use, most mice are worn out and simply need to be replaced with a new one. Good thing they are cheap.

Check Your Software

Issues with your mouse can be due to drivers of the mouse as well. Check for the latest updates available on your mouse’s driver and install them to avail hassle-free working. To do this, go to Control Panel >Devices Manager > Right click on mouse > Update Driver.

Restart your computer and reinsert the USB driver to see if the problem is solved.

Keep your system updated if you are using a version of Windows. Go to Windows Updates to check for any available updates and see if the problem persists.

Check Your Hardware

If everything else has failed then you might be facing issues with a faulty mouse for the worst reasons. The problems might be caused by a faulty motherboard in your CPU or faulty USB ports in your laptop.

Use all the available ports on your computer to check if other devices are working properly with these ports. The USB port for your wireless mouse might have stopped working indicating problems with your motherboard.

In such a scenario take your computer to a technician immediately and get the motherboard replaced at the earliest.


Since most people are using an inexpensive mouse, the most common problem regarding this piece of hardware is problems with the mouse itself. It is advisable to simply replace the mouse for small issues.

However, for people using expensive mice for high-end gaming or designing, we recommend getting in touch with the manufacturer for major issues.






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